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About Inflatable Boats

Many of you might have an image of inflatable boats being delicate, but the right boat for the right purpose at the right place makes all the difference. There are certain places where working with inflatable types make more sense than working with traditional ones. If you are also looking to buy inflatables boats, you should start by understanding their types and construction. The more information you have, the more informed decision you make – we hope that made sense.

In earlier times, inflatable boats only have two applications – as lifeboats and for some sports & outdoor activities. Now that we see these boats are more sturdy and all set to do versatile jobs, we have brands and manufacturers providing the right products. If you know your purpose of buying the product, you probably will not get confused while hitting the buy button. There may be a little research, which we suggest doing or ask an expert, whatever you prefer. The time you spent exploring good products will ultimately give you positive results in the form of a long-lasting product.

Types of inflatable boats

There are many ways to differentiate a product based on its design, construction, material, and other details. However, as the first step towards buying, you have to apply the filter on products, choosing single-purpose products or versatile ones. For example, an inflatable raft is used as lifeboats or for small distance transport. On the other hand, kayaks are multi-purpose products. These can be used for fishing, recreational activities, and river voyages. While choosing your type, you can also think of future needs to avoid spending money again. To get some visuals, you can check out some rigid inflatable boat for sale.

Zodiac boat

Zodiac ones are credited for their versatility. You can use a single boat for cruising, overnight cruising, watersports, and fishing both in freshwater and saltwater. Due to all these applications, they vary in size from 9feet to 31feet. You will also find variations in every boat to fit the application you are opting for. Different hull types and power options will vary from product to product. If you are interested in buying any of the versions, you can check out our Saturn inflatable boats for sale.

Inflatable pontoon boat

Fishing is the sole purpose of inflatable pontoon boats . If that’s all you have been searching for, you should start contemplating other features too. For example, you can choose to have a real boat seat with metal frames in the centre or an inflatable one. The centre seat will provide a high vantage point. Also, you should consider the weight capacity and people-carrying capacity. A pontoon can carry a maximum of four people at once. Likewise, there will be more features you can decide to add or not by reading the specifications list. To begin with, you can start with some cheap inflatable fishing boats.

Inflatable kayak

Kayak is the most popular inflatable kind due to its versatile features. For example, one of the premium brands Intex has got kayak product for small water bodies. This product has comfortable seats with a backrest, aluminium oars, high output air pump, directional stability, and good looks. Depending on your choice, you can buy single-seat kayaks for solo adventures or two or three seaters also. So, check out other features and see what interests you. You can also buy Intex inflatable boat with a motor from our shopping platform,

Tips on how to buy Inflatable boats online

Inflatable boats are versatile. Just one added feature, and you are ready for a completely different adventure. So, you must know your purpose and future needs while buying inflatable kinds. You might already know this if you are an expert. But for many of you with little knowledge, you should understand the ins and outs of the product you are eyeing for. Here, we have tried putting some important points to keep in mind during the purchase. We are hopeful that they will prove fruitful.

  • Types –  The most common thing to differentiate inflatable boats are to see the floor material. You will find roll-up floors, hard floor, air floor, ribs, and console ribs, among others. At this point, you might want to understand these labels and the actual differences among them before you buy one.
  • Design – Boats with a keel and without a keel are two different design you can think of. For those who are not aware, a keel is a rigid piece of material attached to the lowest part of the hull. As the product you want to buy is inflatable, no keel will make inflation and deflation setup real quick. On the other hand, having a keel enhances performance and stability.
  • Construction – Nowadays, every good quality product has multiple air chambers to provide more safety in case of a puncture. So, there can be two chambers, three chambers, or more than three used in the construction. Depending on your application and the kind of safety you want, you can choose the construction.
  • Power options – Powering up your boat needs you to contemplate through many choices. For example, if you have a small sports boat, you can choose a trolling motor. But if you are looking for a quiet motor, electric outboards are one of the good selections. Likewise, you can think of your preferences first and look for a compatible choice.
  • Hull shapes – Hull shapes – Flat hull, V-Hull, and Deep V-hull are three primary shapes you will explore. On a broader brush, flat hulls are without keels for short distances, V-hulls are for speed, and Deep V-hulls add extra control and stability.

There are indeed more things to know about an inflatable boat other than these five points we have mentioned. But these are primary things you must not ignore while buying a product along with your purpose, budget, and other preferences. Now, if we talk about brands, you can check out Airhead, Newport Vessels, ALEKO, and Seamax at our platform, Also, you can commence your shopping drive by exploring inflatable boat for sale in Dubai.

Question & Answer

Which inflatable boat is best to buy?

Depend on a lot of factors – you may be wanting a speed boat, budget boat, or a fishing boat. And the best in every category will be a different product, obviously. But what we can do here is provide you with a list of brands you can start with. These brands include Bestway, Intex, Seaeagle, Saturn, and Airhead. You will find more once you visit our shopping platform, And once on it, you can even search for a specific boat and choose amongst the presented list, which comes with advanced filters to narrow down your purchase further.

How safe are inflatable boats?

An inflatable boat is safe as any other traditional boat you may be thinking of. Not just that, but an inflatable boat even has an advantage over a conventional boat that inflatable ones are very difficult to tip over. The reason is their low centre of gravity, which makes them more buoyant in the water. Also, another thing many of you are doubtful about it is deflating of the boat due to a puncture. Even if you accidentally puncture the boat, you should know that the tubes are separate chambers. So, your boat will still remain on the water due to the air in the other tubes.

How much are inflatable boats in UAE?

Inflatable boats can be anywhere between AED40 to AED5000. We know that’s a very flexible range, but lots of parameters are to be considered when defining a price tag. For example, Bestway’s products have been popular with water sports enthusiasts and Hydro-force feature up the price as compared to other brands. There are brands charging more than Bestway, but that’s just an example we wanted to present, meaning more advanced features equals the higher price tag. So, before you hit the buy button, conduct proper research of your shopping cart.

Where to buy inflatable boats?

While you are exploring products, you should definitely check out our shopping search engine , which one of the best product finders in UAE. You will get online shops, brands, deals, genuine reviews to read, and lots more. All in all, it is not just a platform but a wholesome experience of seamless shopping. We suggest trying it out yourself and see if you find something interesting and worthy of your shopping cart.

When you first start looking for the required product, you may have some limited information. However, when you research and explore and compare different products, you collect this wholesome knowledge. The gained knowledge then helps you in finding the perfect product for you. We suggest going through our shopping platform, as the features here will assist you in your shopping drive. Also, not just inflatable boats, but you will find many other kinds as well – in case you are interested.

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