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About Log Cabins

It is best to get everything right the first time. So, if you are planning to buy a log cabin, make sure to start everything from scratch. From preparing your garden for the installation to thinking of future needs – you must plan everything prior to any mishaps. So, invest ample time, research, explore, shop around, and grab the best deal.

You are all set to explore and buy the log cabin you have been thinking about, but before that, it is imperative that you prepare your garden for it. You may need an expert’s help on this one. Prepare a strong flat base with paving flags and concrete. Also, you should consider building a walkway as your garden grass can get damaged if not done. Overall, just make sure that building a new thing won’t harm your previous owned things. If you can take care of these tiny details, you will definitely have a satisfying result in the end.

Different log cabin designs

Log profile styles are majorly distinct from each other with their external structure. Some of the different profiles include square & rectangle log, round log, Swedish cope, D-log, and handcrafted. Then, there are different corner styles too. And these include interlocking corners, saddle-notch corners, dovetail, butt & pass, and corner post. If you are looking to buy a log cabin for a garden online in UAE, you will most probably get confronted with these terms while finalising the structure. So, check them out and see what style or design seem more appealing to you.

Prefab cabins

Prefab or prefabricated cabins are those made off-site, and once done, they are shipped to your garden. When the cabin arrives, you may need to do some small assemblies here are there. Other than that, you can just place it in the decided area and you are done. It is just like a customised order, but because the investment is for the long-term, you need to be extra careful with the customisation you order. You can check out prefab cabin designs at our shopping platform,, which is undoubtedly the best place to buy a log cabin in UAE.

Luxury log cabins

The meaning of luxury is different for different people. Many of you will find timber mansion outrageously luxurious. While many of you are more focused on comfort being the topmost luxury factor. Depending on your preferences, you can have your log cabin infused with luxury factors. For example, you can have a hot tub, cinema corner, wine room, or something that make you feel relax. Other than that, aesthetics play a significant role in luxury. So, make sure you have intricate designs in a few corners or ceiling. You can explore some of the designs at our shopping search engine .

Scandinavian log cabins

Scandinavian is the perfect amalgamation of minimalism and functionality and so does infused to log cabins as well. You will find all the modern technologies in the Scandinavian log cabins along with minimalistic everything, yet they will be energy efficient and eco-friendly. Many of you when considering mobile homes, think of these styles the most. So, if you are right now exploring the perfect cabins to own, check out some of the cheapest log cabins or more products in the flexible budget range, and then decide the deal you want to fix.

Tips on how to buy Log cabins online

Buying a log cabin requires thought and consideration because you can’t just be stuck in the middle with nowhere to go. Plus, the investment is huge and for a long-time, so spend ample hours or days in the research part. Despite choosing the quality raw materials and planning the overall structure, there are some tiny details or should we say a process that you need to follow while exploring the variants. Here, we have compiled some of the pointers to lead you in the right direction.

  • The place to install – The placement is important to decide prior to anything else because this would decide the size and shape of your log cabin. A major tip while choosing the place is not to be too close to trees and bushes because wet leaves on timber wood can damage your cabin in the long run. Also, think of the purpose. If you are planning to build a gym, office, or workshop, you would be better away from direct sunlight. Likewise, contemplate your decisions based on your purpose and damage that might happen.
  • Size of the log cabin – Once you know how much space you have for the log cabin, you can then consider the size. Base size, internal measurement, external measurement, and the roof overhang – everything needs to be considered. Furthermore, if you think you would have more needs in future, you should consider this point too whether you can expand the already built cabin or have a bigger space now.
  • Explore the different styles – Apex roof design, pent-roof design, off-set apex roof design are some of the styles available. Depending on your local climate and personal preference, you can choose the style you want. For example, apex roofing protects the roof and overall cabin from rain.
  • Protective roof covering – Apart from choosing the appropriate style, protection is what you should think of next. Here, we are talking about protection from rain, dust, and snow. High-quality roofing felt can do the job here. You can choose the colour and design that will match the aesthetics of your cabin.
  • Windows and door styles – You have many options for door and windows. Some of them include full pane, euro style, Georgian style, fully boarded, or even PVC. You can get a catalogue from the builder or check them online, whatever option feels you right. But make sure that you invest time in choosing the right style, design, and aesthetics.

We hope the tips have given you a broad brush of what buying a log cabin is all about. You may proceed further by exploring the products at our product search engine as we have multiple brands and online shops containing the list of almost all of their products. You can also check out log cabin for sale online in UAE and see if you find something interesting to add to your shopping cart.

Question & Answer

Where to buy a log cabin online in UAE?

You can always head to our shopping platform, for your garden supplies. It could be the whole garden house or interior in it – you will get everything here under one roof. Speaking of log cabins, there are authentic online shops wherein you can grab the best deal by comparing your product from lots of other brands. And by saying that, we mean we have an endless products list with advanced filters, so you don’t end up getting confused about what to buy. Hop in now and see for yourself.

Why build a log cabin?

There are these top three legitimate reasons as to why should you invest in log cabins building?  The first reason is these cabins being energy efficient as compared to traditional homes. The second reason is the aesthetics, and it can be the perfect place for you to escape, take a break, and relax for a while. The third reason is that these are economical and a long term investment. There are people out in the world who are living full-time in log cabin homes and proving the economic point being true. If you think of a single reason, you can invest in log cabins without any doubt.

Which is the best log cabin to buy?

Log cabins are all about aesthetics, which is why you need to be careful of the wood you buy. Certified material is what we are pointing towards here. Once you have arranged the raw materials, it is time that you invest time in making your log cabin energy smart. All in all, a log cabin with proper planning and quality material is the best you can have. For materials, you can check out our retail search engine . And for planning, do more and more research, ask your friends, family, and experts are also a call away in case of any trouble.

Which log cabin do I need?

The choice of log cabins will depend mostly on the size of the cabin you are planning to have. Also, if some of you are planning to have a cabin on wheels, you need to know that would require a different set of materials. Not all log cabins are created equal. They need to appear homely just by their looks because that’s the point of having them. So, put quality on top, plan the best out of everything, and prepare a budget for it. Maybe the budget won’t allow you to have a big cabin, but at least you won’t compromise with the quality.

We hope you are now ready to make all sort of planning and buying for a log cabin. If yes, then it is indeed the right time to explore the variants available in the market. Maybe the choices available will give you an idea of building a unique log cabin. can prove to be an excellent platform to commence your shopping. We are sure you will get what you have been thinking all along.

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