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It’s no secret that everyone loved receiving gifts. The simple gesture of exchanging gifts is satisfying on both a material and a spiritual level. But, how do we make them appealing enough? Well, one way surely is to wrap them in chic gift wrappers. But, something goes way beyond that – yes we’re talking about the gift bags. With a good gift bag in hand, all you need to do is slip in your gifts inside them and give it to your loved one. But is that all? What kinds of gift bags are out there? Are they pricey? Do you get huge bags? Curious to know the answers to these questions? Yes? Well then, read on to know.

It’s true that gift bags are standard and readily available too. However, quite often we tend to underestimate these wrapping articles. You’ll be amazed to see how they can make any package look beautiful, even if it’s a tiny gift. That’s because you can find several varieties of these bags out there on the market today. You can get the most standard paper bags to cello and even embellished fabric bags. However, all this amounts up to the visual appeal and the happiness of unboxing the gifts. Hence, you need to put in a lot of thought into what type, design, colour, or material you want the bags to be. And for that, you need to dig in a little deeper into this product. Read on to find out some of the coolest gift bags that must have in-store.

The various kinds of gift bags and boxes to choose from

Many of us do not give in a lot of thought when it comes to selecting these bags. We often see them just as a temporary decorative piece that you’ll throw away. Even though this is true to some extent, it’s best to refrain from being that way. Remember, even the simplest gift stand out if you put them into a chic bag. And for more extravagant looks, you already have those shimmery, shiny wrapping papers. This means you need to be careful while selecting the bags and to do that you should be aware of the various options out there on the market. Fortunately for you, that’s precisely what we’re going to discuss in our next section. Check them out below.

The paper gift bags

You can easily get your hands on a chic gift bag made of paper from any stationary store. Even though it doesn’t have many bells and whistles, it does give an elegant look to the gift. Besides, the paper has been prevalent from the beginning of time for wrapping several things including food. So, it’s apparent that they’ll work well for wrapping up gifts too. But just like any product these bags too have their pros and cons. For instance, paper bags might tear off easily if you don’t handle them with care. Unlike any other bag material, you need to be extremely careful while handling these bags. Besides, you need to make sure you get the bag of the highest quality.

The wedding gift bags

Welcome bags for your wedding guests are a special way to greet them as they arrive at your function. Besides, it is a unique way to thank them and inform them of upcoming events. Therefore, you need to make sure that you have a wedding bag that matches your wedding theme and the one that wraps up your goodies well. Mr & Mrs large gift bag is an ideal example of the best wedding gift bags. The product is not only a special way to celebrate the ‘D-day’ but is also a perfect surprise for the incoming guests. Your gifts tend to shine even more when placed inside this bag. Moreover, you can also find them in different materials, designs, and even customisable options.

The Christmas goodie bags

Who is in with us in establishing the fact that packing gifts is a waste of arm strength and tape? Besides, it is also a stressful task for the receiver to intricately starch and peel of those beautiful wrappers. Well, you can easily avoid this situation by giving your loved ones Christmas gifts in chic gift bags. Moreover, you could also re-use them for wrapping up various other goodies. Today, you can find several stylish and fun Christmas bags.  Mega Deluxe bag set is one such product that consists of 12 Kraft bags, 24 tissue paper wraps and a variety of peel and sticks gift tags. Similarly, there are snow boutique bag sets, fun express bag sets and many more as such.

The wine gift bags

So you’ve found the perfect bottle of wine for gifting? Do not settle in for those flimsy gift wrappers to wrap them. Go for a gift bag that a wine-loving recipient will use again. Putting your bottle of wine in a bag shows the recipient that you cared enough to pair the wine packaging to the recipient’s style. Today, you can find several kinds of wine bags on the market that are of different sizes, shapes, designs, materials and colours. However, remember to always check what you’ll be putting inside them. That’s because, if you intend to put two wine bottles inside the bag, then you might need a larger gift bag when compared to the regular ones. Also, ensure you have a good quality one, and not the cheap wine gift bags.

Tips on how to buy Gift Bags online

We hope you’re now aware of the fact that bags come in a wide assortment depending upon the occasion, gender, and preferences of the recipient. So what’s next? Well, indeed it’s time to shop. But where do you start? Which one do you pick? Aren’t these some of the questions bothering you? Well, let us help you sort it out. Below are a few tips that you can always carry along while buying the bags online from any web portal.

  • Think from the receiver’s perceptive – How would your loved one want a gift to be wrapped? Does he/she like a specific colour, theme or model? Do they love receiving bulky gifts? Answering such simple questions will help you know what your loved one would want. And this, in turn, will help you pick the right bag.
  • Pick an event-specific bag – By now you must’ve gathered that there are several bags for you to delve in. Precisely, there’s one for each occasion, event, festival, and celebration. Therefore, it’s important to check out the bags and their themes before you buy them. For example, you can get Christmas bags if you want to gift your loved ones with great Christmas packages.
  • Quality is crucial – Gift bags are something that enhances the look and feel of presenting your gift. Therefore, you do not want them to be shabby and of poor quality. This means it’s always important to check the quality of the product you buy. Go for high-quality materials, as they determine the longevity and durability of the bag.
  • Keep an eye on colour and design – Of course, materials and quality are critical. But, that doesn’t mean that you overlook colour and style. Ultimately, it’s the colour and design of the bag that gives life to your gifts inside. Make sure you pick a colour that pleases your loved one. Also, try to pick vibrant prints as they add zest to your gifts.

With so many styles, colours, patterns, and designs, you’re bound to set your heart on more than one gift bag. But, if it’s your first time buying one, then do not go all out. Purchase one and see how I turns out. We hope, the above tips too will guide you in the right direction and help you pick one that best suits your requirements.

Question & Answer

Are gift bags bad for the environment?

Not all of them are bad. Typically, the ones that you cannot recycle or the ones that do not biodegrade are harmful to the environment. Well, one of the best ways to avoid this, is to get eco-friendly options. Today, with advanced technology, many manufacturers have pledged to produce several eco-friendly bags that you can utilise for gifting purposes. On some of the platforms, you can see a separate option of sustainable products or green products. On other platforms, you can simply put a filter according to your requirements.

Can you recycle gift bags?

Quite often, the gift bags are recyclable and reusable gift wrap. You can use them over and over again. This not only saves money but also paper. But, nothing stays for long and eventually your bags will wear out and you will need to dispose of them. When the time comes, make sure that you check with your local solid waste district to determine their policy on gift bags. Usually, paper gift bags are recyclable. Disposing of your home’s waste material is a bigger problem than you think. You must be aware of the process and keep that in mind next time you declutter your place.

What are cello gift bags?

Cello gift bags or cellophane bags are bags that come in cellophane materials. They’re perfect for businesses looking to package a product or retail sale. However, they’re most prevalent in wrapping up and securing gift baskets, candies, chocolates, potpourri, candles, spices, and a lot more gift items. Some bags also offer you resalable convenience. A basic cellophane gift bag is a transparent sheet with beautiful patterns all over it. Depending on the occasion, you can choose the pattern. It can be subtle or blingy, but the overall reflection of cellophane is attractive.

Where to buy gift bags online in the UAE?

You can buy gift bags from several online stores. But, to get a perfect product you need to have a platform that offers you the best products. If you’re in search of such a web portal, then it’s time you end your search here on That’s because, the superfast retail search engine brings to you bags from popular brands like Fun Express, Hallmark Bag, Dream, JOYIN, Gift Boutique, Caddy, and Bay Collection. And the best part, you can purchase them from your favourite online stores.

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