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Chanel Pre-Owned Snow Line logo slip-proof soles - White
Chanel Pre-Owned Snow Line logo slip-proof soles - White
If there's any risk of slipping on ice, at least you can glide wearing Chanel. With a sturdy stru...
Heating Insoles  Black
Heating Insoles Black
this insole is ideal to warm feet. simply place the soles in the shoes and fasten the battery usi...
Kids Boys Procrat Equalizer Cleat Shoes  SIlver
Kids Boys Procrat Equalizer Cleat Shoes SIlver
kids boys procrat equalizer cleat shoes silver
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About Shoe Accessories

Are you addicted to collecting shoes to the extent that your home can be turned into a footwear museum? Nothing compares to the happiness and satisfaction of having multiple options to select from, isn’t it?

However, to ensure that your footwear collection will stand the test of time and won’t create an unsightly clutter to your abode, proper care and storage are imperative. This is why we’ll help you find shoe accessories that will give your footwear some lovin’. Whether you’re searching for cleaning and polishing products that will bring out the beauty of your old shoes or storage solutions that will keep them nicely organised, you’ve got everything you need here on our product search engine. With more than 500 online shops available to cater to your needs, you can look forward to a smooth and convenient online shopping journey.

Different types of shoe accessories

There are so many different types of shoe accessories available today. Some are quite useful, while others are not that necessary. So, how do you decide which one of those you actually need? Well, each one of you has different needs. In order to decide if an accessory is going to be useful for you, you should first learn about the most common types of them out there. We have rounded up below a list of some of the most popular accessories. On this page, you will also find some useful tips and tricks that you can follow while shopping for shoe accessories online. So, read on. 


Keep in mind that happy feet are healthy feet. If your feet do not feel comfortable inside your shoes, then you need to invest in high-quality support insoles that will reduce your pain and discomfort as well as enhance your stability and function. You will find a variety of insoles with different levels of support — rigid support, semi-rigid support, or soft support insole. If you get foot pain or your feet become smelly after wearing certain footwear for the day, then that is a tell-tale sign that your insoles need immediate replacement. This shoe accessory comes in a variety of types that will suit your specific needs and requirements.


Nobody knows what and filth have your shoes gone through. Therefore, shoe covers may be required in some schools and in the workplace for hygienic and safety reasons. Though they don’t look aesthetically pleasing, they offer several benefits such as keeping the floors clean and scuff-free, preventing the spread of diseases, averting cross-contamination, and many more. Whatever your profession, you will have various types of this footwear accessory that conforms to the regulations in your workplace on


Are you on a hunt for a shoe storage solution with a dual purpose? You can never go wrong with footwear seats, also known as footwear benches, as they work both as a shoe organiser and you guessed it right, as a bench. These pieces of furniture vary in styles, construction materials, sizes, styles, colours, and the list goes on. Hence, you need to have informed buying decisions before adding something to your cart. Like any other furniture, you have to look at the colour, type of wood, and craftsmanship when you are choosing a shoe seat.

Shoe care products

Shoes can say a lot about your personality. If they are properly maintained, then that would mean that you are a responsible person who takes care of yourself. Whether you are wondering how to clean white shoes or how to clean leather shoes, you can find here a complete line-up of care products, including polish, creams, brushes, cleaning kits, and more. You should also consider buying a shoe tree. This accessory is designed to literally keep your shoes in great shape for years. Basically, it comes in varieties such as varnished wood, plastic, cedar wood, and natural wood.


Want to replace the laces on your boots or shoes? Whatever type of shoe laces you’re searching for, this is the best place where you can find them. There are, in fact, many reasons to replace shoelaces. It can be that they are dirty beyond cleaning. Sometimes the ends of the laces get frayed and look unsightly. Or you might want to add a bit more colour to your shoes with some flashy laces. Either way, make sure that you are getting laces of the right length, thickness, and colour for your shoes. Measuring your existing laces can help you decide how long you want your new laces to be.

Tips on buying the right Shoe Accessories online in the UAE

The world of shoe accessories is quite large. You can find different accessories for storing the shoes, to protect them, make them look good and more. But all that being said, finding the right accessory is quite a challenge. There are a whole bunch of things to consider when you shop for them, including the colour of the shoes, the material, etc. Here are a few tips that you can follow when you are shopping for shoe accessories.

  • Consider the colour of the shoes – This is especially true for shoe care products like polishes, shoe waxes, and shiners. You should only use a wax or a polish that exactly matches the tone of the shoes. Using wax of the wrong colour on the shoes can give you terrible results.
  • The material – Not all shoe accessories are suitable for all kinds of material. For example, you cannot use a polish that is meant for leather shoes to clean sports shoes made of fabric, and vice versa. This also applies to lace.
  • Size of the shoe – When you are shopping for shoe covers, laces, and support soles, always buy the right size. In the case of support soles, measure the amount of thickness that you will need before shopping. While you can adjust the size of shoe trees, they should not be larger than the shoe itself.
  • Cost and durability – Some shoe accessories are expensive, while others are pretty affordable. If you are buying accessories for long term use like insoles and shoe trees, always go for the best quality products. Cheaper ones might not fit the shoes perfectly, nor will they last long.

No matter what you do, shoes will wither away after some time. But depending on how much you take care of it, the lifetime of a shoe can be a few months or many years. The most important thing that affects the longevity of the shoes is the way you store them. Nobody can prevent getting dirt on their footwear. But you can always make sure that they are clean before you store them. Regular polishing and waxing can protect the leather as well.

Question & Answer

What are all shoe accessories for high heels?

Let’s admit it. Wearing high heels is not the most comfortable thing to do. Wearing them every day can hurt your feet and can even cause health problems in the long run. But, the right set of accessories can make it more comfortable for you to don your favourite high heels. The first things you will need are anti-blister stickers and mini grips. Anti-blister stickers will give the shoes extra padding and grips will keep your feet from rubbing against the shoe when you walk. Apart from these, there are high heel gel insoles, foot petals, and shoe stretchers.

How long should shoe polish dry before buffing?

You can leave your shoes after polishing however long you want. If you are not in a hurry, leave them overnight. But before you buff off the polish, make sure to leave them for at least twenty minutes or until you can no longer feel the wetness of the polish on the surface. Leaving the shoes longer before buffing can help the polish to get deeper inside the leather and preserve the shine for longer. It is necessary to buff the shoes after polishing either way. It not only helps you to remove the excess polish, but buffing is what gives the shoes the shine.

Are shoe covers washable?

Not all shoe covers are washable. The type of shoe covers that healthcare workers and doctors use in hospitals are part of their Personal Protection Equipment or PPE. These shoe covers are supposed to be thrown away after use. This is not a problem as they use thin films of plastic or fibre and are very cheap. But there are also washable shoe covers. Such shoe covers are made of soft and stretchable plastic material that you can wash and reuse. Such covers are really helpful if you want to keep your shoes wet when it is raining.

If you are looking to buy shoe accessories online in Dubai, look no further as you are in the right place. You will find all the best shoe accessories on All you have to do is to look for them using the shopping search engine. This will also help you find out the best one among them by comparing the prices and features of the accessories. Don’t let the lack of the right shoe care products spoil the appearance of your much-loved footwear.