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x NBA shoe cleaning wipes
x NBA shoe cleaning wipes
In collaboration with the NBA, Crep Protect presents their new Ultimate Shoe Cleaning Wipes. Each...
x NBA shoe cleaning wipes
x NBA shoe cleaning wipes
In collaboration with the NBA, Crep Protect presents their new Ultimate Shoe Cleaning Wipes. Each...
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About Shoe Care

Do you think shoe care is a lot of hard work? While it is slightly true, that will not be the case if you have the right products. Your shoes take you places, and that is why you need to show them some lovin’. Here on, you will find a broad selection of products that will keep your footwear in mint condition through the years.  

Here is an irony—shoes are typically the costliest ensembles. However, they are the least cared for by most users. If you neglect to clean or shine them due to hectic schedule, forgetfulness, and other excuses, then start now before it is too late. Shoe care comes with several benefits. Aside from improving the shelf life of your favourite pair, it also helps you save more money. Moreover, clean shoes are a fantastic complement to a stylish dress. Also, never forget that well-maintained footwear is imperative for hygienic purposes. In turn, it prevents embarrassing shoe odour, which leads to athlete’s foot. Ultimately, having a clean and shiny pair of shoes gives your confidence a boost.   

Ways to give your shoes some lovin’  

Every type of shoe requires special care and a set of shoe-care products. This is specifically true if you have a collection of leather and suede shoes in your wardrobe. Well, investing in the right products is the best way to make your footwear stand the test of time. A leather brush is not suitable for suede, and vice versa. The cleaning process also varies, which is why you need to read the product description carefully. Doing so will help you choose the right items suitable to your shoes’ needs. When it comes to sneakers, you don’t have to worry much about cleaning and maintenance. That is because everything you need is at the comfort of your own home. Let us explore below the various shoe-care products and their respective uses.  

The best shoe polish  

It is essential to have high-quality footwear polish if you are fond of leather shoes. Feeding the leather with vital nutrients such as fats and oils keeps your shoes smooth and shiny for years. What’s more, they get extra protection against the elements, and the upper maintains its flexibility. Professionals claim that a shiny wax pomade is the ultimate shoe care product suitable for smooth leather uppers. It comprises natural substances that are mixed with a solvent. After they are heated and melted, the polish forms and is ready to be applied on leather footwear. A footwear polish can prolong the lustre of your shoes when used on a regular basis. It is necessary to leave the polish overnight so that the leather fully absorbs the cream and the layer sits nicely on the upper.    

Shoe cleaner   

Adding a shoe cleaner to your cleaning kit is essential. This product eliminates any excess dirt, moisture, salt, and shoe cream from the inner lining and the leather upper. It also maintains the shoe’s natural pH levels. Since a shoe cleaner is a deep foam cleaning solution, it is perfect for boots and trainers. It usually comes with an applicator that can be used straight from the bottle and directly onto your footwear. Thus, dilution is no longer required. It is also suitable for all types of materials, be it canvas, synthetic, leather, nubuck, or suede. If you want your shoes to look presentable no matter the season, invest in a leather shoe cleaner.  

Sole oil

The sole is another part of the shoes that must not be neglected at all cost. That is because it bears the brunt of the elements. Thus, using a sole oil is imperative to make it stand the test of time. This shoe accessory is designed to reduce friction, protect against humidity, and prolong the life of your shoes. What’s more, it offers superior resistance and flexibility to breaking and wear. When applying the oil onto the sole, it is imperative to use the appropriate brush and spread it evenly. However, ensure that it will not reach and stain the uppers of your footwear. If you have welted shoes with leather soles and they are your favourite, then sole oil is the best product to purchase online.  

Shoe brushes

There are a lot of brush varieties available in the market, so choose yours wisely. Remember that the wrong one can take a huge toll on your much-loved footwear. Brushes come in two different bristles such as synthetic and natural hair. They may also come in either a plastic or a wooden body. Typically, there are three types used for excellent results: one designed for eliminating grime and dust from your footwear; another for applying the cream; and one that polishes the leather to be shiny and lustrous. Keep in mind that a great polishing brush will make semi-gloss shoes gleaming and sleek. If you have a nubuck or suede leather shoe, then you will need either brass or crepe rubber brush to clean the delicate surface.   

Shoe cleaning kits   

Don’t you want the hassle of buying shoe-care products one by one? Opt for a carefully assembled footwear cleaning kit that has everything you need. A typical cleaning or shoe shine kit includes a brush kit, polishing cloths, a polishing cream, a wax, a cleaning solution, and an impregnation product. When shopping online, take time to read customer reviews to avoid making the wrong decision. Of course, we also recommend you compare the items to get the one with the best value for money. Take your time and do not settle with the first leather or sneaker cleaning kit you see.  

Tips on how to buy Shoe Care products online in the UAE

If it is your first time to shop for shoe-care products online, you need to determine first what you need based on the footwear you have in your wardrobe. Keep in mind that there is a specific product for a certain type of shoe. It is, therefore, important to conduct research before making the final choice. We want you to have the best shopping experience. Therefore, we have compiled below some of the tips and tricks that will guide you in making a wise decision. Let us check them out.

Shoe cream and wax – If you want to be on the safe side and save some energy, we strongly recommend you go for a neutral shade. This way, you no longer have to match your polish to your shoes.

Shoe brush – If you’re searching for a shoe brush designed for buffing, go for either a pig bristle brush or a horse hairbrush. Meanwhile, two of the best finishing brushes are yak hairbrush and goat hairbrush.

Shoe cleaner – Go for a gentle formula that effectively cleans and conditions. Read the product description carefully to get something biodegradable, natural, and safe to use on all materials and colours.

Leather sole oil – Choose the one that is made from natural fats and oils. It must also be based on the pH value of vegetable-tanned leather soles to maintain your shoes’ suppleness and hydrophobicity.

With the myriads of premium men’s shoe-care products out in the market, making a choice can be a baffling experience, especially if you’re shopping for the first time. Hope the pointers we mentioned above would provide you with an informed buying decision. To experience the best in your online buying journey, check out over 500 stores here at today! You can also grab the chance to enjoy amazing deals and offerings all year round.

Question & Answer

What are the best shoe care products?

There are various shoe-care products out in the market. Thus, it’s crucial to know which one works best for the footwear in your closet. Keep in mind that the best ones are biodegradable, gentle on the material, and protect your shoes from the elements. Saphir, Crep, Tchibo, Kiwi, Adidas, Jason Markk, Timberland, Aldo, Woly, Vans, Meltonian, Clarks, and Ecco are amongst the leading brands you can count on. Check them out here on our shopping search engine today!

How to care for leather shoes?

There are several ways to keep your leather shoes looking good as new. Buy shoe polish online to maintain their aesthetics and keep them lustrous. Meanwhile, applying a leather conditioner moisturises the material, so it doesn’t crack or dry. It is also a must to apply a waterproofing wax or spray to repel baby snow, water, and other elements. If you want to wipe the dirt off your shoes, then a damp cloth is the best one to use. With proper care and maintenance, your footwear will last a good couple of years.

How to use shoe-care products?

It depends on the type of product and the material you will use it for. Say, you want to clean and shine your leather shoes. We recommended you use a damp cloth for wiping the dust off. Meanwhile, when it comes to moisturising, protecting, and keeping them shiny, you need damp cloth, cream, wax, brush, and polish. When purchasing a shoe cleaner, refer to the description to know how gentle its formulation is. Moreover, you need to know how suitable it is for your shoes’ material.

How to care for sports shoes?

You need a shoe cleaning solution and a standard brush to eliminate even the most stubborn stains. However, ensure that the solution doesn’t have abrasives or harsh chemicals. That’s because these can damage the uppers and midsoles of shoes. First, spray the shoe cleaner on the part of the shoe that you want to clean. Next, scrub it using the brush. When done, use a microfibre cloth to wipe off excess dirt. You do not need water, and cleaning just takes a matter of minutes.

Give your footwear the tender loving care it deserves by shopping for the best footwear care products online. Whether you are wondering how to clean white shoes or how to remove the smell from shoes, the right product can do the trick. What else are you waiting for? Check out more than 500 stores here on!