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You might think that picking out the best gift is the hardest part of the holiday and festive season. Well, that’s only until you’ve tried shopping for the gift-wrapping arsenal. From wrapping papers to threads and cellophane, there are endless articles that you can wrap your gifts with. But we all know that a present without a bow is like a cake without the icing. And that’s why we have those stylish curl ribbons around! Do you want to know more about this finishing touch? Yes? Then keep scrolling! 

We all know that ribbons are decorative fabrics that are almost infinite in their variety. From their texture to colour and designs, today you can find ribbons made from every fabric. But what you do not know is that these pieces of gifts wraps have been around since the age when civilisations began crafting fabrics. This means they’ve been evolving for a long time, and the result you can see for yourself today. You can find several types of ribbons and the curling ribbon is one among them. So, what’s a curling ribbon, then? These ribbons are a sort of that you can curl by applying pressure on their backside and pulling them. Let’s look at some popular ribbons out there on the market today, in our next section. 

The different types of  ribbons to choose from 

One of the best things about this ribbon is that they’re versatile and easy to handle. Whether you want a plaid or a plain, we can confidently say that there’s one for everyone. Even though this vast option is a boon in many ways, they’re also a bane. That’s because, while the myriad options give you the convenience of exploring several options, it also makes choosing a perfect one difficult. Nevertheless, you can always turn around this situation, if you have adequate information about the product and its available types. We’ve gathered below a few such models of curling that are sure to make your gifts stand out from the crowd. 

The white, gold & the balloon curling ribbon

Balloons are a vital part of any party. The vibrant colours floating around in the air simply doubles the beauty of the celebrations. But there’s something even more important than the balloons themselves and it’s the ribbons. Yes, you heard it right, it’s an essential balloon accessory. With the increasing demand for balloon ribbons, today, you can find several types of balloon ribbons in different sizes and one such common one is the wide ribbons. You’ll also find them in vibrant colours like pink, red, orange, yellow and many more. Similarly, you also have the option to choose from a versatile collection of prints like polka dots, stripes, plaid, and abstracts. 

The plastic curling ribbon

Just like prints and colours, you’ll find these curling ribbons in different materials too. Some of the common ones include satin, burlap, lace, and many more. However, the plastic ribbons always stand out both in terms of quality and appearance. Besides, you’ll find them in variable lengths and widths too. Many a time, people also refer to them as poly ribbon as it comes in polypropylene materials. The speciality of this material is that it curls up when you flat one side of the ribbon with a knife or the edge of the scissors. Not only does it add a lively accent to any gift wrap, but it also gives the entire gift sturdy support. You can find some of the best plastic curling ribbons in several online stores. 

The crimped and the wide curling ribbons

If you want to add a twist to your regular styled ribbon, then this would be an ideal product to choose among the various ribbon options. The crimpled texture of the ribbon makes it a prevalent choice for tying off balloons, decorating gifts, and creating some beautiful bouquets. Furthermore, you can easily curl them with a single pull against a flat surface. Apart from that, you’ll find them in vibrant colours and prints. All these unique features make them a perfect choice not only for wrapping a gift but to include them in various other celebrations and festivals. Note, you’ll also find them in varying widths and lengths. Pick the one that best suits your needs. 

The paper and the curling ribbon bows

Anything with paper is versatile, and these ribbons aren’t an exception. Even though flimsy in nature, the paper curling ribbon is a magnificent product. You’ll find them in unique shades and prints. However, remember to handle them with care, as they’re very delicate and can tear off easily. Apparently, you could only use them to create bows and fix them on gifts. Do not attempt to tie your gifts with paper ribbons, as this will quickly damage them. Of course, you can pick them from a wide variety of options that different textures and colours. Besides, you can also find them in different designs prints too. Check out popular online stores to buy paper curling ribbons online in UAE.

Tips on how to buy Curl Ribbon online

Indeed, you’re now familiar with the various sorts of ribbons out there on the market. So, what to do next? Of course, buy the perfect one for yourself. But how do you segregate that ‘perfect’ curling ribbon among this ocean of options out there online? Well, it’s simple! All you must do is to keep a few smart hacks handy while buying them online. To make things easier for you, we’ve listed those tips below. So, read on.

  • Decide on the theme and colour scheme – First things first. There’s nothing more important than colours and themes when it comes to wrapping gifts. Therefore, make sure you decide on a theme and colour before you get your curling ribbons Just so you know, from rich reds to pale pinks and bright oranges, you can find several colours of ribbons out there. Choose one that best suits your gift theme.
  • Pick your patterns – Now that you’ve got your theme and colour narrowed down, try to sort out the patterns. Do you like polka dots or abstracts? Either way, there are several options of curling ribbons for you that have stylish patterns and designs. Besides, deciding on these first, you can hunt down your perfect ribbon that complements all kinds of gift items that you’ve chosen.
  • Choose a peppy style – Are you someone who loves to gift your loved one with something out of the box? Then pick an option that stands out, both in respect to colour and print. Besides, if you’re an expert bow maker, then you wouldn’t want to hide your talent by picking something that no one else would dare to pick. In short, go for something that surprises your beloved.
  • Go for a mix – Do not be afraid to experiment and mix patterns and colours. You could always use two options to decorate your gifts. You can mix and match polka dots with a plain coloured base ribbon. Doing this will not only enhance your gifts aesthetics but will also help you save the ribbons for a longer time.
  • Look out for the material – Like, for any other gift-wrapping products, you must always look out for the materials. You can find satin ribbons, plastic, fabric, and fibre too. All these have different properties and uses. Apart from that, the material of the ribbons plays a vital role in determining the longevity of the ribbons. Indeed, you do not want your ribbons to look shabby and disintegrate in a few days.
  • Assess the quality – Nothing is as important as the quality of any wrapping articles, and the ribbons aren’t an exception. You should always look out for the quality of the ribbons, as you do not want to waste money on low-quality products. Besides, only a chic and high-quality ribbon makes sure that you have a pretty wrap. In short, never compromise quality to save a few bucks.
  • Get them in bulk – Buying them in bulk is always a great idea, particularly, if you’re someone who loves to frequently gift someone, or are a DIY fanatic. However, make sure you’re picking out options in different colours, patterns, designs, and materials when you’re buying in bulk. This will ensure that you have a versatile collection for wrapping any kind of gift for sort of occasion.

You see, gifts are the heart and soul of your creation, and thus making them elegant and beautiful is your duty. However, to that, you need to have the right arsenal. Even though the curling ribbons are one among the many gift-wrapping articles, one wrong move could spoil the entire look and feel of the gift. So, ensure to carefully assess the product and pick a model that best suits your requirements. And we hope the tips above will be your companion throughout the ribbon buying journey.

Question & Answer

How to curl ribbon for hair bows?

DIYs are fun, especially when you have something to do with ribbons. That said, these tires for hair bows are an excellent addition to your festive dress. Indeed, you can buy different kinds of hair bows online. However, if you’re a DIY fanatic, then there’s good news. You can yourself make the curling ribbons for hair bows.  All you need are a few essential ingredients like ribbons, ¼ inch wooden dowels, clothespin, scissors, hot glue gun, alligator clip, and rubber clip grip. So what do you need to do to make the curls? Well, wrap and, heat it, cover the clip, glue the ribbons together, attach the clip, and allow it to dry. Once it’s dry, your newly curly ribbon is ready to wear.

How to curl ribbon with scissors?

We all know that a curled ribbon is an excellent decoration to finish up a perfect gift. And the best part is that to create one all you need are a few essential things. This includes a beautiful ribbon and a pair of craft scissors. Usually, the technique of making ribbons involves firmly and gradually pulling the scissor’s blade along the below side. If you have a ribbon role in hand, then snip off a small piece to try it out before you use it one the entire length.

Should you have curl ribbons in bulk at home?

Before we answer that for you, let’s ask you something. Do you love putting on a ribbon on your gift wraps? If yes, then it’s better to store rolls of curling ribbon in bulk at home. However, make sure that you purchase ribbons of different textures, patterns, styles, colours, and designs. This way, you’ll have different types of curling ribbons to choose from when you’re wrapping up a gift for your beloved. In the end, it all depends upon your personal preference, whether you want to stock the ribbons or buy them as and when you need them.

Where to buy curl ribbon online?

Curling ribbons are available to you in a wide variety on several online stores. But here the thing, browsing through the endless collection on multiple platforms become tiring over a period of time. Well, has the smartest solution to this. Our superfast product search engine brings to you an extensive selection of curling ribbons from popular brands like Berwick, Paper Mart, Fun Express, Fun toys, Unique Industries, and Gift Express. Besides, you can purchase them from some world-renowned online stores. And the best part is that you can avail all this under one single roof here on

They are the best adornment that you can ever add to your gifts. However, you need to be vigilant while purchasing them. A wrong move could waste both your time and money. We hope the insights shared in this guide will take you in the right direction while you head out to purchase those cheap crimped curling ribbons online. So what are you waiting for delve in and explore the various curling ribbon options on And yes, do not forget to glance at various other gifts & gadgets and wrapping articles from over 500 online stores here.