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One of the common sports injuries and one of the biggest bills is a damaged tooth. Luckily, there is a smart solution to ensure that you are protected and can play hard without the concern of dental damages. It is wearing the sports mouth guards!

So, what exactly are these mouth guards? A mouthguard is basically a soft plastic or laminate device that offers to cushion your teeth while playing. In other words, it is like a dental tray, which forms to the shape of your teeth, gums and mouth. It comes in flexible materials that you can place snuggly over your teeth. Moreover, it creates a barrier between your lower and upper teeth. This, in turn, prevents them from crashing together during any impact. Above all, it protects your teeth from being hit by something outside of the mouth. Hence, they are an immensely important device for high impact sports. That’s why we are going to take a look at them in detail. In this article, we shall look at some significant types of mouth guards and a few tips to pick them right.

The significant types of mouthguards

Luckily, most sports recommend the players/athletes to wear their mouthpieces, especially during the high impact sports like rugby or baseball. Therefore, owning them is imperative. But, like any other product, they too come in several types and models. More variety accompanies more confusion. That is, with so many types in the market, picking out the one that perfectly suits your needs becomes an arduous task. However, understanding the various models do help a bit. For this reason, we’ve enlisted here a few major types of sports mouth guards that’ll protect your teeth thoroughly.

The custom mouthguards

Of course, you get a wide variety of mouthguards in the market. But, you can also custom make your mouth guards against your dentists. How do they do it? Well, first they take a mould of your teeth. They then, use this to create the mouth guard that fits precisely for the structure of your teeth and mouth. Undoubtedly, this offers a much better fit than the boil-and-bite or stock mouthpieces. Hence, this gives you maximum comfort. Additionally, they reduce the risk of accidentally dislodging while you’re sleeping. However, remember that these cost you more than your other counterparts. But they are indeed worth the money.

The importance of wearing mouth guards for braces

Injuries to the mouth, gums, jaws and teeth are some of the most common injuries that occur during any high impacted sports. Amusingly, the presence of braces reduces the risk of displacing or losing your teeth or any significant mouth/teeth injury. However, for more ‘common’ sporting dental damages, the use of a mouth guard while having braces will give your teeth the extra protection it needs. Apart from that, the use of mouthguards while wearing braces prevents damage to the brackets from the blow to the face. Moreover, it acts as a barrier between the braces, cheeks and lips. Hence, it is always a good idea to wear these mouthpieces even if you have braces on them.

The boil and bite mouth guards

One of the most popular types of mouth protection pieces; these allow a closer fit to the wearer’s mouth. But why exactly are they called boil and bite? Well, that’s because a typical boil and bite mouthguard is placed in boiling water for a set among of times first. This allows them to become pliable, which you can then place it onto your teeth. It snuggly fits your teeth and stays there till it is cooled. Most of these types come in a soft material that forms to your teeth and mouth and hardens in place. In other words, it feels like you are wearing a custom-fit mouthguard. Moreover, you just need to put a little pressure from the jaw to make them stay in place.

The best teeth grinding guards

Many children and adults suffer from bruxism. It is a condition that causes nocturnal teeth grinding and jaw clenching. Of course, it is life-threatening; it can still lead to chronic headaches, jaw pain, and even chipped teeth. While there is no cure for it, the specialised mouth guards for teeth grinding is a relief. Some anti-bruxism mouthguards are customised for your mouth while others like the boil and bite mouthpieces do wonders, as they are a universal fit. Some of the models designed explicitly for teeth grinding, not only help prevent the teeth grinds but also help in whitening your teeth. Apart from that, it also severs as an athletic mouthguard for sports like wrestling or football.

The mouth guard for sleeping and reducing snoring

Obviously, these mouth protection pieces, prevent damage and injury to your teeth. But did you know? They can also help reduce snoring! Snoring generally happens due to the vibrations of soft tissue in your upper airway. The mouth guards work by pulling down your lower jaw forward. This, in turn, keeps your airway open. Indeed, you’ll find several types of over-the-counter mouthguards in stores and online. And most of them claim to cure the problems of snoring. However, not much research has been done on them and their efficiency and effectiveness. But, if your snoring is affecting your daily life, then it is best to talk to your dentist about the mouth guard options to prevent it.

Tips on how to buy Mouth Guards online

Now that we’ve understood their types, models, designs and functions let us head out to shop one. But, hold on! Do you know how to select a particular mouth protector? No? Well, fret not. Fortunately, we’ve enlisted here a few major factors that you must consider while you buy mouthguards online in Dubai. Considering these tips will help you pick out your ideal mouth guard effortlessly.

  • Check out its comfort and degree of protection – What do you think that is most important when it comes to mouthguards? Is it being protected or being comfortable? Well, it is both! Isn’t it? In other words, you must make your pick considering both the protection features and your comfort. Also, remember, while custom mouthpieces are most comfortable, the protection level may vary depending on personal preference.
  • See if it is sport-specific or not – You might not realise, but many mouth guards are sport-specific. That is, each sport demands a different kind of mouth protector. For instance, some sports and event require you to wear a specific coloured mouth protector with the logos displayed on it. Also, the sport-specific mouth guard depends highly on the face shields too. For example, if you are wearing a face shield for football or ice hockey, the mouth guards must have a thinner frontal profile and added protection in the upper region.
  • Go for customs if needed – Custom mouth protectors are always on the top of the list. As these offer you the utmost comfort. Moreover, they are great if you want to show your teams logo or show off your team colour. By the way, you could also flash a bit of your personality with the personalised mouth protectors. In other words, a complete customisation gives you the ability to display your personality through your mouthguard.
  • Look out for their durability – Of course, comfort and protection are paramount factors to consider, but above all their durability is the most crucial part. You do not want to replace your mouth protectors after every single use. To ensure that, you need to pick a model that is tear-resistant. In other words, it shouldn’t damage your slightest of pressure. Also, it must last long. Only then it will get good value for your money.
  • Go for easy to clean – Cleanliness is a vital part of mouth protectors. Moreover, keeping them keep will increase the life span of your mouth protectors. Hence, it is always better to pick out a model that is easy to clean. In other words, you should not have any difficulties in keeping your mouth guard clean and tidy. Remember, that you must always keep your mouthguards hygienic as often these mouth protectors come in contact with dirt.

Therefore, it is now evident that when it comes to purchasing a mouth protector, it’s essential to consider many vital factors. From comfort, protection to design and sport, all of them determine an excellent mouth guard. We hope the tips above will guide you towards your perfect mouth protector. Moreover, they will help you assess, examine and understand the product well. This, in turn, will facilitate an informed decision and prevent you from making the wrong choices.

Question & Answer

Can mouthguards damage teeth?

Not really! Mouth protectors are constructed to protect your teeth from any damages. But, yes, remember that you must pick a mouth guard that comfortably sits on your teeth. It must fit you right and should not hinder your daily life. Also, note that sometimes you might experience soreness in your jawlines, particularly if you wear the mouth protectors while sleeping or for the first time. So, the mouth protectors do not damage your teeth but in turn, protect them only if you pick them right.

How should mouth guards fit?

Always, take care that your mouth protector must fit you snuggly against your upper teeth, without needing to bite or clench your jaw. If you have to clench your jaw or bite to keep your mouthguard in place, then your mouth protector certainly does not fit you right. Again, your mouth protector must stay securely and tightly on your upper teeth. By the way, see if it is protecting your roots, and does not hinder your speech, to ensure you have the right fit.

Which mouthguard is best?

Mouth protectors come in several types and models. Therefore, several factors determine a mouth guard to be the best. However, brands like Opro, Dentek, Venum, Nike, Everlast, Plackers, Vettex, Wilson, and Safejawz offer some of the best mouthguards in the market. From bite and boil to teeth grinding mouth protectors you’ll find many from these brands. If you have been looking for the best options and best brands, you can find them here.

Where to buy mouth guards?

Well, buying quality and branded mouth protectors is essential. But, finding a trustworthy retailer is even more critical. If you are in search of such an online platform, then go no further than We offer a staggering collection of mouth guards from popular brands and online stores! Moreover, you could shop find here cheap mouthguard to buy effortlessly. Also, find other body protectors and sport & outdoor products here.

Is mouth guard expensive?

Like any other product, the cost of the product is crucial when it comes to purchasing online or in-store. Always remember, the price of the product is always proportional to its quality. The higher the quality, the more the price. Moreover, certain other factors like the place from where you buy also determine the cost of the product. For instance, there are many online stores on our product search engine , from where you can buy top quality mouthguards for sale.

We hope that you are now well, informed to make a wise decision when it comes to buying the best mouthguards online. So do not miss out on exploring the various products on Because you never know, you might find something that tickles your fantasy right here!