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Figure skating has come a very long way! The training for this, however, starts very young and takes years, with effort, practise and patience to get right. 

Something that started so many years back is still a popular sport & outdoor activity today. However, it is essential also to know that it’s important to start young. However, if you have happened to discover this when already an adult, it doesn’t mean you cannot take it up. Everything is about doing it from the heart, isn’t it? You, however, need professional training to learn the art. Yes, figure skating is no less than art because of the level of dedication it requires. Skating is a challenge. Try adding an ice rink to that and top it up with doing graceful poses while you skate. Yes, every aspect is tricky and getting them all right in front of an audience and fellow skaters is something remarkable! When it comes to the Olympics, the four types of figure skating are men’s singles, ladies singles, pair skating, and ice dance. 

Different aspects of figure skating you should know about 

Figure skating, of course, needs a lot of time and patience to get right. However, what helps is trying to learn more about the sport. Unlike others, this one is mostly performed, individual. Each aspect of figure skating is crucial. When they all come together, it’s the perfect amalgamation to delight the onlookers. With so many fans, there are high expectations from each player. It’s also necessary to understand the high amount of risk that is associated with figure skating. One slip or wrong move can result in fractures and blow to your joints or bones, causing immense distress. Hence, weighing all aspects and understanding the risk is essential when you’re starting. 

Figure skating accessories  

Well, for figure skating, apart from the skates, there is a lot of other things that one requires too. These amazing figure skating accessories are essential. Some of them add to the factor of safety, while some are for visual appeal. Those accessories that add to the security are crucial; however, the other ones make the dance and skating so much more enjoyable. Ice skating tights, socks, helmets, gloves or mittens, skate guards, protective padding, headbands, jewellery and many more come under accessories. Costumes, however, are significant. These are bedazzled, so they look pristine under the lights as the skater performs. You can also get custom-made costumes. 

Figure skating jumps  

Figure skating jumps are tricky; however, after training and practise, it’s possible to get them right. The toe loop, Salchow and flip are some of the more popular ones. It’s important, however, to train right under the correct guidance. This is possible with an excellent instructor. Make sure your body is flexible enough. So, consistency is critical in this matter for a good amount of practice. With preparation, you can add grace to your steps. However, the initial days of training are where the secret lies. If you get the basics of the technique right, you can also invest in your styles without copying any steps. 

Figure skating levels 

With eight levels and two tests in each, figure skating is one of the most competitive ones out there. The first level is a MOVES level, and this one does not affect the competition in any way. The eight levels are basically –Pre-Preliminary, Preliminary, Pre-Juvenile, Juvenile, Intermediate, Novice, Junior and Senior. Those who manage to complete all 8 MOVES test successfully get a Gold medal in MOVES. Those who complete all 8 Free Skate tests get a Gold Medal in Free Skate from US Figure Skating. The levels are critical as you move up. This way, the more you practise and perform figure skating, the better chances you have of moving up the ladder. 

Figure ice skates  

Basic ice skating is one; hockey ice skating is a sport, however being graceful while you perform a whole other thing. Well, with figure skating, the most crucial aspect is balance, confidence, poise, and of course, your skates. They are your gear and an essential thing to ensure all your wins. Buying the right pair is as important as the game itself. If you’re not comfortable, or you wrongly end up with a couple that isn’t working for you, it’s hard for even the most refined players. Thus, figure skaters put a lot of time and thought while selecting their pair and always have a few choices to try out. 

Tips on how to buy buying skates for figure skating 

Skates are an essential part of a figure skater’s journey. It is so necessary to buy the best pair you can afford. However, there are some excellent choices for kids, men and women, along with professionals too. You also have some of the best brands today, who design some excellent skates for all. Find some handy tips below to ensure your skates buying journey is fruitful. You need them if you are a new buyer.

  • Be particular about the size – Your size is essential. If they’re loose, they might make it challenging to perform, and the tight ones will make you feel uncomfortable. Sometimes, your regular shoe size will differ, so it’s best to try it on first.
  • They should be comfortable – The skates should be very convenient and easy to move around. For figure skating, the posture of your body, hands and feet is vital, and the results depend on the same.
  • Buy branded – Picking from a brand ensures quality products. Plus, aspects like warranty and guarantee might also come into the picture. Buying branded products is highly recommended, even if they come at a price.
  • Ask for advice – If you can, check with your coach, a friend or colleague for some information. For someone who knows about figure skating, they can give you advice on which skates to buy and what to look for. These little pieces of information can surely go a long way.
  • Wait for a sale – If the skates are pricey, then you should hold up for sale. It’s undoubtedly the best way to make the most of the purchase since you save some good bucks. There are plenty of deals just around the corner for most of the year.
  • Don’t hurry to buy – Do not rush. Rushing can cause you to make a hasty decision, so beware. You want to have plenty of time at your hands when you head to shop for your air. You can go back if you don’t find one, but don’t pick the wrong kind.

It’s an excellent choice to wait and research what you’re planning to buy. There are often new additions of skates, shoes and accessories. You might find a perfect pair. Thus, if you start learning a little about the skates, their type and other details, the decision becomes easy. You can also get advice or take someone along while shopping. Make sure you put your money down only when you’re 100% positive about your choice.

Question & Answer

Which are the best figure skates for kids?

You must begin to shape your child from the very beginning. Making sure you give him the right coaching along with the right accessories, skates and more is vital. The best ones for kids today are the XinoSports Adjustable and Lake Placid Nitro Girls 8.8. Also, check Riedell 615 Soar and Jackson GS181 Ultima Glacier. Bauer Lil Angel Champs and K2 Rink Raven BOA are also excellent. Although these brands are super, it also comes down to what is comfortable for your child.

Which are the best figure skates for professionals?

Professionals need to start that it is comfortable and easy to wear. Many brands design exclusively for professionals. They often have luxury skates too, when it comes to world tournaments and other events with these many choices, it’s not difficult to pick. Check out Jackson Ultima Freestyle and Riedell Skates Sparkle. Similarly, Bladerunner Ice by Rollerblade Zephyr and Jackson Ultima Freestyle Fusion/Aspire FS2190 FS2191 are also excellent. Make sure you also see the Riedell 33 Diamond and Botas Diana Figure Ice Skates.

Which are the best figure skates for women and girls?

The best thing is that there are special skates for women and girls. Since women have dainty and small feet, most regular brands and choices don’t work well for them. In this case, choosing the ones epically designed for women and girls is ideal. Check out Ice Skates Elle Fusion Ladies FS2130 and Lake Placid Girls Nitro 8.8 Adjustable Ice Skates. American Athletic Shoe Women’s Tricot Lined Ice Skates and K2 Skate Women’s Alexis ICE Skate are also good choices. Similarly, Riedell Skates – 110 Opal and Jackson Ultima Competitor DJ2470 Ladies are also good.

Where can you find figure skates for sale in Dubai?

Dubai is full of the best brands with some fantastic figure skates on sale. You can check out the choices online or head to a retail store for some better sections. Either way, it’s essential to choose the ones you’re comfortable with. In this case,, an unreal product search engine, is beneficial! You can check out more than 500+brands under this one instead of checking them out individually.

Brands like Edea, Riedell, Roces, Decathlon and Risport are especially significant.