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If there’s anything that needs to be the first piece of sports & outdoor activity safety gear that you must pack for MMA, Muay Thai, or boxing sport, then it is the cross protectors or the groin guards. Groin protectors are an essential item to all boxers and people who practise martial arts. In this guide, we’ll find a few best-selling cross protectors out there on the market. Plus, we’ll also take a look at some useful tips for buying the best type of groin guards for your various needs. So read on! 

Most of you who train for boxing, MMA or Muay Thai would know what these protectors are. However, for those who’re just starting out, let’s answer the most obvious question – what are cross protectors? Cross protectors or more commonly known as groin guards are a piece of sports gear that protects your groin and other body parts near to it from any accidental thuds that might happen while you’re training or participating in a competition. This is why groin guards are an essential piece of equipment while you’re playing or training for such sports. That said, let’s take a look at the various type of groin guards and a few popular models that you can invest in. 

The best-selling cross protectors or the groin protectors to choose from 

Everyone has a different taste when it comes to sports gear. Some like it to be stylish, while others prefer functionality over style. Fortunately, regardless of what your choice is, you can find a protector that suits your needs. Fact is, you’ll find a number of options out there on the market that comes in different designs, comfort, style, functionality, and specifications. Each one has its pros and cons. Regardless, of what model it is, the manufacturers have categorised the groin guards into two major categories – one that you can wear underneath your training shorts – called compression shorts. And the other that you wear over your shorts. Either way, they’re all worth your money. Below, we’ve put together a list of the best groin guard for kickboxing, the best groin guards for martial arts, the groin guard for BJJ, and many more bests that you can buy online. 

The best MMA groin guard

Whether it’s crushes, low blows or hits during the grappling, trauma to your groin area will damage shut-down your entire body. Apart from all that pain, you’ll also need to face some real health hazards too. The best MMA cross protectors ensure that nothing like that happens. Every kind of MMA groin guard out there make sure to protect the groin area of the professional MMA fighters. You’ll find several options of MMA groin guards out there including models like jockstraps, compression thighs, and standalone cup options. Some popular models that you can invest in are Lo Bloo Thai Cup, Mueller, and so on. 

The top shock doctor groin guard

The cross protectors from the Shock Doctor is one of the finest models for both young and adult athletes. The product comes with a breathable stretch mesh that absorbs moisture from your skin making it an anti-odour and cool option to wear. Likewise, the jockstrap also offers maximum protection and also allows the athlete to move around in all possible directions without the cup moving from its place. Additionally, the product also provides you with a secure fit around the waist. Further, it includes multi-layer protection and a Carbon Flex that safeguards the area from any harsh kicks. And thanks to the gel parameter and flex curve design, the product maximises comfort. 

The RDX boxing groin guard

The cross protectors from RDX come in leather materials and feature an attachable groin cup. This makes them one of the best groin guards for people who practise boxing. The cup of this model comes in steel materials and has a carbon fibre cover. This offers complete protection against attacks and kicks during BJJ, kickboxing, and MMA. Furthermore, their high degree of shock-absorbing feature makes them stand out from the other similar models that are in the same range. Also, the size of the cup is big as compared to the other guards that offer protection from all directions. Above all, as the wearer, you can easily adjust the product with a high-quality hook and loop system.   

The Fairtex GC2 Muay Thai groin protector

One of the best cross protectors for Muay Thai competitions and training is the steel cup version. And if you’re looking out for such a groin guard then you can never go wrong with the product from Fairtex. This steel cup from Fairtex features a traditional design. Apart from being stylish, the product is padded from the outside with leather for maximum protection against any sort of kicks or punches. Further, you’ll find this model in three sizes – medium, large, and X-large. Therefore, as an athlete or fighter, you can choose the most suitable options as per your requirements. By the way, regardless of which size you choose, the product also comes with three lace straps that help you adjust the guard.

Tips on how to buy Cross Protectors online

Before starting to search online for your perfect cross protectors, you first need to decide on a few things. You can’t just simply go for the ones that you feel might suit you. Because, purchasing the protectors based on their outside style might not give you your desired product. Therefore, it’s best to have a few evaluating points in hand before you begin your online search. Here are a few valuable tips that’ll come in handy when you buy groin guard online in UAE.

  • Consider the sport you’ll be playing – We saw in the earlier section of this guide, that each sport requires a different types of cross protectors. For instance, the groin guards for MMA might not be suitable for Muay Thai training sessions. Therefore, make sure you know your needs prior to the search online. Consider the sport you’re about to practise or play.
  • A bit of research makes things easy – Undoubtedly, the more you know about your product the better it is. Checking out everything about the groin guards helps you sort out the best one out of the lot easily. Besides, you can also try and find out the popular manufacturers, types, and other available options out there on the market before you begin your buying process online.
  • Explore the available options – By now you must’ve figured out that not all groin guards are equal. Some are better than others. Therefore, it’s best to check out several options, their specs, types, and features before you make the final call on your choice. This way, you can easily narrow down your options.
  • Go for a comfortable model – Every sport has its own attire and therefore you need to wear something that you’ll feel comfortable in. Similarly, you should always consider the comfort and fit of your groin guards before you buy them online. If any of the features don’t match your requirements then it’s better to skip the particular model.
  • Pick the right size – Typically, the size of your groin guards depends on your waist size. And each brand has its own size directions. Thus, it’s best to check out the size directions and options from the brand you intend to buy your cross protectors from. Remember, too small a size might cause you discomfort and a bigger size wouldn’t keep the cup in place. So pick the perfect fit.
  • Keep an eye on the degree of protection – Of course, the primary function of the cross protectors is to protect your groin area. However, not all groin guards protect you in the same way. Some might offer you a higher degree of protection based on their features. Therefore, it’s best to consider the degree of protection a model offers before you get them.
  • Select an affordable model – This is always an important factor to consider when you’re buying body protectors online, and the groin guards aren’t exempted. The market offers you both expensive and cheap groin guards. You are sure to set aside a budget depending on the kind of gear quality and brand before choosing your model. By the way, you can save a few bucks by buying groin guard for sale online in UAE.

Cross protectors are arguably the most essential equipment a boxer, Muay Thai specialist, or a fighter can bring to a training session or a competition. Therefore, you should never go wrong selecting them. Depending on your requirements and budget you can purchase the best fitting model that offers you maximum protection during the training sessions. Beside, we also hope that tips above will make your buying process much simpler.

Question & Answer

How should a groin guard fit?

Aside from protection, the cross protectors you purchase should offer you a perfect fit. It shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. That’s because anything that doesn’t fit you properly causes discomfort and thus affects your performance and the degree of protection. For instance, a tighter guard will make you uncomfortable and not allow you to move freely. Likewise, a loose version would not keep the guards in place while training. In both cases, you might get hurt.

What’s the best groin guard?

Of course, the cross protector must protect your groin area while training. However, a good protector has a few other tasks. They should fit perfectly, shouldn’t cause any discomfort to the wearer, must be easy to wash and maintain, must be within your budget, and last but not least should be of highest quality. One of the easiest ways of making sure you have the best protector is to buy them popular brands like Diamond, MMA, Venum, Everlast, Lonsdale, Shock Doctor, Spall, and Adidas.

Where to buy groin guard online in UAE?

For all the fighters out there who love to grapple, know that our product search engine brings you a comprehensive range of groin guards to protect you from kicks, punches, and sudden falls. Better yet, you can get them from popular brands and purchase them from your favourite online stores. So, get started and explore the best cross protectors right here on Explore now with the help of user-friendly tools and find the best return to your money invested in a groin guard.

Cross protectors are an indispensable item for a fighter. And the quality of the model you choose is critical while purchasing a groin protector. Check out the wide range of options available on and get the best among the lot for your needs, today!