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About Drying Racks

Studio apartments or flats have raised our living standards, but unfortunately, there are numerous inconveniences we have to face daily. One of them is not having a personal roof and washing lines for drying laundry. Drying racks are a good investment in such scenarios. Let us explore more about them.

A drying rack comes in a decent apparatus containing multiple bars, shelves, clips for drying clothes and other things like shoes, gloves etc. It is an excellent substitute for clotheslines, especially for apartment dwellers. It is lightweight and portable; hence you can keep them on the balcony and quickly shift inside when it’s a rainy or humid atmosphere out there. The best part about drying racks is that they take a limited space but accommodate many clothes. Popular brands keep releasing various styles in the market for improved function and better convenience. If you want to buy one for your home, here’s what you need to know about them.

All about laundry drying racks and their popular types

Laundry drying racks typically come in a standalone accordion-shaped stand, but you can also go for wall-mounted and hanger styles as per your requirements and preferences. Accordion-type frames provide a balanced framework with legs that slant outward. On the other hand, pole racks may be slightly difficult to handle. Speaking of wall-mounted racks, they are quite stable as they are fixed to the wall employing studs. Apart from the configuration, laundry racks may also differ based on construction material, weight capacity and size of the model. If you are overwhelmed with the options, here are the popular varieties you should pick from.

Accordion-style clothes drying stand

It is one of the most popular and convenient dry stands used widely. It comes in a standalone frame containing multiple rods and racks to accommodate a high number of clothes. Due to its well-framed shape, it offers an excellent balance and exceptional stability. However, you have to load it properly. You will love its portable feature and ample hanging space. You will find multiple rods in these racks, ensuring adequate airflow for faster drying. They typically come in two construction materials- steel and wood. You can fold most of the models into a compact form for easy storage when not in use.

Wall-mounted clothes drying rack

As the name suggests, they are attached to the wall using studs. They serve as a permanent solution to your clothes drying problems. As they are permanently attached to the wall, they are stable. A large chunk of apartment dwellers loves this style as they remain mounted on the wall, fold up into themselves, and save much space. However, if you have installed them once, it isn’t easy to relocate. So, it can be a shortcoming in wet weather or rains when you want to shift clothes inside.

Freestanding dress drying stand

Freestanding drying stands are large and tall. They work best for homeowners who rely on racks for their drying needs. You will generally receive them in parts that you have to assemble. Most of the models fold themselves when not in use. But, you have to stay away from those that do not fold as they will permanently acquire a space in your home unnecessarily. If you are considering a freestyle stand, you must look for the wheel for smooth movement.

Tips on how to buy Drying Racks

A drying rack is a must-have for everyone, especially those staying in studio apartments or flats. If you want to purchase one, it is natural to feel overwhelmed with the many options out there. So, here are some guiding tips that would help you choose the best rack.

  • Indoor and outdoor – The first and essential consideration you should consider while shopping for drying racks is where you will use them. They are available in the market for indoor as well as outdoor use. If you are the one who relies on drying your clothes in sunlight and natural wind, then you should definitely go with the drying racks, which are made up of materials like aluminium and steel that are specially designed for outdoor use. The next type is for indoor use, which comes in materials like wood and plastic. You can easily move this rack in the room due to its lightweight. These types of racks are beneficial in rainy seasons. You can also opt for it with rubber feet so that it does not harm your floor.
  • Style – Drying racks come in various styles in the market. According to your requirements and needs, you can choose any one of them. Freestanding or portable style comes in various sizes with folding features; you can use them easily. This style is also portable to carry. But if you have limited space to keep the racks on the floor, you can select the other style mounted on the ceiling or wall. If you are staying alone, then the roof hangers style will suit you best. It can be mounted on the top side of the door and has clips that protect your clothes from sharp edges.
  • Foldability – Foldability is one of the features that come with most drying racks. You can fold the drying rack after use and keep it aside. In this way, you can keep the area of your floor free. Foldability also protects your drying rack from dust and rust. So, it doesn’t matter if you have a large area in your house or not; you should keep this consideration in mind while purchasing the drying rack.
  • Size and weight capacity – If you are a working woman and don’t have much time to wash your clothes daily, then checking the size and weight capacity of the drying rack at the time of purchasing is very helpful for you. The drying racks, which are large in size and with good weight capacity, can carry many wet clothes at a time.

The above guide will steer you towards the right selection of racks. If you are unsure where to begin the search, you can come to us in On our product search engine , you will find a wide assortment of drying racks . If you want to buy extendable drying racks online in the UAE, you can find many styles. So go ahead and begin your journey to find the best racks and other home & living products.

Question & Answer

What is the best drying rack?

Some of the best drying racks include accordion-style, wall-mounted, fold-out, and ceiling mounted racks. You can access popular brands like OXO, Whitmor, Honey-Can-Do, Household Essentials, Neat-O, and STORAGE MANIAC to find the best models. You can find them all right here on If you feel confused looking at so many options, then you can narrow down your options easily. Use filters and sorting features to quicken your search. You can compare costs too to find affordable products.

How do you make a drying rack?

You can make drying racks from a range of old items at home like a ladder, a crib, and even a rectangular or square frame and ropes. If you are using something that already has multiple horizontal rods, like a ladder, it becomes easy. You have to look for two poles through which the two ends of the ladder can be attached. On the other hand, if you are using a square or rectangular frame, you have to tie ropes inside it horizontally, keeping enough spaces in between. Now attach one rope each on all the corners and take them towards the top to make a nice hanger. Whichever way you prepare the stand, make sure it is sturdy enough to hold wet clothes.

How long does it take to dry clothes on a rack?

It generally takes 24 hours for clothes to dry indoors, but if you put the stand on the balcony and there is enough sun and an airy atmosphere, the clothes would not take more than 4 hours to dry. However, the drying time depends greatly on other factors like fabric and season. For example, if you are drying clothes in winter, then it may take double the time than summer. So, there are many factors affecting the drying time of cloth. If it’s sunny outside, then it should not take more than a couple of hours.

Where to buy laundry drying racks online?

You can buy laundry drying racks from any online marketplace but must look for a store that provides enough varieties to choose from. One such store is where you can find a vast collection of drying stands ranging from accordion-style, wall-mounted and freestyle to hanging and over the door varieties. Moreover, you can find popular brands here that provide high quality, innovative and sturdy models. So, you can rest assured of the built.

Now that you have known a lot about drying racks, you must be eager to get one right away. Well, you are at the right place where you find an extensive collection and many varieties to choose from. Moreover, get access to over 500 trusted online stores to find sturdy patterns. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and find accordion-style, wall-mounted varieties, cheap laundry room drying racks and the best clothes drying hanger to buy here.

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