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An unwrapped gift almost seems naked. But what exactly do you need to make them look chic and presentable? Well, of course, the wrapping articles! From wrappers to ribbons and decorative threads, these bells and whistles are the heart and soul of any gift packs. But do you buy all of them? Of course not! Let’s see what you’ll need in this guide.

Wrapping presents have now become a culture. But have you ever wondered when did this all begin? Well, surprisingly it’s this gift-wrapping act has a Japanese origin. It was the Japanese furoshiki, a reusable wrapping cloth from the Edo period, which started the practice of wrapping presents ages ago. Later, this became a norm and rose to popularity in United States back in the 1917s. Well, the rest of the history is for us to see. Today, people have adopted different styles of gift-wrapping techniques. Plus, you can also find a plethora of gift-wrapping articles to choose from. Our next section gives you an insight into a few essential gift-wrapping articles along with a few others that enhance your presentations.

The must-have gift wrapping accessories

Wrapping a beautiful gift doesn’t have to be hard. But that’s only if you have the right gift wrapping accessories. The anticipation of opening a decorative box by untying those beautiful ribbons adds to any holiday excitement. Similarly, having shiny paper of all colours and designs all over your gift seems to make the experience more festive. Whether you enjoy the visceral elation of ripping open the paper, or the quiet anticipation of carefully peeling off the cellophane tape from the creases to reveal what’s inside, it’s the right accessories can take the gift-receiving experience to a whole new level. We’ve compiled below a list best wrapping accessories for gifts that you should include in your wrapping arsenal.

The pom-pom gift bow

A glitzy curl ribbon always adds that extra bit of polish to any package or wreath. Their colourful and frilly textures make them one of the most sought wrapping accessories out there on the market. Today, you can find some excellent models of these pom-pom bows out there on the market. From vibrant colours to stylish prints, you can find them in all kinds of shapes and designs. With all these features, you’d probably think that it would take you hours to make one if you’re a DIY lover. Well folks, nope not at all! All you need to have is the right ribbon/paper, scissors, some tape, and of course, an excellent tutorial to follow. So are you ready to give your gifts the pom-pom glitz? Then explore some top-notch pom pom gift for sale here on

The wrapping paper accessories

Well, it has happened to most of us. In an attempt to enhance our presentations, we’re so busy cutting, taping, and decorating that we fail to notice that we’re running out of gift wrapping paper. Well, luckily there are plenty of options out there that you can stock. By the way, you could also adopt some innovative ideas. For example, plain paper and washi tape make an eye-catching combo when you use them as a gift wrap. Similarly, you could also use rolls of simple gift wraps and transform them into a new design. In short, gift papers are one of the most essential items to add to your wrapping article arsenal. You can purchase some chic gift-wrapping articles online.

The gift bow ribbons for flower wrapping

Is there anything more beautiful than flowers, when it comes to gifts? From congratulatory parties to birthdays, and festivals, flowers are everywhere. Besides, presenting bouquets are now a culture. But have you ever wondered how these beautiful flowers are transformed into even prettier bouquet gits? Well, it’s all with the right bow ribbons. The right mix of flowers, a beautiful bow, and various other gift-wrapping accessories make the bouquet a delight to watch. Indeed, you could purchase some stylish bows from several online stores. Lifestyle is one such popular platform where you could pick from a plethora of flower wrapping gift bow ribbons and many other wrapping articles.

The recyclable present-wrapping accessories

Doesn’t it make your eye twitch when you see those mounds of plastic gift bags ribbons going into the trash on a Christmas morning? In fact, much of that glossy and colourful stuff isn’t recyclable. Those glittery and metallic gift wrappers contain plastics. So how do you look sophisticated, neat, and pretty, just without all the waste, exploitation, and environmental impact? Well, it isn’t an easy thing to pull off. But, of course, there’s a solution to every problem. You could go for affordable and sustainable accessories like scarves, ornaments, decorative brooches, jars & cookie tins, or even tea or kitchen towels. Similarly, you can consider using twine, dust bags, or even tissue paper to tie or wrap the gifts. And most importantly, you could always reuse some materials.

Tips on how to buy Wrapping Articles online

Gift wrapping is a fine art and is also a leisure activity at the same time. But, to do it perfectly and also professionally, you need to have the right gear. Particularly, when you have so many options for wrapping articles out there, choosing the right ones might become a tricky task. Here are a few smart hacks to keep in mind while you’re buying your wrapping accessories online.

  • Know your purpose – This is one of the most important aspects to consider when you’re shopping for the best gift-wrapping accessories online. Understanding what you need them for, is the key to selecting the perfect accessory. For instance, wrapping a bouquet and a gift box require different accessories. The former might require only a ribbon and a wrapper, but the latter might need some advanced items.
  • Keep an eye on the shades – Gifts are all about the colours. Choose the wrong one, and your entire thing gets spoiled. Makes sure to pick a shade that complements the gift inside. Also, you could choose a colour that your beloved prefers. Apart, from that keep in mind that different occasions demand different colours. For instance, Christmas gifts are all about greens and reds.
  • Look out for the appearance – If you’re checking out textured gift-wrapping accessories, like wrapping paper, you can always source them from recycled paper, or leftover packaging bags. Of course, there are several other chic styled papers out there on the market. In short, make sure that you keep an eye on the appearance of the accessory along with the colour.
  • Look out for patterns – Stripes, dots, triangles, abstract, you’ll find many such patterns when you’re buying some wrapping articles. Make sure you pick one that best suits your gift. For instance, a striped gift wrap looks awesome on cylindrical gifts. Similarly, for ribbons. You can get ribbons and pompoms with different patterns.
  • Assess the quality – Quality is paramount, regardless of which article you choose. You do not want a shabby and dull-looking gift. And for that, you need to purchase high-quality accessories. Besides, a top-quality accessory stays for a long time. This means you can use them for a long time and for wrapping up several gifts.

Indeed, becoming a master in choosing the perfect wrapping articles might take a while. Meanwhile, you could always consider these tips. They’ll be your guiding light and help your frisk through the endless products online and pick the perfect one among them. And yes, do not ever compromise quality just to save a few extra bucks, as this will do more harm than good in the long run.

Question & Answer

What are essential wrapping accessories?

We all know that one of the major aspects of giving out gifts is its presentation. No matter what your style, budget, or time constraints are, basic tools and smart hacks are essential to make your gift worthy. Let’s start with the basics. You only need to select a few tools and ingredients to wrap up the gift. Sello tape or double-sided tapes, scissors, gift wrapping paper, and a ribbon will do the trick. But, of course, you can make your gifts more enticing by adding in many more wrapping articles.

Which wrapping accessories are best for gifts?

Before answering this, let’s ask you something – how do you want your gifts to look? The answer to this is precisely your best accessories. Simply put, the wrapping articles you choose should best suit your requirements. For instance, you’d want quality gift wrapping paper and a stylish, vibrant coloured ribbon to wrap your beautiful floral gifts. However, these articles might not be enough to gift wrap something else. Above all, you need to always make sure to pick the highest quality articles to get a chic-style gift wrap. Check out the brands like Reflective Concepts, Jillson Roberts, Lotus, Persmileful, ProPik, and JOYIN to explore the best and cheap gift-wrapping accessories to buy online.

Are wrapping accessories expensive?

The price of the wrapping articles depends on what you pick. For instance, wrapping paper might cost you just a few dirhams, while a pomp bow might cost you more. Therefore, it’s best to set aside a budget and then purchase the gift-wrapping accessories you need as per your budget. This way, you’ll not only narrow down your search, plus you’ll also save money. Moreover, you’ll also pick only the high-quality ones.

Where to buy wrapping accessories online?

You can easily buy gift-wrapping accessories online in UAE from several retail stores and brands online. However, like all the products, browsing through endless sites and picking out the best one is an overwhelming task. But what if we told you that you can compare prices, explore various wrapping articles, and purchase your favourite one all under one roof? You think it’s too good to be true? Well, think again because has all that and more. Our product search engine brings you the finest collection of gift-wrapping accessories from popular brands. So, what are you waiting for? Delve into the marvellous selection of wrapping articles at and get your perfect one. And yes, do not miss to explore several other gifts & gadgets from over 500 online stores right here on our smartest retail search engine.