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About Hand Grips

Training for gymnastics can be tough on your hands. Especially after the first few weeks of warming up. Also when you have to get down to serious business. Sportsmen and athletes’ hands often take a beating during workouts. Because they have to climb ropes, work on pull-up bars, weights, and barrels. You may look down at your hands one day only to find a flaky mass of chopped up skin. This should never be the case. You should use gymnastic hand grips to create a barrier and distance between your soft skin and the frictional forces. Better yet, you can strengthen your grip using several hand grip exercisers that you can buy online.

Crosslift hand grips have been used for centuries to protect the palm’s vulnerable parts. Also in the areas where the palm and fingers meet during a workout. Effective training requires you to put in a lot of effort using your hands. Crosslift hand grips are designed to offer a secure grip. It will also give you comfort and control during your workouts. On the other hand, hand grippers or grip strengtheners facilitate endurance exercises to strengthen your grip. Integrating hand grippers into your daily routine will improve your arms’ strength and flexibility as well. Enhanced strength will enable you to perform your workouts effectively for great results. Nonetheless, you must purchase quality products to avoid common muscle problems.

What you need to know about hand grips

Even though there are different types of hand grips, they all share common traits. Their ultimate purpose is to facilitate efficiency during your workouts. It is done by ensuring that your arms are always in the best condition to support your exercises. Gymnastic handgrips are designed to facilitate a better grip while working a rig and also protect your skin. On the other hand, a handgrip strengthener works to increase your endurance to pain and resistance. Handgrip strengtheners are designed using resistant springs and handle that you have to squeeze for finger exercises. Under these categories are several other types according to style and design. A handgrip made from the right material offers unmatched benefits. It will protect you from abrasion and help you to achieve more during your workouts.

Types of CrossFit hand grips

The two broad categories of CrossFit hand grips are; the two-finger handgrips and the three-finger grips. The two-finger hand grips are the most basic design using leather, two holes at the top, and a strap. You should secure the strap using a wrap. It goes around your wrist while your fingers go through the holes at the top. Two-finger grips are usually smaller; thus, they will feel less bulky on your hands and more comfortable. Unfortunately, you might have to leave your pinky finger exposed if you do not get the right fit. Three-finger hand grips are similar to two-finger grips, but they have three holes at the top. Three-finger hand grips protect your whole hand, but the material is bulky so it might decrease your grip’s strength. 

The Bear Komplex CrossFit hand grip

These are some of the most recommended cross lift products on the market because of their quality and versatility. They are flexible, robust, and made out of soft textured resilient leather. The heavy-duty leather material is latex-free for maximum comfort and durability. The Bear Komplex hand grips come in various sizes, including 2 finger-hole and three-finger hole variants. The inner and outer layers of the Bear Komplex helps to prevent slipping and improve your grip. The genuine leather material will help you to sustain your activities efficiently. Additionally, their Velcro straps have a tight fit to offer stability. They also have quadruple stitches to ensure that they do not break easily. Bear Komplex hand grips deliver reliable support, and they will serve you for years. Despite being a bit expensive, they are adequate for the most significant impact during your cross lift workouts.

Ironmind hand grips

These products from Ironmind are top on the list. It is mainly because of their highly consistent performance since their release in 1995. These grip strengtheners are built using high-quality springs. These grips do not break or become soft after time. Other parts of the grip have high-quality, durable alloy steel. You can also find them in hardened plastic, giving it exemplary quality over other products. Also, they come in several shapes and sizes. Hence you can pick the right fit for convenience and comfort. You might have to buy multiple sizes to have a complete set for your arm training routine. Alternatively, you can check out other top-rated products like pro hands and heavy Grip handgrips.

Prohands and Heavy Grip hand grippers

It is a handgrip strengthener with multiple springs that target all fingers. Prohands offers uniform resistance through all ten fingers, which will enable you to work on them simultaneously for continuous development. Heavy Grip hand grippers are also a recommended brand because of their reliability. Most of them have simple designs. But they are made using high-quality aluminium, which offers sufficient resistance. Heavy Grip is the right product for you. The market offers several other solutions that you can use to enhance your grip. Dry Hands is a popular Cosmo product. They are popular among tennis players, golfers, weightlifters, gymnasts. Also, athletes use them to keep their hands dry during activities that require a firm grip.

Tips on how to buy Handgrips online in the UAE

Apart from our recommendations, there are thousands of other grips online that you can purchase according to your preferences. Always consider the product’s price range compared to its quality so that you can select a product that will serve you extensively. Some general features that you should look out for to ensure that you get a reliable product are;

  • Level of resistance – The level of resistance of a handgrip is equal to the amount of force you will apply to ensure that you can squeeze and release the gripper. This force is essential to consider because it should be sufficient to stretch every muscle from your fingers to the wrists, arm, hand, and forearm. Excess resistance can lead to muscle sores, and too little resistance is ineffective. When you advance past a certain level of resistance, you can upgrade.
  • Building materials and design – Stainless steel is the best material to go for when considering a device’s build and design. Steel is less likely to break, and it will offer uniform resistance throughout the device. Alternatively, you can go for alloyed aluminium products because of their enhanced durability. Always check to confirm that the handles are made of high-quality rubber for your comfort.
  • Fixed and adjustable product – Adjustable grips are designed to enable you to adjust the level of resistance, while a fixed handgrip has a predetermined resistance. Adjustable grips are recommended for beginners since they should start at a lower level and improve while advancing. Fixed grips are designed for pain endurance exercises, which are recommended for experienced users. You should select a quality product in either category.
  • Squeeze grippers and finger strengtheners – Finger strengtheners are designed to work on each finger’s stamina and flexibility. They are useful in reducing stiffness and enhancing blood circulation. On the other hand, squeeze grippers target the whole arm, and they are more therapeutic as they are recommended for relieving stress, anxiety, and muscle rigidity on the arm.
  • Usability – Before you settle on a particular type of grip, you have to make sure that it will be easy to use. Always ensure that you purchase the right size and fit for your hand because a larger or smaller handgrip can provide several challenges. Additionally, read through various customer reviews on your preferred product to ensure you are purchasing the right grip.

A weak grip can significantly impact your exercises and activities because of premature fatigue and too much straining. The best grips on the market will allow you to develop your grip strength with time and protect your hands from any form of strain and muscle injury. If you have trouble selecting a preferable product, you can test some of your friends’ hand grips for an idea of what you need.

Question & Answer

How do you use hand grips?

Hand grips are used to build arm muscle strength by squeezing and relaxing the springs repeatedly. If you are using an adjustable handgrip, start by adjusting the knob to the required resistance. Afterwards, place the bottom handle of the grip at a 45-degree angle on your palm, just below your thumb, and place your fingers as low as possible on the other side of the handle. You should then ensure that your fingers are tight together and squeeze the grip to enclose your fist then release it to its normal state. Do this repeatedly for maximum impact. You can choose to do your exercises in other ways, like placing your thumb on one side while squeezing using your index or middle finger. You can also choose to work your thumb and two fingers. Generally, make sure that you work all your fingers for equal strength distribution.

What are the benefits of handgrip exercises?

Even though grip strength is one of the most neglected areas in fitness exercising, efficient grip training can take you a long way. When you improve your grip strength, the rest of your workouts will follow suit. Working on your grip can help you to prepare for an intensive weight loss schedule. You need strong arms to lift more weights and burn more calories. Additionally, grip training will help you avoid pain due to chronic inflammation in the tendonitis, improve your arm endurance, and help you develop an impressive forearm with a muscular appearance. Increased arm strength due to routine training will help you in several other applications outside the gym like sports, handling items, etc. They are also recommended for therapeutic purposes like relieving stress, anxiety, and depression.

Where can you buy the best hand grips online in the UAE?

All grips share basic features, and they perform a similar purpose. Nevertheless, the type of handgrip you buy will reflect your achievement over time. They are built using quality materials that will offer steady resistance and serve you for longer. Additionally, ergonomic designs will ensure that you continuously progress as you exercise. Finding a quality product for your arm exercises is paramount to your success. We recommend as the ultimate solution to your product search needs. So, explore our product search engine today!

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