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About Kitchen Shelves

A well-organised kitchen is a dream for many! It’s too hard to maintain a kitchen room in an efficient and appealing way. And why not? It requires time, patience, and lots of labour. But what if we give you a one-time hard work solution? Kitchen Shelves! It provides a good deal of storage space, from utensils ingredients to appliances and cleaning supplies, and so much more.

However, the open kitchen shelves have been trending for the last few years now. And it doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of slowing down. The trendy look is serene modern and seems like a lovely way to display a matching dishware collection. But it certainly won’t work for everyone. However, it might be a great option if you’re looking to inject some fresh, modern vibes into your space. Undoubtedly, it offers some functional and aesthetic benefits. The open shelves visually open your kitchen space to make it appear larger, brighter, and more spacious. Besides, you can show off more of your tiles, paint, or other wall coverings. Thus, if you are looking for the best kitchen shelves and brackets online in UAE, then you need to read the whole article till the end! So, go on.

A beginner’s guide on kitchen shelves and racks for your new home

It is a fantastic piece to add to your kitchen to make it more functional and appealing. However, the trend of kitchen racks is gaining immense popularity, especially in small homes and apartments. Thus, it has become the ultimate solution to the messy kitchen for arranging. These racks provide a lot of storage space. Thus, you can easily store all your essential utensils, cutlery, and jars without much hassle. However, these kitchen shelves for sale has the advantage of buying, and you can quickly increase the storage options for your kitchen. So, learn more about the varied kinds of kitchen racks for your home.

Wall-mounted kitchen shelves

If you are looking for a stylish yet highly functional rack for your kitchen, then this wall-mounted shelf is a perfect piece for you! It is an excellent way to keep cookbooks, cooking utensils, and decorative trinkets organised and within reach. However, some of the designs of these racks are so mesmerising. It almost gives you are feeling as if it is floating and popping out at you like a 3D object. Besides, these cheap kitchen brackets to buy are so versatile that you can also use them to store a small digital TV or use it in the bathroom as the bathroom corner. And it is also available in stainless steel or wood.

Iron kitchen shelves

Add a touch of industrial style to your home with this rustic metalwork and dark pine shelves. Besides, these iron shelves are crafted with 100% iron which is durable and sturdy. However, you can use these spacious shelves to keep the microwave, toaster oven, and coffee maker. And you can choose to add recipe books, spices, and colourful dishes for a farmhouse feel in your kitchen. There are four shelves with a counter height of 38″, and the distance between the first shelf and floor is 4″. However, these kitchen shelves for sale are suited for any homeroom from the dining area to the workspace.

Kitchen shelving units with doors

Do you wish to add a colonial aesthetic touch to your room? Then, your search ends here! It features a single centre drawer with the upper and lower doors opening to one fixed. And the two fully adjustable shelves, which allow flexible storage space. Besides, this functional and versatile centrepiece can add charm to any room you place it in. It’s perfect for canned goods, small appliances, cookware, and a variety of other kitchen supplies. Thus, buy wooden kitchen racks online in UAE for its durability, ease to assemble, ample storage and display space.

Floating kitchen shelves

If you are more of a sassy person and wish to add the same to your kitchen, then check out this product! This walnut finish works perfectly with any kitchen design from industrial, modern, shabby chic, and French country set up. However, you can efficiently utilise these sets for storing your spices, cookbooks, kitchen towel or utensils. These versatile pieces of the rack make your life much easier than you ever imagined. Besides, these kitchen shelves for sale come along with hanging hooks and the towel rail. Thus, it creates more storage space for your apron, oven mitt, glove, spatulas, pots, pans, lids, and measuring cups.

Tips on how to buy Kitchen Shelves online

The kitchen is one of the main workhorse spaces in the home. But it doesn’t mean to be the most chaotic and messy place at your house. Therefore, to make your mealtimes easier and more exciting, add kitchen shelves. It not only makes your kitchen organised but also makes it easier for you to work on it. You get everything within your reach. So, before moving to buy wooden kitchen racks online UAE, make sure you are well-researched about it. However, there are countless options available in the market which can easily confuse you to the bit. From wall mounted kitchen shelves, iron kitchen shelves, kitchen shelving units with doors, floating kitchen shelves, and so on. Besides, the varied design, size, shape, materials, and above all, whether it will match up with your decor or not. Therefore, we have listed the factors to consider while shopping online.

  • Look for design – It mostly depends on your personal preferences. So, according to your needs, you might get countless options. From floating racks, wall mounted kitchen shelves to iron shelves, and so on. But floating shelves, as well as wall-mounted shelves, are the trending racks for the kitchen.
  • Size matters – It is a vital factor to consider while buying the kitchen racks according to the size of your apartment or space. However, the open shelving kitchen and the odd spaces filling shelves are getting trend to utilise the space. Besides, the floating shelves can do wonders in your life with the hanging hooks and the towel rail for you to store towels, gloves, pans, etc.
  • Shelves or Cabinet – It is an essential factor that can make you think twice before you plan to revamp your room or newly construct. However, the open shelving can add charm to your room which the cabinet fails to provide. Thus, whether you prefer a minimalistic monochrome collection of utensils or a bright, colourful mix, displaying open can be more sophisticated and warming.

We hope that the factors have covered all the areas of your shopping to make it more happening and satisfying. However, don’t forget to measure your kitchen or room where you wish to place your kitchen racks. So, with all the knowledge, start with your shopping journey along with us, It is the best shopping site for all your day to day home & living products. Plus, don’t miss the exciting deals every weekend.

Question & Answer

How to organise kitchen shelves?

Kitchen racks make your kitchen look elegant and more spacious. Moreover, it saves your time while looking for the ingredients here and there while cooking food. However, to keep it organised, keep all your day to day items within reach. So, start placing your kitchen supplies like dinnerware on the lower shelves for easy to take out. However, keep the small kitchen appliances and large serving pieces on the higher shelves which are rarely used. Besides, keep your canned food or other food products in baskets or canisters to simplify your kitchen looks. However, try to use glass jars, bottles, and canisters to store oil, flour, and sugar so, that you can display them directly on the shelf. You can also choose to add hooks or other wall storage underneath your shelves for more space. To hang coffee mugs, spatulas, towels, etc., besides the racks.

How to decorate kitchen shelves?

Floating shelves in a kitchen are trending in the market. And it gaining popularity as it’s cheaper than ordinary cabinets. Besides, the kitchen racks are made of painted wood, stained wood, or metal. Thus, you need to make sure that wherever you place it or whatever you place on it are cleanable. However, while decorating your shelves, try to use several neutral colours with a little bit of decorative colour in a minimal amount. And try to use different textures to create interest. Like, a rough wicker basket, a shiny glass pitcher, a bumpy hobnail glass, and much more to look clean and fresh. However, consider decorating your shelves with repeated colours or materials. Like the colour of your flooring, countertops, cabinet knobs, and other items in your kitchen to make it look stylish. Thus, to add a little spark to it, try using a few crystal wines glasses or a pretty vase on it.

Where to buy floating kitchen shelves?

Floating kitchen shelves are trending in fashion as well as in the organisational world. Besides, it is a saviour for small apartments and homes with modern designs like attachable hooks or towel rails. However, it’s durable, lightweight, easy to use, and assemble. Thus, there are countless options in design and size available in the floating kitchen racks. All you need to do is choose the best shopping search engine, which allows you to choose from the amazing collection of these racks. Thus, choose as your default shopping partner as it collaborates with 500+ top-notch stores.

How wide are the kitchen shelves?

While you plan to install kitchen racks at your home, make sure you consider the material which has an appropriate span capacity. And the vertical spacing between the shelves based on the types of objects you will store on the shelves. However, the span limit is defined with the maximum distance apart from the shelving supports. Like, glass, particleboard, solid lumber, plywood, and other common shelving materials have span limits that range from 18 inches to almost 5 feet. However, the plywood for shelves needs to be 3/4-inch in width. Besides, the standard sheets of it are 1/4-inch, 3/8-inch, 1/2-inch, 5/8-inch, and 3/4-inch thickness. And the plywood panels over 3/4 inch in width are counted as the unique order products.