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About Body Protectors

Body protectors, as the name suggests, avoid any mishaps that can harm your body during physical activity. Now the activity could be horse riding, show jumping, martial arts or anything where you feel the danger to some parts of your body. Considering that, there exist different types of body protectors that you can choose, depending on the activity. You have to keep certain things in mind before hitting the buy button.

How do you know the product you are choosing will be up to the mark? You got to follow the best approach to own the right product the first time. All in all, your shopping cart should have a product that possesses quality without compromises, and that fits in your budget. Planning your purpose based on the activity is the first thing to do, followed by planning your budget by leaving a small room for end adjustments. Now is the time to scrutinise the features so that they can fit well into your body and serve their purpose without fail. After all, buying body protectors online in UAE cannot be that difficult task.

BETA level standards of riding body protectors

There are three levels under the BETA standard that provides different layers of protection. Level 1, level 2, and level 3 are three levels. Level 1 has the lowest level of security designed to meet the weight restriction. Then, Level 2 is the next standard that offers an average level of protection to licensed jockeys. After that, Level 3 is the highest level of protective gear used in high-risk situations. These standards help in reducing soft tissue injuries, prevent minor injuries, and rib fractures. There is another standard available in best body protectors wherein shoulder protection is covered too. You got to choose one among these standards, depending on the level of danger that you may encounter.

Measurement guidelines of horse riding vest

Depending on the different style and manufacturer, each product will fit you differently. But there are factors you need to know. First of all, make sure that the body protectors are close to your torso so as to justify its purpose. Riders tend to wear light clothing under it, so the fitting is exact. If you are wearing heavy clothing instead, the protector fitting has to vary. Also, keep in mind that the riding body protectors will take the shape of your body as you wear them, and to serve that purpose, they have a warm texture inside. You can check a few body protectors on sale at our online shops and see if something interesting pops up.

Anatomy of  horse riding chest protector

Starting from the inside out, the inner material of these protectors has got two levels of PVC Nitrile foam. This material tends to be heat sensitive and thus mould slowly to the rider’s body. Mostly, the products are perforated to provide airflow, reduce weight, and increase flexibility. The outer material is a fabric that can add a layer of protection to the inner foam. This foam may surely add to the weight of the product influencing the quality. Whether you are buying a cheap body protector or an expensive one, you should not compromise with the quality any which way. Other than weight, attachments like fasteners and linings are other important considerations while buying.  

Ride safe with Airowear body protector

There are lots of products that we can see in the brand Airowear. Let’s review one of their best women best body protectors. Here, you will find products like Outlyne that provides you with enough flexibility. Another product is Airmesh, which is highly ventilated. Then, the brand offers AirShell that is trending with its inflatable properties. There is AyrPs with an air protection system and double layer inlined very well. For that extra protection in high-risk situations, BidyBase Pro provides shoulder protection as well. Likewise, there exist other products for different requirements and different customer demands. You can explore them all or even more such products at our retail search engine.

Tips on how to buy Body protectors online

You might have doubts about buying body protectors online in UAE. But the facts we have been telling you on this page holds truth for every shopper – whether an online enthusiast or traditional offline shopper. Brands, features, fittings, measurements – everything remains under the lens. The more you research, the more you tend to observe. And that leads you to a perfect deal. We hope below-mentioned pointer help you in expanding your observation parameters.

  • Approach – you see, body protectors are a one-time investment with 3-5 years of lifespan. So, investing more than your budget is worth it. Or maybe you can create enough room in your budget to accommodate a few extra features if you have a change of mind at the last minute.
  • Select – Fit and quality seem to be the only relevant parameters to rank the potential of these protectors. Brand and budget do influence these parameters, but you can always negotiate with the features. Let’s say if you are fine with a single layer of protection, not double.
  • Options – You have AirVest as protective as body protectors. So, what is the difference? Airvest inflates itself when any fall or kick is predicted. On the other hand, body protectors have got inlined foam to protect from injuries. The choice is yours.
  • Standards – BETA standards of level1, level2, and level3 protections distinguish themselves with the type of sport you are involved in. As the level increase, the protection ratings increases as well. You can choose one depending on the risk meter.
  • Second-hand – Just avoid buying one. The damage, if there is any, is not visible through the naked eye. Therefore, you might end up receiving a product that is of no use. If you have budget constraints, you may go for simple level1 protective gear, but not if your sport is risky.

There you have it! All the data we have penned down on this page and the buying guide above can help you in choosing the right product. You can continue your shopping at our product search engine that is Here, you can find top-notch brands and exclusive shops to consider. Some of the brands are – Racesafe, Dainese, Shires, and Harry Hall. Above all, you can find fantastic deals and discounts throughout the year. So, let’s get started by refining the products and hitting the buy button.

Question & Answer

Are body protectors necessary?

Horses are wild animals and highly unpredictable. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, body protectors are indeed necessary. If you are a beginner, you are at risk of committing mistakes. But when you are an advanced level rider, the risks are involved depending on the varying sports you are involved in. Hence, these protectors are of utmost importance irrespective of activities, location, weather, risk, or any other parameter you may think to justify not buying one.

How long do body protectors last?

Body protectors last between 3-5 years. In the meantime, you have to replace the foam inside whenever there is any mishap you confront. Or if you don’t care and maintenance of the protector is equally important to expand the lifespan. For instance, if you keep them hanging as it is and provide a warm natural environment – the product stays away from any damage. In the case of body protectors, if you keep them folded, foam might destructure.

Are body protectors expensive?

You can find a budget range of AED200 to AED600 or even higher. Considering their purpose, we do not think the budget range is something very expensive. We tend to tag a product as expensive when we think we are paying for more than the purpose. If your outdoor activity demands an average level of protection and still you are buying high-end gear, then that would be an expensive product for you. We hope we made sense here. All in all, nothing can go wrong if you make an informed decision.

Where to buy body protectors?

You can choose the Racesafe brand if you are looking for customisations. Their product’s range is diverse and endless. You can also go for Shires as it is equally effective as Racesafe. Sometimes exploring these brands even before starting to shop lets you maintain a certain standard. Whenever you scrutinise a product, you will know the feature and quality you should have. You can directly hop on to our online shops and explore such brands and products.

More than the brand, we trust the manufacturer and its value-driven mindset. A little research on that part can be very helpful. All you have to do is check out the brand and search the keyword online to see if they really are worth buying. It doesn’t matter whether they are old or new in the market if they are dedicated to providing the best they have. We hope you will keep all the tips we have revealed on this page and end up with a durable body protector. We also have a dedicated section of Sports & Outdoor if you would like to buy more related to a specific activity you enjoy.