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About Baby Bottle Teats

Bottle teat is not a product to be picked randomly. While exploring the products, you have to check the quality and contemplate different options. After you have the product, you need to observe if the child is comfortable with it or not. All in all, purchasing a kid’s product is a responsibility you should carry well. Research, explore the products, compare the brands, and even consult an expert if needed before clicking the buy button.

Feeding bottles come with a teat that may or may not be the perfect one. And the reason is your kid’s personal preferences. The big indication that the baby is not comfortable with the current teat is when he cannot latch properly. Oftentimes in this scenario, experts recommend anatomical teat, and it works well. Other times, it is a minor issue such that the teat’s hole gets bigger because the baby chewed on it. And due to that, the baby cannot handle the flow and choke on it. You should always have a spare teat at hand by the way. Whatever your reason for searching for bottle teats is, it is imperative that you understand the purpose of this purchase and grab a compatible product.

Types of baby feeding bottle teats

Bottle teats usually vary in their purposes. For example, babies at different ages want milk at different flow rates. For that purpose, you can actually buy nipples with the right flow. Another factor is the shape of the teat. If your baby is fussy and feels trouble switching between breast and bottle, you can buy a breast shape teat for a natural latch. There can be problematic teats too. The most common issue is when the sides of the nipple collapse, leaving the baby gasping. If that happens with your product, you need a special teat with a venting system. Likewise, you may find a product providing a sensible solution to teat problems. All you got to do is explore as much as you can.

Tommee Tippee teats

Tommee Tippee is one of the premium brands for baby & toddler products. When it comes to bottle teats, almost all of their teats have two prominent features: an easi-vent valve and a screw ring. Both make the bottle easy to use and much easy to maintain. Tommee Tippee has a product range like “closer to nature teat”, “anti-colic”, and many others. You can explore and see what fits best to your purpose. And once the baby adapts a kind of teat, do not change it. If there is a need to replace it, just get the same one as before. You can of course change the flow rates according to needs. But better not change the shape of the teat!

Avent bottle teats

Avent is a collection of baby products under the Philips brand. And they manufacture products keeping safety measures to the utmost. Their bottle teats prevent leakage, are BPA-free, and have an anti-colic valve. The brand even claims that babies fed with Avent products showed a trend to less fussing. If that is true, you have got another reason to explore their products. You can do that by just hopping on our shopping platform. You can expect more brands as competent as Avent to explore and shop. It will definitely give you more room to explore and compare different brands, all under one roof.

Dr Brown’s teats

Dr Brown’s product can be your first choice for the relief of colic symptoms. Not just that, their specially designed breast-like teat shape creates 100percent vacuum-free feeding, meaning the teat will not collapse. Therefore, it encourages good digestion and a happy baby. While searching for products, you will get teats from level 1 to level 4 and then y-cut for thicker fluids. You can read the specifications to know what fits and what does not. Typically, you can segregate these levels by the age of the little one. You can also check out and buy disposable baby bottle teats on our shopping search engine.

Nuk teats

While looking at Nuk’s teats, you will find several advantages. First, it is BPA-free, and you can buy them in a pack of two. Their products have focussed on making the teat’s design as close to the mother’s breast. The lip rest with an extra-soft tip and several tiny openings modelled to give an optimal, smooth, and natural flow. For instance, if the baby is 0-6 months old, you can choose an S size with three tiny openings for milk and water. Meanwhile, the medium one has six tiny openings. Reading all the varieties here may become hazy for you to memorise. So, check out our shopping platform and read the product’s specifications to know the difference. There are also Nuk disposable teats to buy online in Dubai.

Tips on how to buy Baby Bottle Teats

If you are a new parent, you might find it difficult to choose pacifiers & accessories. In case the baby is uncomfortable with a product, all you can hear is the cries out of frustration, not the words of what and how the baby needs a product to be. You can just rely on your observations about the needs here. Then, explore the products online to grab the one. While you do that, below are some features worth considering. Do read them all:

  • Get the right flow – Baby bottle teats come with slow, medium, fast, and variable flow rates. You should start slow, and then if you see your little one sucking hard for the milk, you can move to a bigger size. You can also choose to have a variable size that adjusts itself according to the suction it feels. Or some products have a meter to adjust.
  • Choose the right level – Usually, all the products label themselves in 6 levels. Premature and level 1 for newborn baby, level 2 for three months plus, level 3 for six months plus, level 4 for nine months plus, and then Y-cut for streamflow. Despite the months, you can also choose to switch to the next level if the paediatrician recommends thickening the milk.
  • Material and lifespan – Latex and silicone are two popular materials out of which a baby bottle teat is made. Latex is a natural material, while silicone is man-made, and choosing one is your personal preference. Although latex has a taste of its own, adapting to it is not a problem if you boil it with milk to get rid of the taste. It even whets the appetite of your little one.
  • The shape that works – As levels increases with the baby’s appetite, the shape of the teat usually remains the same. Sometimes, the baby is too fussy and refuses to switch to a bottle from the mother’s breast. In that case, flat-topped teats can be introduced because they feel more like a mother’s breast. After that, you can shift to the traditional dome or bell-shaped teats as these are more comfortable.

We hope the tips will help you make an informed decision. Also, a handy list of brands would be helpful too. Some of the names worth mentioning are Farlin, Medela, Pigeon, Chicco, Comotomo, and Nuby. You can explore them on our shopping platform and buy baby bottle nipples online in the UAE without compromising on quality and budget.

Question & Answer

Can baby bottle teats be recycled?

The bottle teats are most likely to be silicone and rubber, and both materials can be recycled. However, silicone recycling is not done so widely as compared to rubber. Still, you can see if your local household has a collection bin. We are sure there will be one. Do not try to reuse them on your second child because of hygiene issues. Pacifiers, teats, and car seats are among those personal items that should not be used second-hand. Sometimes, people seek animal shelters to donate baby bottles and other stuff, but we suggest not doing it, especially if the product is broken.

How long do baby bottle teats last?

The average lifespan of a bottle teat is most likely 2-3 months. But if you see a few signs of deterioration, you will know it’s time to change the product. For instance, if you see the liquid is coming out fast and not dripping steadily, it is time to change. The teat’s hole becoming bigger is not always a matter of quality because sometimes babies chew hard, and this happens. Also, you see colour changes in the teat, thinning, or any cracks & breaks; these all are signs of replacing the teat with a new one. So, keep checking all your baby products to avoid any discomfort.

How to soften baby bottle teats?

You can soften bottle teats by keeping them in warm water for some time, say five minutes. However, it will take less time if the teat already has a thin texture. If this is the first time feeding your baby with a bottle, you should prefer soft and thin teats. You can also dip the teat in the milk you are going to feed to the baby, which may help whet the baby’s appetite. It will also entice him to take the bottle more easily. If you find the teat still hard, you should see it as a sign of poor-quality purchase, or maybe it is time to replace it with a new teat.

Why do baby bottle teats collapse?

Baby bottle teats collapse when you screw the top on the bottle too tightly. The top should be tight enough to not let milk spill on the sides and not too tight that no air can’t pass. The nipple also collapses when the baby sucks up too hard. It could be because you have changed the size of the nipple, or rather it is time to go up in size. Your baby tries to suck his feed to get more, and the nipple collapses. It is a sign you get a bigger size nipple. Eventually, when you get one size bigger, your little one may choke the bottle. They suck hard as they need to with a newborn nipple, not knowing they don’t have to any longer. However, it won’t take them too long to figure out the change and adjust accordingly.