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About Monthly Lenses

Contact lenses are fun; they can change your entire personality in just a snap. But without proper care, they can be the most dangerous weapon for your eyes. Slight negligence can lead you to loss of eye and vision forever and ever. The care becomes more mandatory and obvious if you are using monthly lenses.  

Contact lenses that are old or do not fit well can badly scratch your eye. Plus, they can cause excessive growth in blood vessels in the cornea. It can be dangerous for your eye and can harm your vision. Moreover, the eyes drops can also react with the contact lessen and cause infection in your eyes. This is why it important is to know your bid and make sure you have sufficient knowledge about the matter before you head to buy a new pair of contact lenses to wear. It is also important to understand the difference between daily and monthly contacts. And always choose the one that suits your need and lifestyle the most, offering you convenience and comfort side by side. 

Difference between daily and monthly contact lenses 

Once you decide against wearing contact lenses, the first thing is to put some serious thoughts into which lens is best for you. Here important is to consider how often you want to wear them and which type will suit your lifestyle the most. Before you jump into the market, be mindful that there are many options available online. Here your eye doctor can surely help you make a sensible and fruitful decision. He can also help you to know what the possibilities you can choose from are. Most of the bestselling lenses are either daily wear or extended/monthly wear types. Here we will address and understand the difference between the two. Let’s explore the two and decide accordingly. 

The upkeep of daily VS monthly disposable contact lenses 

Care of lenses and eyes is the most important part of this activity. Here the daily wear requires the least amount of upkeep. All you need to do is open a new pack in the morning, slay them during the day and throw them before bedtime. However, here you need to have an exclusive budget and a handful supply available. Over wearing these lenses is never an option. On the other hand, the weekly and monthly contacts demand more upkeep. You can reuse them daily, which means daily rinsing and cleaning with a specific solution before sorting them at night. But with proper care and cleaning, you can use these lenses for up to three months. 

The cost of daily VS monthly lenses  

As you will be wearing new pair every day versus a new set for every 14- 30 days, the daily lenses are typically costly. Moreover, the price of lenses also varies according to the brand, colour variations, size and packages. Plus, if your lens has any additional requirements, there will be an additional cost, let’s say multifocal correction or astigmatism correction, etc. In any such case, a daily lens will cost somewhat between $350 to $900. At the same time, a pair of monthly lenses will cost somewhere between $150 to $480 per pair. Hence making the monthly wear an economical option. Here the weekly lenses are also a cost-effective option as compared to the daily wears. 

The frequency of use of lenses 

Here come some personal preferences. Do you wish to wear the contact daily? Or do you want a new look occasionally? The answer to the question will define what the best option to consider is. Daily wear is an ideal option for different types of people. Despite they cost more, they have preferred recommendations from doctors. They are also suitable if you occasional want to add spark to your personality. But if you want to make them a part of your personality, going for weekly or monthly lenses will be a more economical option. Plus, using the same colour can help you develop your personality and look other than your natural eye colour. 

The convenience of using lenses 

This factor becomes important when it comes to travelling. You can grab a handful of daily contacts and toss them into the bag without worrying about accessories. But, carrying a surplus in your bag while travelling can also be a problem. This is why most people prefer using monthly wear and carrying a case and cleaning solution while they are on the move. It kills the worry of keeping a count of an exact number of pairs in your bag. Plus, it saves a lot of money, time and cut the weight of the luggage. Moreover, you will also be stress-free of any type of breakage to the collection of lenses in your luggage or handbag.

Tips on how to buy Monthly Lenses online UAE  

When buying one-month contact lenses, there are many cheap monthly lenses to buy from online stores. However, it important is to shop from the right retail search engine online. When it comes to buying contact, lenses trust me; branded lenses are the best and available economical. Hence if you need to save money and protect your eyes, look for the right seller who offers you the most brands online. However, buying the right option for you demands some personal effort as well. And here is what you should keep in mind while looking for branded weekly contact lenses for sale online in UAE.

  • Choose type – Always start by choosing the right type of wear you wish to use. Based on your lifestyle and routine, you need to decide if you need daily, weekly or monthly wear lenses. And start your search accordingly.
  • Pick a colour – Changing the eye colour is one of the reasons why many people love wearing lenses. Here you need to consider your skin tone, the natural colour of your eye and the type of look you want to gain from the lens. Choosing the right and suitable colour is important.
  • Choose brand – There are dozens of brands and manufacturers making and selling different types of lenses. Beware of the fake names and those making low-quality lenses as they can harm the eye. Always look for a known and trusted brand that the FDA and other authorities approve.
  • Check price – The lens price varies based on brand, colour variations, type and size of the lens. It is important to set a realistic budget and look for a product that falls under the settled price limits.
  • Check product details – Once you can find a reliable, ideally perfect and economical product online, check the details. Generally, the product description section can offer you all the information about the make, care and other specifications of the product. Read carefully.

Buying monthly multifocal contact lenses online is the best option you can consider. There are dozens of brands from around the globe that are offering their products online. As you cannot know and explore all the brands in one go, we will suggest a retail search engine. An ideal platform like can help you access a range of reliable options in just one click. Here you can find a wide collection of branded best monthly contact lenses for sale. Hence, rather than spending hours juggling between websites, explore your options, study details, and make sensible buying decisions.

Question & Answer

Are monthly lenses better than daily?

Yes, they are comparatively a better option than daily-wear contact lenses. Even though the monthly wear demand some additional care and cleaning, they are better. Monthly wear is lightweight, soft contacts that help you adapt your personality with one tint, making it look natural compared to every changing tint in your eyes. Plus, these lenses are economical compared to daily wear when you need to buy and wear a new pair every single day. With the comfort, economy and suitability, the monthly wear contact lenses are always preferred over daily wear.

Where to buy monthly contact lenses?

Right here at you can find a wide collection of monthly wear contact lenses. Here you can find all the options from top brands like Freshlook, Air Optix, Acuvue, Biofinity, Dailies, Proclear, Biomedics, Easyvision, and Optifee and Soflens. You can use the unique and efficiently price comparison tool to compare products and buy everything for your Health and Beauty. You are hence making it easier for you to find reasonable products online. Plus, you can also find all the contact care and cleaning accessories and solutions to secure your contact when not in use.

Which monthly contact lenses are best?

Some of the bestselling monthly contact lenses of this year are available in all top stores online. A retail search engine also offers you access to all these bestselling items, including Air Optix Aqua, Clariti Tori, Air Optix Colors, and Proclear Multifocal XR. Plus, you can also explore and buy products from Hubble, Waldo, Scout by Warby Parker, Easyvision Monthly Opteyes, Acuvue Oasys, and many other options. In short, the more you explore, the more you will have to excite you.

How much do monthly contact lenses cost?

Contact lenses have highly variable price tags. This price fluctuation depends on many factors, including the brand, size, colour, wear type and others. Moreover, the lenses for vision correction are more expensive than the monthly contact people use for fashion and styling. For instance, a pair of Biofinity monthly contact cost about $30, whereas the price for Air Optix Aqua is about $15. Hence when it comes to buying branded products, always keep massive price fluctuation in your mind.