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The concept of using contact lenses isn’t new. People now understand better why it’s a more comfortable choice than using glasses. There are plenty of advantages of making the switch, and if you haven’t done it yet, do it now!

There are a lot of reasons why people make the switch to contact lenses. It is easy to wear them; you don’t have to worry about cracking and breakage like glasses. The most significant bit is you are not hidden behind a set of specs, which can be pretty unappealing for health and beauty factors. A lot of people wear contacts on an everyday basis. While the initial few days can be a little worrisome for a few, the transition is mostly smooth. More importantly, it’s in simple daily activities that wearers can find the vast difference when they make the switch. Today, doctors tested many international brands, and it makes it easier than ever to decide. While initially, the common concerns of eyes feeling dry and failure to use them well were common, they don’t occur anymore. 

Different types of contact lenses that one can buy today 

If you ask anybody who has been using spectacles or eyeglasses for a long, you will understand the struggles they face every day. From the time they wake up, wearing, removing, remembering specs and ensuring it doesn’t see any scratches are only some issues. What might seem as simple everyday chores are troublesome for those who must use glasses. For example, swimming, using sunglasses, cooking and going for a spa day all come with their own issues. Hence, considering lenses is the best way out. It doesn’t require any medical assistance to make the switch and costs just as much as a good pair of glasses. Here are some of the types to pick today. 

Daily wear lenses 

Daily wear contact lenses are ubiquitous and something a lot of individuals use. These are mostly disposable, wherein you use a pair for the day and dispose of them off. However, other options can be weekly or monthly, depending on your preferences. For those who don’t wear contacts every day but just for special days, then the disposable ones are especially great. For the more frequent wearers, the longer duration ones might help, as they help keep a budget track. You can also find coloured contact lenses in this style if you find them more attractive. However, whichever you choose, make sure they are safe and check with your ophthalmologist. 

Coloured contact lenses  

The trend of wearing coloured contact lenses is not new. However, the fact that it’s getting more popular with each passing day is remarkable. There are now coloured contacts that you can use even if you don’t wear glasses. It’s the easiest way to look trendy. A lot of models, celebs and actors also choose to wear colour contact lenses. They are mostly the disposable ones that you can wear for a day and then throw away. The colours are natural and look appealing. For dark eyes, opaque lenses are best. However, honey brown or hazel colours are very common and something many women love to flaunt. Alongside, the trend of wearing brighter shades like blue, green or violet is also taking over. 

Contact lenses for dry eyes  

A lot of frequent lens wearers complain about the fact that they feel itchiness and dryness after using contacts. Sometimes even the best brands can create such issues, and it’s not the best to carry out everyday activities when you’re struggling with them. The best way out is to use special contact lenses for dry eyes. Yes, brands now realise how common this issue is and have advanced lens options to combat it. These are generally more expensive than regular lenses; however, they are known to give you a better experience while using them. Another way out is to use lubricating eye drops to help the issue and then use the contacts. Get a doctor’s advice before you do so. 

Contact lenses for swimming 

Swimming is one activity that doesn’t let you use contact lenses. There are very few brands that give you the option of choosing contact lenses for swimming; however, the results cannot be the best. One of the primary reasons that work against this is the addition of chlorine to pool water. While you can use some waterproof lenses while bathing, it can get tricky while swimming or going to the beach. In such a situation, check for swimming goggles that allow you to see better. They also keep the chlorine out and are very good at ensuring safety to your eyes. Chlorine is also a factor that can lead to dry, itchy eyes, so it’s best to stay away. 

Tips on how to buy Contact Lenses

While choosing between contact lenses or eyeglasses is something that everybody who has an eye concern must consider, making the shift is not the hardest choice. Today, there are brands, both local and international, with their offerings. The rise and the fact that many people prefer to wear lenses today have also made them affordable. Here are some tips to keep in mind if you want to shift to contacts.

  • Daily, weekly or monthly lenses – For the best hygiene, the daily wear contacts are best. You don’t need to buy a solution and worry about cleaning and storing them. The second type is the monthly or weekly lenses, which, however, can be cheaper as compared to the first type. Learning how to clean and keep them ready for the next day is vital if you choose.
  • Figure out the best contact lenses solution – The type of lens solution is also a critical aspect. As a case rule, most users generally go with the same brand as the lens, as it’s most suited to use. The significant bit is learning how to use it, rinsing it well under a thin stream of water to remove any build-up and then storing it until your next use.
  • A spending budget per month – With the type of lens option you choose, you also have to figure out how much you are willing to spend. Check for ways in which you can save the most while buying bulk packs. Also, keep a look for newer launches, which often have promotional offers for buyers.
  • Special lenses as per your needs – There are many different lenses that you can buy today. Multifocal, tinted, hybrid, scleral are some of the brands. They work for particular concerns, and it’s best to determine this before you get started. Again, buy small packs so you don’t end up with uncomfortable lenses.
  • Get a recommendation from your doc – Your ophthalmologist is the best person to reach out to if you consider contact lenses. He will guide you to promising brands and choose the best ones after checking the issues you face. Make sure to get an appointment to discuss any concerns before you go ahead and buy.
  • Check for online deals – Contact lenses are expensive. Although they are incredibly comfortable and the best way to get rid of your glasses, make sure you get your money’s worth. Check online for good deals, and if you’re confident about your choices, it also helps to buy in bulk, considering they have an excellent keeping time.

It’s a wise saying that you can’t understand unless you try it for yourself. The same goes for contact lenses too. So, before you go ahead and buy a month’s supply, always try out for a day or a week. This also gives you the time and budget to explore all the options. It’s important to check out the ones that suit your monthly budget and then pick some samples. Don’t forget to check with the direct suppliers, as sometimes they have sample pieces and trials for first-time buyers.

Question & Answer

Which are the best and cheap contact lenses for dry eyes?

Dry eyes are a common concern for so many people who use contacts regularly. As said before, the best way is to invest in special ones that help to keep the issue at bay. Thankfully, many brands now recognize this issue and have a special lens that users can consider keeping the problem from getting worse. Some of the best choices are Bausch & Lomb ULTRA, Cooper Vision Biofinity Lenses, Alcon Dailies Total, Hydrogel Vision Extreme H2O, Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism, Dailies AquaComfort Plus, Air Optix Colors Biofinity Contact Lenses and NIGHT & DAY by Ciba Vision are some of the best today.

Which are the best contact lens solution?

Without a suitable contact lens solution, it is challenging to maintain your lenses. If you ignore this factor, there are also more chances of contracting an infection or wearing stained lenses the next day. Here are some of the best solutions you can buy –  Biotrue Soft Contact Lens Solution, Equate Sterile Multi-Purpose Contact Solution, Opti-Free Puremoist All Day Comfort, PuriLens Plus PF Saline,  Bausch & Lomb Sensitive Eyes Daily, Clear Care Triple Action Cleaning & Disinfecting, Refresh Contact Lens Comfort Drops, Boston Simplus Multi-Action, Abbott Medical Optics Complete, Equate Saline Sensitive, Clear Conscience Multi-Purpose, Alcon Clear Care, basic Multi-Purpose Contact Lens Solution for Soft Lenses and Hy-Care Multipurpose Contact Lens Solution are some of the very best ones.

For how long can you wear contacts in a day?

As per doctors, you can comfortably wear contacts at a stretch f 14 to 16 hours. However, it is best not to push it until the last hour. After a workday, you can always come home and remove your contacts, refresh them and then put them back after an hour or so. Another good thing is to dispose of them off and wear them the next day. However, it can be difficult for those with a high number to continue for long without wearing lenses. The best way is to take breaks as much as you can. This way, you don’t end up getting used to the lenses and worry about pushing them to the last hour of safety.

Where can you buy contact lenses online in the UAE?

It is straightforward to find a lot of options in supermarkets and pharmacies when you live in Dubai. Many people have made the switch for the better, and it is a fruitful choice for them. For options, it’s best to consider a product search engine like This is one of the best ways to choose what you are looking at and decide on the best choice. You can find a lot of different options from the full range of websites listed under them. Brands like Acuvue, Air Optix, That Brand Called If, Swing, Loewe, Biofinity, Dailies, Proclear, Freshlook, Soflens, Aqua Soft, Clariti and Biotrue are some of the best ones to consider.

If you are in search of quality lenses, you are in the right place. On, you can find the best annual lenses, bi-weekly lenses, colour lenses, daily lenses, monthly lenses, and more varieties offered by popular brands. You can also set preferences on filters to find the exact varieties you are looking for. So, go ahead and shop now!

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