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About Shoelaces

Do you want to replace your dirty and dull-looking shoelaces? Are you looking to add a touch of aesthetic appeal to your footwear by experimenting with different shoelace designs? Whatever your goal in hunting for this small accessory, we are here to help you make the right choice. Read on to discover the tips on how to buy the right pair that will provide you with a superior level of comfort. But before that, let’s discover first how shoelaces came into existence.   

Most historical reports reveal that shoelaces are as obsolete as shoes themselves. In fact, archaeologists claim that people in the ancient civilisation also used them for fit, comfort, and styling purposes. Researchers also believe that around 5,000 years ago, cave people utilised certain shoelace designs to differentiate between tribes. What’s more, shoelaces kept their shoes fitted to accommodate their needs when travelling long distances. These have greatly evolved over time. Today, they are considered as an integral part of almost any type of footwear for both men and women. 

Choosing the right length for shoes and boots  

Obviously, the best way to know the length of the shoelace you need is to remove the current shoelaces you want to replace. Measure them from tip to tip and refer to the shoelace size chart of your chosen online store. It is also worth mentioning that a variety of lacing styles require less or more length. Hence, ensure to lace up your footwear the same way you had them before. Plus, it’s a general rule of thumb to use common shoelaces for common footwear. Typically, work boots, street footwear and hiking boots use standard shoelace lengths. When buying them online, it is also essential to count the total holes on your footwear and divide that number by two.  

Buying shoelaces online in Dubai: Picking the right colour  

Do you want to experiment a bit? Then you can go for the ones with bolder hues. A pair of black Oxfords work well with mid-red laces, while a pair of navy-blue laces can add a touch of glamour to your brown footwear. Thanks to these coloured laces, classic footwear gets a cool edge. In spring and summer, you can also add some character to your canvas shoes or flats by choosing neon-coloured shoelaces in Dubai. However, make sure that your shoes are not printed, or else, you’ll end up as the laughingstock of the town. With the vast range of options available in the online world, you will never run out of selections.  

Fun ways to tie shoelaces  

The beauty of shoelaces is that they spark creativity and style. With the hundreds of ways to tie them, you can give your footwear a zing and customise your comfort. Criss-cross style is the most basic way to tie a shoelace. Compared to others, it offers a firm grip; hence, your shoes will always be a snug fit. You can also try the high-arch lacing system to mitigate pressure on top of the shoes’ instep, which often causes the pins and needles sensation. Meanwhile, if you suffer from the discomfort or pain brought by heel slippage, shoelace locks are worth a try. Hammertoes shoe-lacing method will also never disappoint if you’re suffering from toe discomfort, pain, or related injuries. You can experiment with a lot of shoe lacing techniques. However, it’s essential to determine the right one that will meet your specific needs.  

Elastic sneaker laces for sale: A must-have  

If you love innovations, then elastic shoelaces are your best pick. Though they have similar design principles with traditional shoelaces, they boast several inventive touches that make them more suitable for certain applications. Specifically, elastic shoelaces are useful for the athletic shoes of both kids and the elderly. That’s because they can easily be fastened and unfastened; thus, reducing the user’s dependency on others. This is particularly important for cross-country and triathlon events. However, since elastic laces have more cutting-edge features compared to their traditional counterparts, they are a bit costly. Compare the products and prices of Nike, Xpand, Hickies, Vans, Adidas, Sneaker, Hickie, Gucci, Timberland, Dr. Martens, Puma, Woodland, and Jordan for a great shopping experience.   

Tips on buying the best Shoelaces online in the UAE

Searching for a pair of shoelaces, but don’t know where to start? is the best place to embark on your journey. We’d love to guide you by providing helpful tips and tricks that will help you experience a high level of satisfaction with your purchase. Keep in mind that even though you are buying something as small as shoelaces, you need to consider a bunch of factors to make an informed buying decision. Let’s explore them below.

  • Application – Ask yourself where you are going to use the pair of shoelaces. Are you looking for something for your sneakers? Do you want to replace your dull-looking boot laces? Do you need something that will make your sports shoes a snug fit? Once you have answers to these questions, searching for the right pair online will be as easy as 123.
  • Design – Generally, shoelaces are designed to be tied at the ends. However, you can also check out ‘quick fasten’ laces. They come with a retractable curved metal tip to make fastening and unfastening as easy as possible. No wonder, they are a great choice for athletes, kids, and oldies.
  • Materials – Most shoelaces available in the market are crafted out of natural materials such as cotton or some type of fabric. Jute and hemp are also used, along with several synthetic materials. Go for a pair that’s made of a mix of materials offering optimal performance, reliability, and comfort.
  • Style – You also need to consider the shoelaces’ aesthetics. Well, this basically depends on your personal style and preference. There are a bunch of novelty and designer shoelaces out there that can exude your personality or show off the kind of look you’re aiming for.

Never underestimate the capability of shoelaces. While they seem to be a small part of your footwear, they make a big difference to your comfort and safety when you’re up on your feet. Thus, you can never go wrong investing in them. Whether you want to replace your old one or experiment with your shoes’ aesthetics, our product search engine is the best place to get started. So, explore the options that await you here today!

Question & Answer

How to clean shoelaces?

Shoelaces bear the brunt of the elements every time you explore the great outdoors. Hence, it’s common for them to get exposed to dirt and all kinds of wear and tear. Start the cleaning process by removing them from the shoes. Next, brush any grime or loose dirt from the surface. However, ensure to use a brush with thin bristles to prevent the lace from getting damaged. Then, soak them into a bleach and water solution. After 30 minutes, wash your laces by hand or in the washing machine. Lastly, hang and let them dry. Easy, isn’t it?

How to hide shoelaces?

Anyone would agree that hidden shoelaces can make any footwear look clean and sleek. Here’s how to do it. Start by putting the ends of the laces into the holes closest to your toe. Next, bring the left lace up and across to the right side to create a ‘bar’. Then, bring the right lace up and across to the right side to create a second ‘bar’. Continue creating ‘bars’ until you reach the top of the footwear. Ultimately, tightly tie a bow on the inside of the footwear. Trust us, this trick will make your outfit of the day stand out even more. So, try it now!

What are the different ways to tie shoelaces?

Want to add some quirky touch on your boots or sneakers? You can try some cool lacing techniques to spruce them up. Straight bar lacing style is an all-time favourite due to its easy tightening ability and clean appearance. Meanwhile, if you want more support and stability, you can never go wrong with the ladder lacing technique. Does your footwear have either fat shoelaces or small eyelets? Then experiment with the one-handed lacing technique. For more ideas on how to tie shoelaces, we recommend you check out video tutorials online.

Where to buy shoelaces online in Dubai?

Shoelaces are an integral part of our lives, which is why you will never find it hard searching for them. Shopping online is the best way to find wide-ranging options that suit your taste, preferences, and budget. Plus, they are sold at amazing prices to provide you with a happy buying experience. Here on our shopping search engine, you can find the best shops and brands that will live up to your expectations. The best part is that they offer products at great prices, too.  So, why don’t you start your shopping adventure on today?

There is no doubt that premium shoelaces are the best shoe accessories in town, making them an ideal investment. Aside from keeping you safe and comfortable, they also add a dash of style and statement to your kicks. So, why don’t you explore the broad spectrum of options that await you here on today? You are also in for a real treat, as exciting deals, offerings, and discounts await you all year round.