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About Garden Houses

When you buy something like a garden house, it is often followed by fantasies you see along with the purchase. We are pretty sure you have listed all your to-do things once you have your garden house. You can create a meditation corner, parties corner, or anything that fascinates you. And for that, you need to spend ample time to get your hand on the best of everything.

First things first – what is your idea of having a garden house? Is it a tiny house you want or just an open shed? Both the concepts are totally different and have a distinct vibe to it. Maybe you want to spend an evening with friends or want to create a special date with your special one. This one garden house can be a part of your special days with family, friends, and spouse. So, do not let it pass and rather invest your time thinking and making your imagination into reality. This is the only way you can have the best value garden house at your place.

Types of garden houses

When we talk about types of garden houses, we often discuss the type of sheds, which is the external structure. After all, the structure is all that you see, os it ultimately becomes the foremost thing to decide upon. You can either have sideways open shed or closed shed, depending on what you plan to do with the place. You can also buy garden sun house online in UAE. Apart from that, you can also divide the types according to the material used. There can be wood, plastic, or metal out of which product is sculpted. There are more materials you will get to know once you start exploring the products and talk to experts or relatives who already have garden houses.

Wooden sheds

Wood is a classic choice for homeowners who do not want to experiment much. Also, the material is durable without any doubt. However, just because you have chosen wood material, the outlook should not always be old and rustic as we always imagine wood to be. You can still be different and have modern, sleek cuts. Although wooden garden sheds are mostly used for storage, it can also serve as a quiet and private space whenever required. You can create your office or meditation corner underneath. If that sounds interesting, you can start looking out with some cheap wood garden house.

Small metal sheds

The best thing about metal is that it can withstand any climatic conditions, and because they are cheap, their maintenance is affordable. By saying metal shed, you may imagine an unpleasant outlook, but that’s not what metal sheds are. With zinc-coated outdoor, they look as sleek and subtle as any other material. You look towards aesthetics and functionality and metal stand firm on both these parameters. So, there is no way you should not explore this material and the different structures available in the marketplace. You can start with some garden house for sale online in UAE and see if you find something interesting.


Thinking of corner garden houses, do not forget checking out summerhouses. These can be modern, traditional, and functional, and top of all, they can add drama to the structure. That’s what they have been famous for! With plenty of space inside, you can make it whatever you want. They are lit for private get-togethers and rejuvenation as well. One of the examples could be a bi-fold or sliding door with a natural table and upholstery to sit together and enjoy the evening. The ambience says it all, and you would never forget the time spent there.

Affordable plastic sheds

Plastic material does not rust, rot, or swell, unlike other materials, thereby making them as one excellent choice. The only downside of this material is they appear plastic-like, which is obvious, but many homeowners do not like this appearance in front of natural wood or even metal structures. So, if that’s the issue, you might not want plastic. Other than that, plastic can be as functional as other materials. Till now, we think we have covered all the materials. It is your turn to start exploring the products, or you can also visit our dedicated tips section to grab some and make yours an informed decision.

Tips on how to buy Garden houses online

Whether it is your owned house or you are living as a tenant, having a garden house to chill and relax is a mandate. In UAE, it is a rule that previous tenants has to leave the house, including the garden as it was. So, it is positive that you got to build the garden as you dream it. But as you go buy one, you need to consider certain basic things. Here, we have compiled these fine points so you can be very clear about your purchase.
  • Explore different structures – So, when you start exploring, you should first focus on structures and designs. The shed is the foremost things and most visible of all. So, starting from the exterior to interior, you got to go into every detail and choose the perfect kind of vibe you have been dreaming all along.
  • Get the interior right – Once done with the roofing structure, it is time that you think of the interior and decorates it the way you want it. There will be upholsteries, decorative cushions, grill, or even the stand-up bar if you want. You can be as creative with the interior as you can.
  • Choose the flooring – You can choose from hardwood to earthen floor topped with artificial grass or carpets. It is again your choice, depending on the ambience you want to create. Or you can just keep it natural, same as the other portion of your garden.
  • Colour and brightness – Usually, garden houses are made subtle because these are the places to relax and rejuvenate. But the choice is yours. Either you can pick everything bright and cheerful, or you can select subtle shades as well.
  • Cooling options to consider – If you are planning to set up a kitchen, partially or fully, you need to look at some cooling options. You have a misting fan, portable air conditioning system, or hydrojet drone as some options. There are budget differences in all of them, which you need to fix under your already set budget.
  • Keep in mind the storage options – You will be having parties outside, and you need to make sure no guests of yours have to walk inside to grab small things. For that, it is important that you get storage cabinets, whether portable or not. The cabinets are necessary if you are setting up the kitchen or grill.
We know this is not all but the basic ones, which you can’t ignore. You can take these points as a foundation and go shopping for the best. The tiny details will lead you to the quality product, which may also enhance by knowing some brand names. These include Dunster, Walton, and Studio Shed. You will find them all at our shopping platform, or even more. So, hop on to it right now and commence your shopping drive.

Question & Answer

Where to buy a garden house online in UAE?

Planning a garden house is exciting, but steps within could create chaos. Starting by buying a garden house, you must choose an authentic platform just like our shopping platform, Here, under one roof, you can find multiple brands to explore different designs and structures that match your overall household theme. You can compare the budget, see additional features that you may add within a fixed budget, and can even read genuine reviews of other customers. So, hop on to it and see all the interesting products in your way.

How much is a garden house?

Depending on how basic or luxurious you want to be, a garden house may cost you around AED2000, and it can further go up as you keep on adding more features. The size will influence the price tag as well. For example, a 3.6m by 3.6m aluminium Gazebo can cost you AED3000. You can further decorate it with outdoor furniture, cushions, and many other things as per your liking. You can explore Gazebo’s and other garden houses at our shopping platform,

How to build a garden house?

Start with flooring and go your space up because it is not logical to first have the furniture and then think of the type of flooring you want. After you decide the flooring type, explore roofing structures and be creative with that because this is the most visible thing out of others. Once done, you need to decide the things that go inside. It may be a terrace coverings, grill, ice maker, some furniture, and do not forget cooling options to make it useful throughout the year. All in all, if you go step by step, nothing can go wrong. We hope you have now got a wholesome idea of having a garden house. It is now time that you start scrolling through the products online. Our shopping search engine can be an excellent platform to begin with. Not only garden sheds, but it brings you every bit of essential and decorative item of your own personalised garden house. So, hop on it and commence your shopping drive now.