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About Boats

A boat is a watercraft that is specifically designed for navigating in near-shore areas. These water vehicles are also ideal for inland waterways like lakes or rivers. However, what makes a boat different from the ship is its smaller size. Due to the size, the boats have lesser carrying capacities. However, the size, capacity and shape of the boat also vary according to the purpose. Therefore, to understand the concept and usage, it is important to read about its different types.

In contemporary naval terms, a boat can be defined as a small enough watercraft to carry aboard a ship. However, there are big boats that measure up to 1,000 feet long. Similarly, there are special types that are meant to offer services in the offshore environment.  Here an interesting contradiction is that a ship can carry boats, but a boat can not carry ships. With this simple definition and difference between a ship and a boat, there is a wide variety of watercraft. Some are meant for sporting activities, while others help in professional sailing, fishing, or cargo services on shores. Today, we will have a look into some common types of these vehicles used these days.

Understanding different types of boats

Historically we can only find evidence about fishing watercraft that were occasionally used for cargo and travelling. However, today there is a whole new range of water vehicles, each designed specifically for one task or another. From the oldest known “dugouts boats”, watercraft’s evolution has now reached in amazing motor style and yachts. Apart from recreational means, they serve as an important part of this date’s commercial world. They help in cargo and passengers’ active transportation, wherever the distance is short, or the route is narrow. Here are some basic differences between commonly used watercraft on this date.

Kayaking boats vs Canoes

The canoeing is a small boat best for recreational boating activity or paddle sport where the rider needs to sit or kneel facing forward. These boats come in both open and closed decks. The rider of these boats propels themselves with a single-bladed paddle that is under their control. At the same time, the kayaking boats are best to move across the water. In a Kayak, the paddler is seater and consist of a double-bladed paddle pulling the blade through water on alternate sides to move forward. With these minor differences, both kayak and canoe are suitable from club to Olympic levels. However, one can prioritise them based on discipline and type of water.

Ski boats vs Jetboats

One major difference between the two is that a ski boat is best for beginners, while jet style can be ideal for an expert rider. This is so because a ski boat does not have exposed impellers. However, in a jetski, these impellers are tucked away inside the jet ski. Another difference is that the maintenance of a ski is much easier than its counterpart. Moreover, the engine of a ski boat is the simplest as compare to many other types of watercraft on the list. The smaller and simple ski boat construction makes them comparatively easier to buy, maintain, ride or access. Plus, the ski is cheaper than the advanced jetski available in the market.

Fishing boats vs Motorboats

Fishing watercraft are special water vehicles to serve the needs of fishers. They are also best as a family boat with specialised accessories for each application. They have comfortable seating, live well and tie-down rods and anchors. Moreover, they have removable and elevated tow bars on the sides. In contrast, a motorboat (also known as a powerboat or speedboat) runs with an engine. Some models of motorjets come with an inboard engine. Meanwhile, others have an outboard motor on the rear side. These styles consist of a gearbox, internal combustion engine and propeller in a single portable unit. This style is mostly best for activities like wake surfing and wakeboarding etc.

Cigarette boats vs inflatable boats

A cigarette (go-fast) boat is smaller in size with a long narrow platform and a planning hull. This unique structure helps it to gain maximum speeds. Due to some interesting shifts in historical events, they were named the “rum-runners.” While on the other hand, an inflatable boat is a lightweight boat with a flexible bow and sides. The sides have inflatable tubes filled with pressurised gas. For the smaller size, the hull and floor are flexible. While for the model with more than 3-meter length, the floor consists of 3 to 5 rigid aluminium or plywood sheets fixed between the gas-filled tubes. Interestingly you can disassemble some styles of inflatable models and pack them in small volumes. It makes them easy to transport.

Tips on how to buy Boats online in Dubai

Shopping online is fun. Likewise, owning a boat is a thrilling experience for anyone. Now imagine a person who is fond of water sports comes to the time to buy his next boat – online. The very first thing he will experience is the unlimited variety, styles, makes and models online. However, buying for a retail search engine can surely be an overwhelming experience for anyone. Hence, we are here to help. Today’s discussion is to make the experience of finding boats to buy easier for you. Below are some important tips and points to consider while looking for a boat online in the UAE.

  • Decide what type of boat you need – As discussed earlier, they are of many different types. Each serves a different purpose. A jet ski boat is different from a fishing boat that is also ideal for water trips with family. It is thus important to know your needs and limitations before heading to pick one.
  • Decide your budget – Are you considering the speculated financial limitations while buying a new boat? Don’t forget watercraft are expensive. So, it will take a good amount out of your bank account even if you head to buy a small fishing boat. This is why it is important to decide your budget before looking for any articles.
  • Focus on the price and needs – Here, nothing can help you better than Shops’ price base search model. ae. At our retail search engine, you input your price or brand preferences to access possible models available in the market. It is important to consider that each model’s price varies with brand, features, size, and mechanics.
  • Always do research and comparison – One major perk of shopping online is that you can do a comprehensive market search. It is important to avail the opportunity. Research a selected model or feature of a boat. Look into the available pictures and product specifications from different manufacturers and sellers. Always compare before deciding.
  • Know what is included – All types of watercraft come with supporting accessories and gadgets. Some of these are built-in, while some are external. Some are mandatory, while some are optional. So read the product description section to know what you are going to pay for. Keep in mind that the prices will vary as the list goes.

Here at, we have more than 500 brands selling water-boats and accessories online in the UAE. We offer easy access to hundreds of products based on your price or brand preferences. Hence, if you wish to have hands-on a cheaper boat or willing to buy a boat from a specific brand, we have it all. Just type in your price cap or the brand you trust the most and finds dozens of options to consider and buy from.

Question & Answer

What boat should I buy?

The functionality of these vehicles can be divided into five categories. These include; activities you wish to perform, the number of passengers; the propulsion, and the boat’s trialability. Here, the propulsion includes specifications on the inboard engine, the sail power, jet propulsion, outboard engine, the sterndrive engine, and the boat’s pod drive. While the trialability calls for deciding if you want to keep it at a marina or you wish to trailer it around, defining all these specifications as per your case can help you decide which boat is perfect for your needs.

Are boats expensive?

There is no getting away from the fact that watercraft are expensive. They cost a lot, both to buy and maintain. However, many factors directly influence the price of the product. It starts with the purchase cost if you wish to buy a new or a used boat. Later comes the size, make, model, engine, warranty and other such factors. This is why when most people cannot afford to have a personal boat, Richie’s may sometimes find it difficult to afford one. However, for Richie, the prices range. This is why when you explore; you can find clear price functions in different models available online to shop. Hence you can find them at a low price as well as a luxurious and expensive option if you can afford

What boats are used in the boat race?

Many known brands are offering exceptionally enchanting and smart models of racing boats online. This year’s top picks include; Aquib, Hunter Impala, Fast 40+, Diam 24, J/105, JPK 10.80, and Jeanneau Sun Fast 3200. Some of them are the best multi-hull and are preferred by professional boat racers. However, they are quite expensive and demand some professional expertise to manage them nicely. It is thus better to consult an expert before planning to buy any of these.

What size dragon boat should I buy?

Dragon boats are fun. However, buying one demands some special skills and knowledge to secure the investment. Here the most important point to consider is the size of the boat. To find a perfect size, you must do a sitting test. You can do it by resting on the flat surface and standing the paddle up next to you with a blaze down. If you reach up and grab the handle, it’s good to go with. Next, you need to do the standing test. Start by standing on a flat surface and standing paddle next to you with the blade down. If you can easily fit at least three fingers between your armpit and handle, it is good to go with.

With all these handy tips, instruction and information, we believe shopping for a boat becomes easier than ever. Luckily here at, you can find more than 500 brands selling water vehicles online. Some of these trusted brands include; Bertram, Boston Whaler, Grady-White, MasterCraft, and Sea Ray. Meanwhile, the Sea-Doo, Yamaha, Maverick, Elan Boats, and Jaguar Marine are also among the top sellers. Apart from such a wide portfolio of brands on our platform, we have known stores to explore.