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About Ice Stakes

Do you know that the earliest ice skating happened in southern Finland more than 4000 years ago? The idea was offered to save energy during winter journeys. However, true skating emerged when the steel blades with sharpened edges came forth. Due to this feature, the skates now cut into the ice instead of gliding on the top. It was the 13 or 14th century when the edged were added to ice skates. Since then, the fundamental construction of ice skates has remained the same. 

By definition, ice skating is the process of self-propulsion of a person across a sheet of ice. It is done by using metal-blade skates to glide on the surface of hard ice. There are many different types of ice skating.  You can do that as a recreation sport, travel, experience or as an organised sport. However, in any case, ice skating is performed on a unique ice surface. Today there are well-organized arenes packs and tracks (indoor and outdoor) dedicated to such activities.  However, you can also do ice skating in natural occurring bodies of frozen water like lakes, rivers and ponds. If you are skating for the first time, here are some handy tips to stay secure on those rock-hard ice terrains.  

The expert suggested ice-skating tips for beginners 

For beginners, skating can be stressful. It is pretty natural to tie on a pair of ice-skating and panic immediately. It is normal to lose confidence when you have to stand upright on a puddle while balancing two metal pieces no thicker than table knives. Knowing the sport, necessary skills, knowledge of equipment and care instruction can help you boost your confidence while standing on those metal bars. Today article helps beginners to know the basics and boost their confidence while standing on the ice.  From choosing the right skates to mastering your beginner skating skills, let’s explore what you need to keep in mind.   

Consider the types of ice skates

Before you consider anything else, it is important to decide what sort of ice-based activity you wish to pursue. There are different disciplines in ice skating, and each comes with different requirements. For example, in figure skating, the performer needs to carry out jumps, quick turns and spins in incredibly choreographed combination. In the meanwhile, ice skating demands speed and the ability to withstand extreme physical pressures. The increased amount of physical interaction with the player is why ice skating is not recommended for the very first-time skaters. However, for those who have some experience in skating, both ice skating and speed skating is suitable sports. 

Skates and accessories – What to wear  

Skates and accessories are valuable articles to buy. Specifically, if you are trying the sport for the very first time, this is the reason why the smart decision is to rent skates for the first few times. Train yourself on the ice for few times. Once you get flexible and stabilise yourself on the ice, buy a suitable option for you. A basic list of accessories for ice skating includes; a pair of figure skates and ice-skating dress that includes legging, leotards, fitted tops, and layers that can keep you warm. It important is to wear an inner layer that is flexible to allow maximum muscle movement while skating. Meanwhile, the mid and outer later must be able to keep you warm and comfortable. 

Learning the basics of ice skating  

Don’t be afraid or ashamed of falling. It happens with every skater. But, keep your hands tucked in when you fall; it will prevent another skater from running over your fingers. Take a while and get up for another try. Try till you master the skills. The best idea is to try again immediately after falling. The wait will do no good to you else than creating a fear of failure in your mind. To void crashing into the wall, learn to stop, just like you learn to skate, also learn a simple snowplough stop early on. Also, if you are lading in the snow for the first time, try to march before you glide. Ice marching can be a good start for skating as it helps beginner skaters to get balance and familiarity with the ice. 

Mastering basic skating skills 

Once you learn to balance and stop on the ice without falling, learn to polish your skills. Start with marching, then stand on two feet and let yourself glide. After mastering the two feet gliding, practice your balance on one leg. Stroking is also a great idea that comes after one-foot gliding. Start with short quick glides before trying balancing on one foot. Next comes the swizzles, an easy technique that involves propelling yourself forward without taking your feet off the ice. You can start with your heel together, toes pointed forward and outward. Now slide your feet apart and bring toes together. Repeat this motion so that your path looks like an hourglass.

Tips on how to buy Ice-skates online in the UAE

The beginners are not likely to take benefit from top-quality skates. Thus, it is better to stick to less expensive or economical options. A reasonably priced pair of ice-skating shoes with a good fit and reliable protection can be enough for you. If you have a quality pair of skates that fit well, you can enjoy your time on the ice.  It is important to note that with a secure fit, you can prevent blisters and improve performance. For this, you can consider the below shared professional suggestions while buying a pair of skates or roller blades online. For the first time, buyers here are some handy tips that can help to buy the best skates.

  • The size – Make sure you have the right measurement. A perfect size of ice-skating shoes is the one that fits you well whit thick winter socks on. They are neither loose nor too tight to cause you injuries.
  • The width – Skates are available in different widths like narrow, medium and wide. Width is important for advanced skaters. Medium widths are the best bet if any sneaker fit you. Here the fit of the shoe is also important to consider likewise.
  • The lace – You need to tie your skate finely. It will help you prevent falling or ankle twists. When lacing up, make sure you the instep properly. In other words, the lace style of the skate must offer enough support to your ankle.
  • The price – The prices of skates vary based on features. There is also a difference in price from one brand to another. Hence, use Shops—ae price comparison tool to find all the suitable options in your budget limitation. Shop what matches both your needs and your budget.
  • Product details – The product description section offers you all the necessary details about the size, make, style, width and length of the ice stake. It is always a good idea to read the section carefully to know all the missed details of that stake.
  • Buying policies – If you are a first-time buyer, chances are you will end up buying the wrong size or fit of stakes. In such a case, you can enjoy a return or exchange of the purchased product. Hence, it is always a great idea to know the terms of services before making a purchase.

So, if you are going to buy skates, these points may help you keep your shopping venture focused and successful. We believe these tips can help you make the right choices. Remember, the wrong choices will not only cost you money but increase chances of hurting or serious damage to your feet. So besides looking for cheapskates, equally consider the fit and quality of the available skates for sale. You can check the sport and an outdoor section for a good collection of sport and ice-skating equipment.

Question & Answer

Are ice skates sharp?

A short answer will be yes. However, the sharpness of blades depends on a lot of different factors. The first factor is how often you use the skate, your style of skating and how much work you are doing while at practice. The unused skate blades are sharp enough to cut you while skating. However, with the use, the sharpness fades and thus need sharpening. These blades on the skates are of great importance in the skater’s performance, speed, and stability on the ice.

Which skates are best for beginners?

If you are starting skating, the first thing you will need is a pair of beginner roller skates. In such a case, you have come to the right place ( Some of the bestselling skates for beginners are; GT50 Outdoor Roller Skate Package, the Jackson Roller VIP Outdoor Package, the VNLA Zona Rosa Roller Skates, and the VNLA Stealth Quad Skates, while other appreciated items include; Moxi skates, Riedell Dart Stakes, Rollerblade Zerrablade Inline Skates, and Chicago men and women rink skates available online.

Are ice skates supposed to be tight?

For youth size, you should be able to comfortably place one figure between the heel of your foot and the inside of the boot. It allows some room for growth. However, for adult skaters, the construction of the boot is different. These boots are made to mould the foot. Hence, they do not need any extra space between the inside of the boot and foot. After lacing up the boots (with skate guards), make sure you can comfortably move around.

Where to buy ice skates online in UAE?

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