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About Chilli Sauces

People have been using chillies and chilli sauces for a really long time. However, there has been a massive rise in popularity of them in the last couple of decades. The reason is the rising popularity of Asian cuisine across the world.

Sometimes, even thinking about a dish or a condiment can make your mouth water. We don’t know exactly why our bodies do that. However, we know that chilli sauce is one such thing. Simply think about it, and your lips will start to tingle and your nose sniffles. It is not a surprise that hot sauce is a key ingredient in many of your favourite food items. It can be used in a few different ways as well. This article will tell you everything you need to know about the chilli sauces. You will also find some tips that you can use when you are shopping so that you can find the right sauce for you.

Four best chilli sauces that you can buy

Some years ago, if you were shopping for chilli sauces, you only had a handful of options to select from. But those days are gone now. These days, if you go into any physical store or go on an online store, plenty of hot sauce brands and flavours will welcome you. Therefore, it becomes much harder to make a choice. Here is a list of four best chilli sauces. Having a better understanding of these and knowing what factors make them good, you can make better purchase decisions when you are shopping for chilli sauces.

Bull’s Eye Red Hot Chilli Sauce

This chilli sauce is specifically formulated as a barbecue sauce. Therefore, it has a thicker consistency than other sauces in this list. Furthermore, the flavour is a bit more intense as well. If you are using this sauce for anything other than marination, treat it like hot sauce and do not use it generously on anything. The flavour of this sauce also contains a touch of onion and subtle hints of ginger. Because this is a barbecue sauce, it doesn’t mean that vegans cannot use it. This sauce will work as a great combination with grilled vegetables as well.

Tan Rosie’s Garlic & Pepper Sauce

You should be really cautious while using this sauce. This is a hot sauce with a burning taste that is long-lasting. Using it a little more than you should will leave your eyes and nose watery and your tongue scarred. There is no doubt that if somebody ranked hot sauces based on their heat, this sauce would be among the top five. That being said, this sauce is an absolute blessing for all the heat freaks out there. This is the option if you want to make something really spicy and hot. You will also get some hints of garlic through the heat as well.

Smoky Chipotle Chilli Sauce

Finally, here is a bit milder chilli sauce that is suitable for dipping some chips. This sauce is only mildly hot, and therefore you can use this as a burger sauce and also as a dip. The consistency and colour of this sauce are also similar to a typical burger sauce. One distinctive characteristic of this sauce is its strong, tangy taste of smoked jalapeno and vinegar. What makes it one of the best chilli sauces is that it manages to balance the kick of the chilli while without being too hot. The subtle flavours that lie beneath the heat of the chillies are also great.

Sauce Shop Sriracha Chilli Sauce

If you are a fan of old school types of hot sauces, this one is probably the best option. When you consider the flavour of this sauce, it might not be as innovative as other ones on this list. It just has a plain good old flavour of red chillies. This simplicity is also its key attraction. If you want a sauce to add on top of scrambled eggs or to dress a salami pizza, there is no other chilli sauce better than this. This is also from Sriracha, which is one of the world’s best brands for condiments. The texture and consistency of it are also way different than other more modern sauces.

Tips on how to buy Chilli Sauces

Finding the right chilli sauce can be harder than you might think. Because there are so many different types of them from so many different brands, shopping for sauces can feel a bit overwhelming, especially if you are shopping online for them for the first time. However, finding the right one can be easier if you know what factors to consider while shopping. Here are the tips that you can follow in order to find the best chilli sauce for you.

  • Heat of the sauce – Select your spice level before you start shopping. If you are going to use the chilli sauce for your morning eggs, you shouldn’t use a ghost pepper sauce for that. Therefore, you should consider how hot the sauce is before buying it. If you want to know exactly how hot a chilli sauce is, there is a special scale called Scoville scale that specifically measures the heat of chilli sauces.
  • Flavour – There are a couple of factors that determine the flavour of a chilli sauce. First one is the type of chilli that the sauce uses. Even though the main feature of all chillies is the heat itself, chillies have other characteristics as well that affect the final taste of the sauce. Those subtle tastes are hard to describe, though. Secondly, there will be other ingredients as well in the sauce that determines the taste of the sauce.
  • Sugar and salt – Almost all chilli sauces that you find in the market will contain at least some amount of sugar and salt. This might be at a reasonable level for healthy individuals. However, if you have health conditions that might get worse if you eat sugar or sodium, then you should be more careful about the sauces that you use. Therefore, read the list of ingredients to find out the amount of added sugar and sodium in the sauce.
  • Other important things – Apart from the three above tips there are a few minor things to look for. The first one of them is the expiry date of the product itself. But the way to check the expiry date of a product online is different from how you would in a physical store.

There are many other sauces you can try besides chilli sauces. These include barbecue sauces, curry sauces, garlic pastes, grill sauces, ketchup, mayonnaise, and pasta sauces. The great part is that you can find them easily using our shopping search engine It will also let you compare the costs of products from different brands and pick the right one. Finally, don’t forget to see other amazing products from the Food & Beverage category.

Question & Answer

Are chilli sauces healthy?

What makes a chilli sauce different from any other sauces is the presence of capsaicin. It is the compound that gives chillies their heat. Studies show that capsaicin is an amazing antioxidant. It also has anti-inflammatory and can prevent the effect that carcinogenic substances have on the body. But most chilli sauces also contain other ingredients as well, including sugar and salt. So even though capsaicin might be good for the body, you should still not consume too much chilli sauce as it can increase the blood sugar and sodium levels.

Is chilli sauce vegan?

Most of the time, chilli sauces are vegan. They only contain chilli paste, vinegar, water, citric acid, garlic, sugar, salt, and other flavouring substances. Also, the chances are that, if you are buying a regular chilli sauce from your local supermarket, you will be getting a vegan sauce almost all the time. However, there are chilli sauces that contain non-vegan ingredients as well. Non-vegan ingredients that are used in hot sauces include cream, shrimp, and fish. These ingredients add a unique flavour to the sauce. So, unless these ingredients are not present in a chilli sauce, you can be sure that it is a vegan sauce.

What can you use instead of chilli sauce?

It is frustrating when you find a great recipe online, and it has chilli sauce in the list of ingredients, and that is the exact thing you don’t have. But that doesn’t mean now you have to make a quick run to the store or postpone your plan to prepare the dish. There are some clever workarounds if you don’t have chilli sauce. A chilli sauce is basically a mixture of chillies with other flavouring agents. In case you don’t have chilli sauce, you can use very spicy ketchup in its place. But because spicy ketchup will be much sweeter than hot sauce, you will have to compensate for that when you add sugar to the recipe.

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