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About Sauces

In cooking, sauce refers to cream, liquid or semi-solid foods that are served or used in preparing any food item. Most of the time, sauces usually are consumed on their own.  

Sauces are meant to add moisture, visual appeal, and flavour in any dish. Possibly, Garum is the oldest recorded sauce which is used as a fish sauce in Ancient Roam. Sauces always need a liquid component and are an essential element in cuisines across the globe.  They can be used for both savoury and sweet dishes. Today they are prepared and served both in the cold form (as mayonnaise, Chili Sauces, Dressings, Ketchup, or Mustard) and cooked form like apple sauce, Curry Sauces, or Stir-Fried Sauces. They are freshly cooked in a restaurant, but you can also make them at home or get a readymade sauce from any store online.  

Mother sauces that can work with most recipes 

With varying cuisines across the globe and the number of flavours in every traditional setting, it is obvious to have hundreds of types of sauces. However, many special types of sauces can be listed as the jack of all trades. These sauces come with a unique combination of taste and ingredients that can mix and match with any dish, adding value to look and taste of your meal. At times you can add them in your recipe while cooking (as in Soy Sauces) or can serve on the table (as in BBQ Sauces or Garlic Sauces). But you can also enjoy having some sauces that can work fine for all of your flavourings needs no matter what you are planning to serve to guest. Here are some basic sauces you might want to have in your kitchen. 

Bechamel Sauce  

The bechamel sauce is the simplest of all the mother sauces mostly because it does not require making a stock. It also contains fundamental ingredients like flour; milk; and clarified butter. This sauce is made by thickening milk with white roux. Later you can flavour it with cloves, onion, and nutmeg. To add taste simmer, it until it turns creamy with a velvety smooth texture. It falls under the category of pasta sauces. So, you can use it in all types of baked pasta recipes like Lasagna or in casseroles. It is also a base for the most commonly used white, cream and cheese-based sauces.  

Velouté sauce 

It is another, relatively simpler mother sauce. It is made by thickening white stock with roux and simmering it for a while. Here the chicken velouté made of chicken stock is a common type. However, you can also find veal velouté and fish velouté. Each of these come from their respective secondary mother sauce. For instance, chicken velouté is fortified with cream and becomes a supreme sauce. At the same time, veal velouté is made by thickening egg yolks and cream to make Allemande sauce.  Some other velouté family members are Normandy sauce; Bercy sauce; mushroom sauce; herb seafood sauce; and Hungarian sauce. 

Espagnole sauce 

Sometimes it is also known as brown sauce and is slightly more complex than a mother sauce. It is made by thickening brown stock with a roux. In that sense, it is similar to the velouté.  The difference is that it is made with tomato puree and some mirepoix is added for flavour and deeper colour. The brown stock is made of roasted bone. This sauce is traditional further refined to get deep, rich flavoured sauce known as demi-glace. This demi-glace it also a starting point for a wide range of sauces. Robert sauce, chasseur sauce, and port wine sauce are some of the family members.   

The classic tomato sauce 

A tomato sauce is the most commonly used member of the family across the globe. This sauce resembles much with the traditional tomato sauce that we use on pasta and pizza. The only difference is that classic tomato sauce is richer in taste and requires a few additional steps to make. Here you will need to start by rendering the salt pork and sauté aromatic vegetables. Next, you will need to add stock, tomatoes, and ham bones to let simmer in the oven for a few hours. The oven process will help better cooking by evenly spreading the heat. Some family members here are Spanish sauce, creole sauce, Portuguese sauce, and Provençale sauce that you can find online.

Tips on how to buy Sauce online in the UAE 

No matter if you are looking forward to buying the best BBQ sauce or want some cheap hot sauce going to a retail search engine can solve all your saucing needs. This is where you can find top brands to compare and buy products from. However, with so many brands online, it is difficult to make a wise decision. Therefore, before you head to make a purchase, know your needs and recipes properly. Once you have a clear idea of what you want to cook for the night, head to an online shop for placing order. Here you will need to keep the following pointers in mind while choosing the sauce of the night.  
  • Know your dish – All recipes have varying needs of sauces and add on flavours. So, before you head to buy, check if you will need sauce for grilled chicken or you will need sauce for fish fillet. Both will deliver you different results and cannot be used alternatively.  
  • Choose a brand – When it comes to food and beverages, quality is of core importance. Luckily, there are dozens of brands selling quality products online. They are time-saving, will last longer and can offer you the ease of use. So, choose your favourite brand to search for a sauce. 
  • Think about quantity – Readymade sauces are processed in a way to stay fresh for longer. So, you can keep a huge amount as spare in your fridge. It is always better to buy bigger servings as they are economical, and it is always better to have some extra for emergencies.  
  • Check the ingredients – Once you get hands on the product you want, its time to dig deeper. You can read the list of ingredients in the product description section to know what is in the package for you.  
  • Consider the price – Branded items are always a bit expensive as compare to what you can invest in making them at home. But if you are short of time or looking for comfort, use the price comparison tool at to find economical, sauces from top brands.  
  • Read reviews – If you are buying a sauce or brand for the first time, check for the reviews. It would be best if you went to the customer review section to read what previous users have to say about the taste, look and other features of the sauce. Always buy top-rated products.  
From all types of Cocktails Sauces and Grill Sauces to Juspoeder, Pesto, Sambal, or Sate sauces, gives you access to all the branded items with few clicks. However, it is important to search a few brands before picking up any product. When it comes to online shopping, comparison, and market search is the key to success. For any doubts, you can always reach out to your mother or aunt for assistance and to decide which of the yummy sauces will be adding more taste and value to whatever you are cooking for the special occasion.

Question & Answer

What sauce goes with salmon?

If you are making salmon for your dinner or guests, you can add up spice and taste to the dish with some simple yet delicious sauces. Here, expert chefs recommend using Cheese sauce; Dill sauce; Lemon butter sauce; Garlic and lemon butter sauce; Honey and garlic sauce or White sauce.  The selection of sauce might vary based on what type of salmo9n you are making and what flavour you want on your dish.

What sauce goes with tortellini?

Every dish has its taste and demands a unique set of dips and sauces to add on the taste and charisma of the recipe. For the same reason when it comes to tortellini, some unique sauces can add up the flavour. Here you can use garlic butter sauce, Tomato cream sauce, Garlic parmesan sauce, and different types of pasta sauces. Here you can also use Cheesy baked tortellini marinara sauce or Pomodoro sauce depending on personal preferences.

Which sauce is good for weight loss?

Interestingly, besides, adding taste, dips and sauces can bring many health and beauty benefits for the users. For instance, hummus is super tasty and healthy. According to many, it is a healthier alternative to ketchup and mayo. Also, the protein-loaded hummus helps shed weight. Likewise, you can use the mustard sauce if you wish to soothe your taste buds while cutting some pounds.

Where to buy tzatziki sauce online in the UAE?

You can explore any retail search engine to find all the possible options in sauces from top brands. At you can find sauces and all types of dips top brands like Huy Fong, Louisiana, Sir Kensington's, Malabon, Goody, UFC, or MF. Here you can also use the unique price comparison tool to find budget-friendly, fresh, and yummy sauces online in the UAE. Even if you are not concerned about the price, we would recommend you check and compare products from different brands before making a purchase. To help you with your search and comparison process, also gives you access to products at top shops like Ali Express. Search, compare, buy, and enjoy the best sauces in town with