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About Conservation Jar

A neat and well-organised kitchen looks elegant. But it also attracts you to spend more time in it. Thus, new and mouthwatering dishes get to cook! But little do we know that among the few ways to organise the kitchen is by getting separate storage jar or conservation jar for spices, herbs, biscuits, coffee, and so on. That ultimately, make your cooking process easier and save your time. You no more have to search for the ingredients here and there.

The conservation jar is also designed to preserve food and organise your kitchen space. It keeps food clean, fresh, tasty, and nutritious for longer times. However, storage jar is portable and easy to put in handbags. Thus, making it easy to carry food to different places. The container is available in different materials like glass, plastic, ceramic, and much more. However, the glass container is safe for food storage than plastic. Besides, the chemicals from plastic container might migrate from the plastic into your food. Thus, to know more about the best glass storage jar for food storage, keep on reading till the end

Know all about the Kitchen Storage Jar for your home

Do you prefer a glass container to store your dry foods? Then, you need to check out this product! It is a top-quality glass construction which ensures durability and functioning. Besides, it's large enough to accommodate candies, dry fruits and other foodstuffs. This jar is stackable, space-efficient and keeps your kitchen organise. And, with a simple yet classic design, the conservation jar can match any kitchen decor flawlessly. So, before you move to buy a large storage jar, let's learn about the different kinds of kitchen utensils. To help you in organising your stuff in the kitchen properly.

Tea and Coffee Jar

If you are looking for an air-tight container for your coffee or tea, then your search ends here! This storage jar for tea and coffee provides an anti-moisture and anti-oxidation environment for other foods. Like, tea, nuts, powders, beans, and spices. However, it's made up of stainless steel and BPA free. And the inner coating of the canister design to avoid direct sunlight. Thus, it ensures double protection for stuff you stored. Besides, this conservation jar has an adjustable calendar to remind you about the storage timing and has a capacity of 21 ounce/1.8L.

Glass Storage Jar with lid

Are you looking for a stylish yet functioning jar for your kitchen? Then, you can't miss this product! However, it features a wide mouth opening for quickly accessing and mess up scooping. Besides, the snug-fitting lid to ensure food stays fresh for a long time. The clear glass allows the contents of the jar to be visible from outside without removing the lid. Thus, it’s the best storage jar for pasta, flour, sugar, or other food items. However, thick sidewalls add durability and stability. It is dishwasher safe, and handwashing is recommended for the metal lid.

Sugar Jar

If you are looking for a versatile yet beautiful conservation jar, then this product is exclusively for you! It features a curved and graceful silhouette which is durable and practical for day to day use. However, it's ideal for dry stuff like sugar or flour etc. Apart from that, it's great for storing soaps, cotton wool and much more. This cheap food storage jar is easy to clean.  You can try to wash it by hand using warm or soapy water. Besides, it can be easily sterilised to maximise hygiene and has dimensions of 14.8 (H) x 12.5 (W) x 12.5 (H) cm. Thus, it makes a perfect addition to your kitchen!

Plastic Food Container

Are you looking for food container sets for your kitchen? Then, your search ends here! These sets contain 18 pieces in total. Among them, two of the containers include a 1.21-cup round container with lid and 1.34-cup square container with a lid. Besides, it is space-saving, nestable design, and BPA free jars. However, it’s a total solution lid that fit both pyrex glass and plastic containers. It includes four locking tabs for an airtight and leak-proof seal. Before, you move to buy glass storage glass online in the UAE, make sure its microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe.

Tips on how to buy Conservation Jar online

The conservation jar or the storage jar is the ultimate solutions for organising your messed-up kitchen. Not only it organises but also helps to keep the food items fresh and hygienic. However, while looking for the best storage jar for spices, the whole process of selection becomes tricky! However, you need to be careful about many things like material, storage capacity, and price. But most importantly, you need to mindful of the seal or lid seal which keeps the food fresh for a longer time. Thus, it requires a lot of research and bit homework to pick the best. But you don't have to worry! This time we did the task for you. Now, all you have to do, consider it while shopping for home & living products online.

  • Materials- The food conservation jar is made up of glass, ceramic, high-grade plastic, or flexible plastic. However, the airtight glass jar is durable yet heavy and best to store tea or coffee. And the high-grade plastic containers are excellent for canister-type storage for flour, sugar, and much more. The flexible plastic canister is the least expensive. However, the plastic lids are common among other lids.


  • Water and Air Tight- When shopping for the food container online, look for the ones where you can store everything. However, watertight plastic food containers help you to carry fluid items in your lunch bag, and most of these boxes are spill-proof. On the other hand, airtight boxes are best suited for dry foods. Besides, the canister doesn’t allow the moisture to enter. Thus, keep the food fresh in quality and hygiene to consume.


  • Freezer, Dishwasher, and Microwave Safe- It is a vital factor to consider which help you in the long run. We store the leftover foods in the fridge to consume it later. However, most of the kitchen storage jars are freezer safe, and some breaks in the cold. So, if the lid snaps, then you can easily purchase snap ware replacement lids from the online store. However, some of the containers come as dishwasher safe. Thus, save your time and money.

So, whether you are storing the leftovers in the refrigerator or keeping pantry staples neat and tidy, sturdy conservation jar is an essential element in the kitchen. Thus, while shopping for the kitchen essentials keep the listed factors in mind. Browse It is the best retail search engine with more than 500 brands and stores allied with it. Thus, you delve into the mind-blowing collection of products with the best price tags. Don't believe it? Then, go and witness yourself. Hurry!!

Question & Answer

Where to buy food Storage Jars online in UAE?

With numerous options like size, shape, materials, and design of the conservation jar, it becomes tricky to choose the best. However, it's too hard to choose between sugar jars, tea jars, pantry jars, or plastic containers with lids. Besides, you need to be clear, whether to buy for a particular food item or all kinds of foodstuffs in mind. Thus, the whole selection process becomes messy and complicated. Therefore, you need to look for the best UAE online shopping browser to scroll through the mind-boggling collection. is one such excellent shopping platform which collaborates with more than 500 topnotch stores. Some of them are Newchic, Lifestyle Shops, Bloomingdales, Virgin Megastore, Sprii, Brands for Less, and much more.

How much is a food Storage Jar?

The food conservation jar comes in various attractive design, shape, and sizes which is ultimately space-efficient. However, some of the containers have an aroma-tight seal. Thus, makes it ideal for preserving your favourite homemade jams and jellies. However, it's essential to retain the original flavour and aroma longer. And the best part, you can reduce your food waste by storing your dry foods in a jar with an aroma-tight lid. The transparent jar makes it easy to look for as well as you can easily see the food containments. But keep in mind this rubber canister needs to be clean often, to keep it in good condition to function properly. The price of this jar is AED 36. Besides, its constructed with glass material with stainless steel wire.

Which material is best for a food Storage Jar?

Well, the answer isn't that simple! Apart from personal preference, the choice depends on the environment and safety concerns, space, weight, and functionality. However, the glass and plastic are the preferred materials for the conservation jar. But glass containers are the best keeping in mind the environment as well as health. Besides, the glass will last indefinitely. So, if you discard them, they are 100 % recyclable. However, glass has a non-porous surface that doesn't absorb like plastic. Thus, it can be washed at higher temperatures with your dishwasher without melting. Besides, most of the food storage containers which are made of glass can withstand high heat without breaking.

Where to find Storage Jar Set?

You can choose to buy Ikea's storage jar, which is known for its quality and functionality. However, it's a transparent jar which makes it easy to find, regardless of where it's kept. And the food containments on it are easily visible which gives you an idea about the food quality. Besides, it serves anything from nuts to honey or cheese crackers in this jar. And the best thing, this jar is used as a serving bowl. You just need to remove it from your fridge or cabinet and place it on the table. However, you can see other popular brands' product. And they are Elite d'Art, Alessi, The Bakehouse & Co, HomeBox, Home Centre, Bloomingville, Nkuku, Joseph Joseph, Seletti, Ekobo, Pols Potten, Tramontina, Pip Studio, The Conran Shop, and much more.

By now, you must have expertise on the factors to consider while shopping for the glass storage jars with lid. If you are still uncertain which brands or types of jars to buy, then has covered you! And explore the jaw-dropping collection of the jars from the renowned brands and stores. Plus, you get unbelievable discounts and deals at every hour of shopping.