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Every new parent understands just how important it is to have a soother at hand reach to console their baby. Soothers play an essential role in your baby’s life. Thus, ensuring it is kept hygienic, intact, and ready to use with a pacifier holder case or another pacifier storage device is a crucial aspect.

For those who haven’t taken the safety of their pacifiers into account yet, ensuring you have an excellent pacifier holder case option is the first big step. Indeed, a new product on the market, the pacifier holder case, is very convenient. It is a much-needed handy option if you have a baby who needs his/her pacifier now and then. It is also excellent for keeping track of your soothers. The pacifier storage container is, therefore, a much-required investment. It is especially fantastic for those parents who are on the go! This one is often underestimated but goes a long way to ensure the hygiene of your baby’s soother. If you have a little one who doesn’t seem to let go of the pacifier, pacifier accessories like a storage case should be on your next shopping list.

Essential ways to take care of your pacifier holder case

Just like the soother needs care and attention, so does the device used for its storage. When you keep a soother unattended, you can easily see dirt on it. This means that it is the fastest place for bacteria or germs to breed in. The fact that it is in your baby’s mouth most of the time is reason enough to ensure it is sanitised. The next thing that comes into the picture is its case. You may often have the habit of putting it in the case while travelling, for that evening stroller or even at home. To ensure it is in the best shape for your baby to use, here are a few easy things to keep in mind. Some common accessories include bottle pens, pacifiers, pacifier pads, pacifier cords, and pacifier storage cases.

Keep it clean

First things first, keeping the pacifier holder clean is exceptionally crucial. Again, it does no good to only subject the soother to cleaning cycles. If you’re going to end up putting it in the case every time you use it, it makes sense to keep both of them sanitised. Ensure you subject it to daily cleansing cycles. Another thing is to avoid teaming it for washes with other baby clothing or products. This way, you can minimise the exchange of bacteria. Having a particular brush that reaches the difficult-to-attend areas is also a big help. Always have time set aside to do this task. Rushing with it will only mean that you will overlook something important.

Store the case properly

After sanitising, the next thing that comes into consideration is the right storage conditions. Keeping the pacifier and its case in good condition is always extremely vital. This can be an excellent breeding ground for many bacteria if you don’t pay enough attention to its cleanliness factor. To ensure it does not go missing, tie it securely to the strap of the baby bag. You can also do this with the stroller. Make it a habit to never store the pacifier without its case. Keep reminding yourself about it for the first few times. Once you get into a routine of doing it, you’ll start searching for it without even realising it. Also, ensure you keep it in a cool and dry place when out of use.

Hygiene comes first

Hygiene, of course, isn’t to be underestimated when it comes to your little one. If you have a sensitive baby, it only means you need to pull up your socks. With proper levels of hygiene, a lot of allergies and other reactions can be controlled. Both the pacifier and its case are essential here. If you feel that using hot water as per the old school method isn’t safe, invest in a sanitiser device. Although it can be a little pricey, it is undoubtedly worth it in the long run. Once you finish sanitising both, always insert soothers in the pacifier storage unit with clean hands. This also goes for each time your baby has finished using it.

Keep it safe

Make sure the pacifier holder is left to dry indoors to avoid any contact with the outside dust and pollution. Invest in a couple of storage devices and have them in your bedroom, car, stroller pouch, etc. This way, you don’t have to resort to using tissues or a cloth if you forget the storage device at home. However, you can use clean tissue while travelling or in an emergency. Using any fabric or cloth is certainly not recommended. Carry boiling water in a flask while travelling or if you know you won’t have access to your sanitiser. Rinse the soother a couple of times in flowing water and then give it to your baby. Follow the same method while storing it too.

Tips on how to buy Pacifier Holder Case

Since a pacifier holder case is so important, it is essential to make sure that you get the right one. Both the soother and its case are essential picks. If you don’t pay heed while buying it, you’ll be stuck with the wrong one for much time. Parents often make the mistake of not having more than one pacifier with them. This way, it becomes difficult to sterilise the one you have while the baby is using the other one. Here’s how to make your buying experience simple.

  • Easy to clean – Most cases can be conveniently put in the steriliser, dishwasher, and pacifier. So, always opt for the most convenient one since cleaning will be a regular thing. Don’t pick one with engraved patterns, colour coating etc., which may prove dangerous throughout frequent use.
  • Easy to carry – Both the soother and the pacifier storage box should comfortably fit in your diaper bag. Ensure there is a defined space for it. Since it will be one of the most needed products for your baby, keeping it within hand reach is essential.
  • Economical product – The pacifier and the baby pacifier holder are two products you will always misplacing. Like it or not, even after constant care, it sometimes gets challenging to keep a check on them. Thus, don’t buy the ones that cost a bomb.
  • Price factor – Check online to see how much a pacifier and a case usually cost. An excellent choice is, of course, a value pack, so you don’t end up investing separately. After knowing the budget, check out ones in a similar price range.
  • Other factors – The case should be BPA-free, easy to open, close and unbreakable. It should also be suitable to use in the microwave. If you’re a traveller, go for ones that will easily fit in your bag.

Invest in a good quality baby pacifier holder case, and depending on your baby’s requirement, you can always go for more later. While the entire process of keeping the soother in it after every use may be slightly time-consuming, you may soon realise the innumerable benefits that come with it! Overtime discourage the use of the pacifier. Parents can distract their babies & toddlers with food and toys whenever they ask for a pacifier.

Question & Answer

How to choose the best pacifier holder case to suit your needs?

Firstly, get an idea of the soother that your baby uses – its size, material, the level of care required, and other factors. Once you get an understanding of this, the next step is to research a pacifier storage device. Make sure what you get is easy to travel and store. It should be dishwasher friendly, sturdy, and with no rough edges. Lastly, pick an anti-bacterial one which is also unbreakable. Once you have these basic understandings in place, the next step is to start looking for one that suits your needs.

How can you make the most of your pacifier storage device?

Those who are always looking out for ways to keep their child engaged while travelling or on the beach can opt for colourful storage devices. They should be both smooth and safe. Do you keep losing those precious pacifiers? Well, these storage devices will also help you keep track of them. As an added measure, secure them to the stroller when your baby is in it so it can always be within hand reach. Since it is bigger and will immediately catch your attention, you will no longer have to spend hours searching for the soother when the poor baby gets restless.

What is the best way to reduce the use of pacifiers?

Sooner or later, the time to let go of the pacifier will arrive. When this happens, a lot of babies struggle with it because they are very attached to it. Sometimes kids as old as 3 and 4 years still love the pacifier. This also happens when parents fail to break the habit at the right time. The age between 1.5 to 2 years is ideal for the baby to lose his/her pacifier. During this time, distracting the baby is one way to break the habit. Try going for longer periods without having to use the pacifier. Give their favourite foods, watch TV or play games during bedtime or after they wake up when the need for the pacifier arises.

Where can one shop for baby pacifier holders online in Dubai?

With many brands catering to the ever-increasing needs of babies today, many of them have also brought forth a magnitude of different varieties of soothers and pacifier storage cases. When it comes to brands of pacifiers & accessories, the choices range from Philips Avent, Beaba, Nuby, Skip Hop, Chicco, JJ Cole, Baby King, Munchkin, Nuk and Itzy Ritzy. It is also an excellent choice to ensure you have your soother while shopping for a pacifier storage container. At times, parents also face the dilemma of which brands to consider and which is the best website to shop. is an incredible shopping search engine that features an array of products from various online sites and brands.