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About Speed Skates

When we speak of street plays, the speed stakes stand top on the list. It is a competitive form of ice staking where the competitors race each other in travelling a specific distance on skates. Common types of speed skating include long track speed skating, short track speed skating and marathon speed skating. The skates are a basic sporting gadget you will need for any such activity.

By construction, the speed skaters are the type of roller skates designed to allow the skater to move faster. At the beginner level, this footwear comes with lower cut ankle boots that offer a wide range of motion compared to professionally used high-top skates. These are special boots with rigid construction to keep bones and muscles secure as you move around in speed. These shoes have special construction of wheels below to allow you balance and speed to move. Different types of speed skates are available in the market based on the skill and style of staking a person prefers.

Types of speed skating ventures you can pursue

Speed skating is a racing sport that is mostly played on ice. In this game, the player has to race with each other by travelling to a predefined distance. Studies suggest that this sport originated in Netherland, and soon after, England began to participate in the sport. The competitor’s race on the ice for that specific distance. They use the skates for sliding over the ice.  As ice is the basic need of the sport, speed skating is commonly played in cold countries. Also, the player needs body balancing and high concentration during movement with high speed. There are different types of speed ice-skating played around the globe.

Olympic style speed skating

This is played at the international level with interstate and country competitions and varying sporting modules. In this case, the pane is 400 meters to the lap, and the tracks are divided with snow lanes about two-thirds of the way around. There is an undivided part that is called crossover. Normally, only two skaters race simultaneously, and they can change lines by using the crossover at every lap. Each of these skaters is individually timed. An overall point sum decides both the world championship and any sectional and national championship at the end of the competition.

The pack skating

In pack skating, a group of player’s race together to a series of rounds. In total, there are 5 racing divisions in the pack skating. There are four different classes of pack skating. These are known as a senior class, intermediate class; juvenile class; and midget class. The outdoor tracks are oval in shape, while the indoor tracks differ when it comes to sizes. Each of the above-mentioned classes has a different size of the track. Also, the winner of each race is determined by a series of preliminary races. This race is also known as “heats.” Usually, the first and second finishers race against each other to determine the final winner of the race. The points are also given in pack skating. Unlike Olympic style skating, the fastest skater in each race gets the most points.

Short track speed skating

Here the track for skating is shorter than an Olympic speed skating oval. It also does not have any marked lanes. Three types of speed skating competitions use short tracks. These are known as individual races, relay races and pursuit races.  The individual races are divided into five short events and one long event. The series of heats determine the winner. Heats in short groups have no more than four skates. But six skates can take part in long skates. At the same time, relay races consist of two teams of four skaters. Here, each team member skates until replaced by a teammate. A skater can be replaced at any time except during the final two laps of the race.

Tips on how to buy Speed Skates online in the UAE

When it comes to buying the best inline speed skate boots or the best quad speed skate wheels for any of your upcoming icing ventures or tournament, you should look for a trusted brand. Although many stores offer cheap speed skating boots, they are mostly an unreliable option to invest in. They cannot help you deliver the best performance and soon will be worn out, leaving you with the choice of none other than to search for speed skate for sale online in the UAE. Therefore buyers recommend exploring Shops. To buy all types of sports and outdoor products, tools, gadgets and accessories. However, while buying speed skates for adults, here are some pointers that you may need to keep in mind.

  • Selection of wheels – You should choose the wheels based on the size and circumstances. Here you will also need to consider parameters like wind and temperature of the areas you wish to race in. in online stores; you can easily find wheels based on such circumstances. Therefore it is suggested to spend time reading the product description while choosing the wheel.
  • Review the bearings – They are places inside the when and are of great importance to the wheel’s rolling resistance and develop the ability to spin. The market offers different standards for measuring the rolling resistance. You can specify the bearing according to the ILQ and ABEC measurement scale that defines bearing precision.
  • The boots on skates – The boots on a speed skate play an important role in optimizing the performance. This is why they are designed lightweight and why you normally do not have any brake. Look for a low cuff for maximum strokes and techniques and a stiff boot for maximum power transfer. Also, a tight fit will offer you better control.
  • The size – The experts recommend buying skate boots of the size same as your shoe size. They must have a snug fit so that you can enjoy maximum control while skating. Therefore while buying, you should reach the size guide and product details carefully to decide if the offered style and model is ideal for your feet or not.
  • The frame – In speed skates, the frame is always lightweight. Some styles also offer space for four wheels, while others accommodate three. With more frames, you can easily customize the setup to your preferences by adjusting the front and back and turning your feet accordingly. There is a variety of features in the frame from one brand to another.

Therefore we always recommend our buyers explore products from different brands and manufacturers before placing an order for any sports gadget or tool. For instance, in frames, you can find various styles to mount pitch and stride control to tilt the frame and adjust the angle for any customized skating style. With a bit of research and comparison of products, you can also find highly advanced economical price options.

Question & Answer

Which speed skates to buy?

Some of the bestselling items that you can search and buy online include Chicago Bullet Men’s Speed Roller Skate; Impala Roller-skates Girl’s Impala Quad Skates that are ideal for big kids and adults; Adult Roller Skates High Top Indoor Outdoor Quad Skates; Pacer GTX-500 Quad Roller Skates and the K2 Skate Youth Marlee Inline Skates, Magenta. Luckily all such products are available on any retail search engine online in the UAE.

Which is the best speed skate for kids?

The inline skates are ideal for both kids and adults. Specifically, if your child is speed skating at the rink or wishes to go faster outside, these inline can offer them more freedom, speed and grip to skate. These skates are inherently faster and better for skating long distances outside the tracks. Some options you can consider to buy for kids include Power slide Next 100- the Ultimate Street Machine;   Flying Eagle Raven; and the Rollerblade Twister Edge 110 3WD.

How to choose speed skates?

When it comes to buying speed skates, several factors come on the list of considerations. You can consider tracks you will be running the skates on and the type of racing venture you wish to perform. Moreover, you need to consider the skater’s skill, age, and racing preferences before you head to buy a new pair. For instance, for skaters in the age group of 2 to 3 years, you can buy options like Play Wheels Disney Princess Kids Glitter Roller Skates with Knee Pads, but for a kid in 4 to 6years of age, you will need something like Sulifeel Rainbow Unicorn Skates.

Where to buy inline speed skates online in the UAE?

For all types, styles, and sizes of speed skates, you can explore the Here you can find the entire range of sports and outdoor products from top global brands. Some to name are Riedell, Bont, Luigino, Power Slide, ISU, and Bones. You can also use the price comparison tool to compare and search products at a lower price and with few clicks. So explore now to search, compare and buy products within your budget.

However, no matter what brands you choose, double-check on the quality and customer trust in the product before you add them to the cart.