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About Blackboards

Agree or not? A classroom looks incomplete without a blackboard in it. However, you can't really imagine a teacher teaching in a class without any chalkboard or whiteboard behind him/her. Thus, it is a vital tool in teaching & learning. It helps you in understanding the things in a better way.  Learn more interesting things about it in the next sections. 

We live in the technology era, where everything is under the control of the internet. From chatroom, podcasts, video presentation, and blogs are some of the common as well as popular online teaching tools. But, still, blackboards remain unaffected from all this! And the reason is it improves the teaching effectiveness, student involvement increases, and classroom management. However, there are differences between chalkboard and whiteboard. Chalk is the tool through which you write on blackboard requires no maintenance at all and its costs less. In contrast, markers are the tool to write on whiteboard requires attention. It needs to be cap after every use else it dries away, and it costs more. Chalk writing has better contrast than markers. There are more of it that you need to go through before you buy chalkboard online in the UAE. Have a look!

Different kinds of classroom Blackboard school & colleges

Classroom blackboard still remains unbeatable with the evolution of the technology. But, have you wondered what this writing board is all about? No! It is reusable writing surfaces on which drawing or text are done. Besides, it is made of smooth and thin sheets of black or dark grey slate stone. The chalk marks on the board can be removed through a damp cloth, blackboard eraser or sponge. However, they are different kinds of blackboards for school, which are used nowadays. From kid’s chalkboard, uni blackboard, laureate writing board, and many more. So, which one have you decided to buy? To get more help, keep on reading!

Large Chalkboard

With some many innovative ideas available on the internet, the large chalkboards are no more found in the classroom only. But at home or shop for decorative purposes. Apart from wall-mounted, they are available in the stand. But wall-mounted is preferred because it consumes less space. The colour of the board varies with your choice from black to green. Besides, the choice of sizes varies with your preferences. However, you will get lots of options while you look for the cheap large chalkboards online. There are some of the vintage styles wall hanging board available with a rustic wood frame. Thus, it adds a vintage touch to your board as well as your room. 

White Blackboard

Have you ever thought, why every meeting room has one whiteboard in it? No! White blackboard is an easy way to discuss the business strategy with the clients or teammates. And the best thing, you don't get your hand dirty nor dusty which chalkboard does. However, there are other models like double-sided and steel frame slender footprint. Besides, it comes with the eraser tray provides ample room for storing the markers. Thus, while heading to buy blackboard online in the UAE, you can choose the premium glass dry erase board. It comes with an advance frameless design which looks like floating on the wall. However, it resists stains, scratches, and dents.

Small Blackboard

If you are a creative person, then you know how innovative ideas inspire you! Small chalkboard is one such tool to show your creative ideas on decorating your home and office. Besides, you can use this writing board to display a small message, small menu, signs, reception counter, bulletin board, and so on. It comes up with a wooden stand to support it while standing on tabletop or countertop. However, you will get plenty of options while looking for the one on the online. There are some of the unique styles’ blackboards of attractive size and design. So, this cheap framed chalkboard is reusable that consist of the stand, frame, and attachable screws. 


Tips on how to buy Blackboards online

Whether you choose chalkboard or whiteboard are useful wallboards for children. It not only engages the class on a specific subject but also helps in sharing the ideas. Besides, you can also use it at the office- conference room or meeting room. However, a whiteboard is preferred writing board to discuss the new ideas, new or old project, and working as per the plan. So, you might get a lot of options while looking for the same online. And that might stick you in the midst of shopping! We believe proper guidelines is essential to scale the product while you look for the chalkboard for sale online in the UAE. Thus, we have listed some of the factors for you to consider while you head to window shopping. Have a quick glance!
  • Choose purposes-It is an essential factor to consider while shopping online. However, you need to decide for what purposes you wish to buy. So, whether you wish to buy it for office purposes or school purposes. Suppose if you are going to buy it for office purposes, then you need to choose white blackboard along with that you need to buy eraser and marker.
  • Select the frames & colours- This is the second thing which you need to consider while you go for window shopping. So, whether you choose green blackboard or kid’s chalkboard, you need to consider the frame & colour of it. Both these boards have wooden, plastic, and metal frames of every shade or colour.
  • Learn care- This is the most neglected point while shopping online for the chalkboard. But this factor holds a lot of importance. On the one hand, whiteboard needs to be clean regularly with the solutions to avoid the unwanted effect. In contrast, uni blackboard requires less maintenance & care. However, both the board’s eraser needs to replace after a few months.
However, the blackboard price remains a vital point while heading towards the window shopping. But that needs to overcome with smart shopping! Thus, with all the ideas you learnt so far, it's the time to implement.  So, start shopping along with It is the best shopping search engine with 500+ brands and stores allied with it. Thus, you scroll through the jaw-dropping collection of products with incredible price tags.  

Question & Answer

Why is Blackboard green?

Blackboards with black colour was a huge success until the 1900s. But in 1930, the company of blackboard started manufacturing the green blackboard. The chalkboard with the use of green porcelain enamel paint. And the reason for changing its colour to green as its more pleasing to the eyes for the day. Besides, the green colour reduces glare. On the other hand, teachers found it more beneficial for the class, and it improves the learning capacity. That's how green colour chalkboard introduce in the market to schools and colleges. There are some of the notable brands which you can check out if you wish to buy blackboard or green chalkboard. And they are Ikea, Bi-Office, Tchibo, FIS, and many more.

 What is a magnetic Chalkboard?

The magnetic blackboard is a sheet of galvanised metal and its more than chalkboard paint. So, you can make your magnetic chalkboard with the use of a utility knife to cut the galvanised metal into size. Next, you need to rub the coarse steel wool across the surface. Later, with the use of the paintbrush, you need to apply the ageing solution. And let it dry properly. You can use steel wool again to lighten areas that are too dark. So, after the primer dries, you need to sand the surface. Now, apply one coat of latex chalkboard paint and dry it. Repeat the second coat in the same manner and remove the tape, carefully. Now, with the help of the driller, fix it on the wall. Thus, you need to cut pieces of adhesive magnetic sheet to size. And stick it behind the eraser and holder.

Where to buy Chalkboard online in the UAE?

Blackboard is an incredibly basic tool to write with the help of chalks. Apart from the black writing board, it's available in green blackboard or white blackboard.  Besides, you can use it for your daily purposes from decorating to marketing purposes and classroom purposes. So, if you wish to buy large chalkboard or small blackboard, you need to look for a reliable online browser. The one which allows you to shop from a massive collection of products from topnotch brands & stores. However, you can choose the It is the best Dubai search engine with more than 500 popular stores allied with it. And they are Newchic, Virgin Megastore, Brands for Less, Sprii,  and many more. Thus, you enjoy explicit collection with the best deals in the market. 

How to clean a Chalkboard?

To start with cleaning the chalkboard, you need to use an eraser. However, you need to make sure it's clean. And the best way to use the eraser is by using the up and down motion while cleaning the blackboard. So, start with removing the chalk dust with the eraser. Next to clean the eraser regularly if it's likely to use it daily purposes. Besides, it's a good idea to clean the eraser. However, some of the people use dry cleaning cloth. To remove the chalk marks from the large chalkboard, use the dry-cleaning cloth to remove or clean the board. Are you all set you delve into the mind-blowing collection of office supplies? Then, commence your shopping voyage along with us! And choose to shop from the eminent brands like Crayola, Melissa and Doug, The Board Dudes, Koopman, & many more. Plus, you enjoy exciting offers and deals to add more excitement and fun on your shopping bag. Happy shopping!