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If you have a baby, you probably understand how important it is to have a soother with you at all times. In fact, you need pacifiers and accessories whenever you’re heading out or even during the night-time to get a good night’s sleep.

When you have a baby, you understand some struggles you had never thought about before. They can be simple things such as getting them to eat a meal, bathing or putting them to sleep. Even the most routine things can cause you a lot of time and trouble, yet you continue to do them for the love of your child. However, we have so many things that make these struggles slightly relaxed, and you wonder what you would do without them. For example, bottle pens help to wean off your baby, as their grip is perfect for rocking them to sleep, and their first spoon teaches them to eat on their own. These products do a much better job than we can manage, filling in the gap for a parent correctly.

Different types of pacifiers and accessories

A soother is a perfect way to distract a baby from breastfeeding when they are old enough. Apart from this too, there are many other purposes parents use a soother. It helps them sleep calmly. Today, you can easily find pacifiers and accessories in any pharmacy or supermarket you walk into. Some brands design pacifiers cautiously, ensuring that everything from the rim to rubber is safe and non-toxic. Pacifiers also have accessories that make them easier to use. One such example is a pacifier cord that keeps your little one’s pacifier securely in place.

Baby pacifier

Parents start using three to four weeks post a child is born a well-known baby accessory. However, checking the age group, the soother is designed for is essential, so you don’t use the wrong one. You will immediately notice how the baby gets calmer and soother after having a soother. It also helps them sleep peacefully. However, if they get too accustomed to it, making them lose the habit will be difficult, so it’s always good to use it only when necessary. Also, if you use it when the baby is sleeping, remove it after he/she is asleep and won’t notice its absence. This can be an ideal practice when they are slightly older, and their sleeping habits are more stable.

Pacifier holder

Also called a soother clip, the product attache itself to outside the actual soother. Most of them fit in the outer circle. This is great if you use a holder and find it difficult to put the soother inside without touching the nipple. They have small toys or rattles to distract the baby. It’s also easy for you to hold it white sanitising. The holder can be in cloth, beads or rattles, and you can choose accordingly. It is usually palm-sized for easy holding. If you tend to wash it often, then going for a non-cloth holder is the right choice. You can find plenty of variations if you shop online. Make sure it’s safe for the baby’s hands and something that won’t break easily.

Pacifier cover

The pacifier cover is a simple plastic case that is used for holding the pacifier. It is like a small, compact box, in the shape of the soother outline, but bigger. It’s perfect as pacifier storage. For the best use, make sure you wash, rinse and sterilise the soothers in the morning and put them in their covers. They are not ready to use for the day. You can also place a pacifier that has been dropped. But wrap it first so the cover does not get contaminated. Once home, you can do the process again, then put it into the cover for easy carrying. It’s better to buy the cover while picking the soother, as you’re more likely to find the correct one.

Pacifier blanket

The pacifier blanket is a new accessory, and this one fits right on the outer rim. You can use it to wipe your munchkin’s face if he drools or just as a holder. The small cloth is soft and fuzzy, and it’s perfect for babies to snuggle with simultaneously while using the soother. They also come in lovely fuzzy animals or cartoons to distract the little one. These are generally made in cotton and are easy to clean. You can machine wash it with other baby clothes, dry it completely and then use it again. If you use the soother blanket, then you don’t need a soother strap or holder. Sometimes, it won’t be easy to find one, so you can go to the nearest baby store or check online for some options.

Tips on how to buy Pacifiers & Accessories

New parents are the best people to ask how essential pacifiers and baby pacifier clips are. Sometimes, parents rely entirely on them to soothe the baby or simply to get through the night. However, thanks to the beautiful companies today who have soothers that are so popular with kids of all age groups. This is slightly on the concerning side when babies refuse to get rid of the pacifier even after surpassing a particular age. Nevertheless, it’s a great way to keep them happy.

  • Choose as per the baby’s age – Something that many parents don’t look for is the age group on the soother. Most brands have them; however, there are also some universal options. Depending on how you choose to go, if this is a factor, consider it and choose wisely.
  • It should be made of safe material – The soother should be BPA-free, made of medical-grade silicone, and all the parts should be devoid of rough edges or substance that chips easy. It’s easy to decipher this in the first few days of using one. So, make sure you keep a close eye on your baby when you introduce a new one and go only with reputed brands.
  • It should be easy to clean – Something that people again don’t consider, a pacifier with a lot of grooves and edges is undoubtedly not easy to clean. Go with simple designs, and it will be less consuming to wash every day.
  • Get only what is useful – You have a ton of soothers and their accessories today. However, don’t get carried away. If you don’t need something, you can well do without it. Your lifestyle and routine and the baby’s habits are the right way of determining what you need and don’t.
  • Buy a backup – Even if you are very careful with your soother, you will end up regretting it if there comes a day when you misplace it. Since they are not expensive, always have a backup in your purse, car or just in the house. You will save yourself and your little one a lot of worry with this simple step.
  • Listen to your baby – You can determine what your baby is comfortable or not with if you listen to him. For example, see how he responds to a new soother or accessories, and you will be able to understand if it’s working for him or not.

The good part is that you can find several fantastic options on the internet. Make sure you always pick a recommended and reliable brand. You can also speak to fellow parents for some suggestions if you are still expecting and don’t know where to begin. The good thing is that you can also find reviews online, making this bit easier. Ensure you buy a couple more during discounts and sales, especially if your baby is little and there is a lot of time left to do with soothers.

Question & Answer

Which are the best baby pacifier covers?

With so many advantages of having and using a pacifier cover, it’s much recommended you get one. The factors to consider while buying it are checking if it fits right, without being too loose or tight and if the material is safe. Also, it’s best to choose the same brand as the pacifier for the proper grip. Some of the best baby pacifiers cover 2020 are Accmor Pacifier Case, LANEYLI Pacifier Box Shield Case, Baby Pacifier Case by Akeekah, Skip Hop Grab & Go Silicone Pacifier Holder, Faxco 3 Pack Pacifier Case Pacifier Holder, LANEYLI Pacifier Box, Nuby Pacifier Hygienic Paci-Pouch Combo for Travel, Comotomo, Mam, and Chicco PACI-ROO Portable Pacifier Holder.

Which are the best pacifiers today?

It is a test to go anywhere without a pacifier. Parents sometimes have not two but even three additional pacifiers for fear of losing theirs and not managing the baby after that. Choosing the right one is very important since your baby will use one almost daily. Check out Philips Avent Soothie Pacifier, Playtex Binky Silicone Pacifier, Dr Brown’s PreVent Contoured Pacifier, Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Pacifier, Doddle & Co Pop Pacifier, Natursutten Orthodontic Pacifier, NUK One-Piece Silicone Pacifier, First Years GumDrop Silicone Pacifier and Ecopiggy Ecopacifier Natural Rubber Pacifier.

Which pacifier straps are worth investing in?

While many parents don’t mind using a soother without any straps, there are many benefits to using it. If you’re not too sure, go for a simple one and see if it works or not. It can be beneficial for parents who travel with their babies; however, it changes for everybody. If you’re looking out for some suitable options, the best ones are Wood Beads Pacifier Clips, Itzy Ritzy Drop Happens Leather Pacifier Clip, Ali + Oli Modern Pacifier Clip, Toddlin’ Tots Braided Pacifier Clips, HABA Rainbow Pearls Pacifier Chain, Meadoria Natural Twinkle and Dodo Modern Universal.

Where can you buy a baby pacifier holder online in the UAE?

There are plenty of great bay stores from where you can get soothers. The good thing is they all have online stores, making it easier to shop. Apart from discounts, there are some excellent choices here that your baby will especially love. Make sure you check out, a brilliant product search engine. With more than 500+ online stores, it helps you check out the best options without actually going to any store. It offers an easy, quick, and safe shopping experience for baby & toddler products right at your fingertips.