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About Battery Testers

Battery testers ensure that your car’s battery remains up and running all the time. You may be looking for your first product or an upgrade. The most common shopping blunder happens when you ignore high-end features by thinking them befitting only the commercial industry or top professionals or vice versa. That is not true! You must align your product with your purpose, not with the profession. It may or may not be necessary that your priorities always require a high-end or a basic product. And to clearly understand your wants, you should read a bit about the product and grab a basic understanding of variants available in the marketplace.

A basic battery tester offers to check the status of your car’s battery whether the voltage output is up to the mark or not. More advanced testers can also check the alternator and charger, also diagnose the overall battery condition. Some versatile products can let you test different batteries or different vehicles with one tester. The choice you make mostly depends on your priorities but be mindful of other influential factors. These include budget, brands, compatibility, and personal liking towards a particular item. Therefore, it is imperative that you contemplate your decision after understanding all of these factors.

All about having a personal auto battery tester

You might have thought that it is feasible to pay some amount of fees to the mechanic rather than buying a specific product because testing your batteries is a one-time thing. No, that is not, and there is more to the product’s capability. The need for a battery tester is not only limited to the time when you are about to charge your batteries. Instead, these testers are one of the essential car accessories you can use for routine car maintenance activities. Other than that, rough terrains, long drives, or any additional push to the car adds the need for the purchase. Whether you want to buy a basic product or a high-end one, you must comprehend the features and get to know the product first.

Features to consider in an auto battery tester

The first and foremost feature to check must be compatibility – check the type of your car’s battery and purchase the tester accordingly. If you have a 6V battery and you are eyeing a tester of 12V, the purchase doesn’t make sense. Or you can consider an option that is compatible with both the voltage choices. Other options also include a tester that is even compatible with digital cameras and remote control. You can either stick to a basic product or grab these upgraded versions. Other than technical aspects, you need to consider your comfort. An ergonomic product will have grips to easily manoeuver the tester. Whether you are buying a cheap battery tester or some high-end item, the technical elements and ergonomic nature of the product, both characteristics should be your top priority.

The workflow of an auto battery tester

We are talking about “how to use a car battery tester?” The connectors of different polarities are usually colour-coded for better understanding. The first step is to attach the connectors with your car’s battery, followed by switching your battery load tester on. Once done, you will be able to see the results on the display screen. However, the testing doesn’t finish here. You can proceed with alternator’s testing with which you get to know if it is properly charging your car’s battery or not. Here, the tester will show you the voltage that must be maintained. If you are not aware of the voltage, 13.7-14.7 is the perfect range. It is just that every product comes with a slightly different manual. You can get the hang of it within minutes.

Additional accessories for car battery voltage test

If you use a battery load tester for professional use, you might be willing to add a printer. This way, you can just print the results and hand them over to your customer or use it for future purposes. Whatever may be the case, the accessory is worth it. You can also add gloves to your cart if your work involves handling testers more than the average time. Or you can choose to have a tester of ergonomic design that won’t let you feel fatigued for a longer period. The ultimate motto here is to buy compatible accessories depending on your involvement with the testers. You can check car battery tester for sale on our retail search engine or read further to grab some logical tips to make an informed decision.

Tips on how to buy Battery Tester

Being charged and maintained is what your car’s battery demands to elongate its life. Battery testers are tools to help you with that. When buying a tester, half of your work is done if you know what battery you own. Thereafter, you can find compatible brands and compare prices to get the best buy. Amidst all this, a few logical tips can make your purchase an informed decision. They may help you contemplate whether the product you are eyeing is worth the price or not. So, read this compiled list as it may assist in your purchase.

  • Ergonomic design – The connector leads or the clamps must have an ergonomic design so that you don’t get exhausted handling the tester for longer durations. You can also consider the leads with a soft material covering them to use the product with relaxed hands.
  • Display screen – The screen must be big enough for good readability or have an integrated backlit display ensuring readability in low-visibility conditions. With these features, you don’t have to squint every time you try to read the test results.
  • Assessment capability – You can have a product compatible with a 6V & 12V battery along with integrated functions to test other possible flaws of the battery. But be aware that the more features you try to add to your product, it will affect longevity.
  • Anti-slip material – This feature consists of an anti-grip material that can save your product from falling even if placed in an awkward position. The same anti-grip material is a perfect solution for car batteries as well.
  • Budget tip – Variants in the marketplace come with different price tags. For example, a tester with an integrated printer is an expensive choice. On the other hand, an efficient battery load tester is a pocket-friendly option to choose from. In between the extreme ranges, you can also customise your product by choosing the features you want and end up having something within your budget.

We hope the tips above will help you choose the right battery tester. Now that you already know the things to consider when making a purchase, explore the array of car supplies here on our shopping platform. Here, you can find many popular brands like Hioki, Foxwell, Megger, Extech, Cadex, and Topdon all under one roof.

Question & Answer

How does a car battery tester work?

The functioning of the tester is not rocket science at all. You know that the primary purpose of the battery tester is to check the voltage output, which means checking the current flow. For that, the tester uses a conductive medium, such as ink. The ink heats up from which current passes and lets the tester do its work. Ultimately, you get the result on the display screen. You can also print the results by attaching a printer to the machine. You can stop your test here or go on to test the alternator the same way.

How accurate can a car battery tester be?

Different battery testers have their unique specifications and thus behave differently. Some testers show accurate results when the battery is fully charged or 75% charged, and some can even show results when the battery is dead. It all depends on the type of tester you have purchased. Thus, it becomes of utmost importance to understand and see all the specifications of the product you are eyeing. You can explore all kinds of products and a flexible budget range on our shopping search engine.

What is a car battery tester called?

Battery analyser or load tester are other names of a battery tester. You might see additional features listed as alternator tester or battery load analyser, which is different. You might see another added functionality called waveform voltage test. This particular tester might have additional functions that can test alternator or battery load. However, a very basic tester only shows the current of the battery, if appropriate or not. You must know the differences in features of these products.

Where should you buy a car battery tester?

You can rely on a few brands to get the best of all the products available in the market. Naming a few, we would like to mention Midtronics. DSS-500 is one basic model of this brand offering quick error-free testing and supports automated software updates as well. It has a detachable controller in case you want to share the on-screen result with your customer or need one for your analysis. Likewise, there are more brands with their exclusive products you should discover on our shopping platform.

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