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Eyes are a gateway to your inner self. And there are times when you do not want to showcase your inner self to the world around you. At other times you may wish to bring more spark into your eyes. These are the times when color lenses come to help. They are nothing different than trying a new hairstyle or colour that can change your appearance entirely in the blink of an eye. Thought, unlike hair, you can remove them whenever you wish to.

So it will not be wrong to say that coloured lenses can either be a way to switch up your usual eye colour. Or they can be your signature statement look. With fine lenses, you won’t need to wear a lot of jewellery or spend hours on makeup – all you need to do is turn your eyes into a hallmark accessory. Despite many precautions and care instructions are must follow, this fashion accessory is utterly safe for use. But, considering many misconceptions, there is a large number of people out there who are scared of adopting this amazing change in their life. Hence, if you are willing to try it but have some doubts, this article is meant for you. Let’s clear all the fog and help you buy the best option available online.

Guide for first-time colour contact lenses users

Just like any other type of contact, coloured contact is a medical device that the FDA approves for usage. Commonly these are used to alter the appearance of natural eye colour. As they are widely used as a fashion accessory, you do not need a prescription to buy them. These lenses are readily available in online stores like or manufacturer’s site. However, just like any other contact, coloured lenses also have some risks associated with them. Commonly it includes potential eye infection, decreased visions, allergic reactions or scratches on the eye’s cornea. However, with proper care, cleaning, and using branded products, you can avoid all these problems. Here are some of the most common issues and questions that may have hindered your plan to enjoy a new eye colour. Let’s break the ice before your next social meet up.

Coloured eye contact and safety of eye

For sure, the health and safety of the eyes is a core concern for everyone. These are the most precious and sensitive parts of your body. But, stay aware of the fact that colour contacts are medical devices. Hence, the first thing is a proper fit of lenses on your natural eye. This is also something recommended by professionals. Here better is to consult brands to assist you with buying an accurate size of lenses that can preserve your eye’s health. You get to hold on to an ideal fit, stay aware of and follow safe habits to protect your eye. Only with a well maintained proper care routine (as suggested by professionals) can you enjoy the addition to yourself for a long time.

Medical assistance to wear coloured contact

Be mindful that coloured contact is different from contact lenses for eyesight. Hence, you do not need any prescription or medical certification to wear a colour or fashion contact lens. However, if you have even the slightest sight issues, it is not a good idea to try something on your own. In such a case, you must consult an eye specialist to help you with the right number of lenses and where to get one. You must know the importance of the fact that even if you are perfect vision, adding a splash of colour to your eyes should be done with medical advice. After all, no matter for fashion or vision, the device is going to stay in the corner of your eye for quite some time. Being a first-time user, consult an expert to know the dos and don’ts of wearing contact lenses.

Types of colours contact lenses

based on the vision requirements, they are divided into two types. Use the non-corrective type if you have perfect eyesight. Here lenses will only be used to add aesthetics and for fashion. Secondly, you can use the prescription coloured contacts if you need vision correction and want to try a new tint at the same time. Then comes the choice between categories of tint and features. You can choose from the range of enhancement tints mostly admired by the Freshlook colour lenses collection. Or pick vivid tints with a brighter colour to attack all eyes on you. But if you need something more than vivid tones, choose from circle lenses that increase the size of your pupil, making your eyes bigger.

Choosing the right colour for your eyes

It is important to choose the right colour that enhances your personality and blends well with the natural colour of your eye. Only then you can be successful in actually being seen and admired. Enhancement tints are generally best for lighter natural eye colours. A blue blend with not be much noticeable on the dark brown iris. Contrary to coloured contact lenses for dark eyes, tend to pick darker or more opaque lenses. Lighter colours like blue or green won’t make any difference on dark background. On the other hand, opaque tints cover your natural eye colour and work fine for dark and light eyes. The ideal is to start with brown contacts and their 3 in 1 blend and enjoy electric glaze.

Tips on how to buy Contact Lenses online in the UAE 

Generally, the tint of your coloured or fashion contacts depends on how often you are willing to wear them. For instance, if you want to wear them daily, it better is to go for natural colours. But if you want to wear them on a special occasion, bold colours can be an ideal option to consider. Here colours like blue can give you a dramatic look. However, for first-time users better is to consult the doctors before heading for a purchase.  But, if the doctors give you a green signal and say that you can wear them, here are tips on smartly buying a pair of colour contact lenses online.

  • Pick a Colour – Always start with some homework. Start by deciding what look you wish to adopt with the lens and what colours can help you. You can consult online colour charts to find suitable natural eye colour options and the look you wish to adopt.
  • Choose brand – We must repeat the fact that eyes are sensitive. They need special attention and care when it comes to having direct contact with any foreign element – let’s say lenses. To ensure the safety of your eye, always look for trusted brands.
  • Choose the right type – There are different types of lenses. As said earlier, you can either choose from non-corrective type or enhancement tints. Also, decide and choose from one-time, daily wear or extended wear types at your convenience.
  • Read expiry details – When reading the product details about every item is important, lenses ask for something more. Here you need to pay attention to the expiry date of the lenses. It is more important if you are about to buy extended wear lenses.

Always choose high quality, branded products whose expiry is far from the time you expect to use them here at Shops. You can find dozens of brands selling top quality fashion accessories, including colour lenses for all your style and fashion needs. However, choosing the ideal look and colour of this major aesthetic accessory is entirely up to you. You can consult the fashion experts around you to make your mind and ask them for reliable suggestions in terms of brand or seller.

Question & Answer

Are coloured lenses safe?

Yes, overall speaking, contact lenses are completely safe if your eyes are healthy. However, according to experts, some types or designs of lenses like Halloween or vampire style are dangerous for health. Moreover, if you tend to save money and buy cheap colour lenses, they can harm your eyes. Thus, it is important to focus on the quality of the product rather than saving a few bucks and risking your eyes for eternal damage.

What colour lenses are best?

Branded, high-quality colour lenses are always the best option for any user. Here Freshlook stands among the most trusted names in the market. Such brands ensure high-quality manufacturing processing according to health care certificates. Some other brands you can consider are Air Optix, Acuvue, Biofinity, Dailies, Proclear, Biomedics, Easyvision, and Optifee. They are reliable brands and are recommended by professionals.

Where to buy colour lenses?

Right here at you can find top quality branded lenses along with all other accessories. There are more than 500 brands that are available with just one click. Here we also offer you the ease of price comparison tool. It can help you find economical products from top brands with just one click. Hence it is making online shopping easier for users. This is one of the reasons why global customers prefer using the platform for all their buying needs.

Are coloured contact lenses illegal?

No, on their own, contact lenses are not illegal in any part of the world. However, many companies are operating illegally. These companies are using low-quality materials to make lenses. It causes some serious dangers to the health of the eye. Unfortunately, to earn more profit, these companies use low-quality materials that the FDA and other relevant authorities do not approve. Hence, it is always important to buy from companies that the FDA approves.

The best idea is to explore a trusted retail search engine to find an entire range of Health and Beauty products, including top quality contact lenses online.