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About Mustard

You are out here buying your favourite mustard or trying something new, and we are sure you will find more variants than in your local store. That is what online shopping is all about – it saves your time and allows you to make no compromises regarding your food preferences. So, explore all and see where it takes.

Mustard is a condiment, and for those who do not know, the condiment is a product that enhances the flavour of foods & beverages. You can use it in many different variations like sauce, seeds, oil, spreads, or any other preparation you like to add to your dishes. While you already know this, any store-bought condiment is a product of many different ingredients. So, whenever you buy one, we suggest peeking into the ingredients list for your own good. After all, you should know and understand the product you are about to consume.

Types of mustard

There are primarily three types through which many varieties have been derived. So, the three main types are white, brown, and black mustard. Out of all, the white one has medicinal properties. It is indeed used in foods but more like a herb. Brown variant is the most common and is used as oil in various dishes. Then, the black one is commonly a spiced variant. These colours refer to the colour of seeds grounded with a liquid to make a paste, such as the best mustard sauce for cornered beef. Some of the common liquids are lime, water, vinegar, beer, wine, verjus, and more.

Honey mustard sauce

As the name implies, this product has a sweet flavour, but many products are sweeter than others. You can easily use them in kid-friendly foods or salad dressings. You can use it in any way you like, depending on your acquired taste. And to buy honey mustard sauce online in Dubai, just hop on to our online shops, and you will find plenty of options to choose from. Typically, the mustard and honey ratio is one-to-one, but other ingredients add to the sweetness and flavour. If we talk about the type used in this product, it is usually yellow seeds.

Ketchup and mustard

Some of you like the flavour of these two condiments when mixed together, while some equally hate it. No matter what, you would see both of these bottles stacked up on your table when you visit most of the fast food or other restaurants. They are the best combinations on top of hot dogs and hamburgers. You can explore some of the best mustard sauces for ham on our platform – You can be creative and make spicy ham glaze or have smoked ham with sweet country mustard.

Heinz mustard

Heinz is indeed one of the premium brands when it comes to listing the best products worldwide. It claims to give you the best variety of stone-ground seeds. You will find products of yellow and brown variants in different flavours. Also, they come in fancy upside-down ready-to-squeeze bottles. You can easily squeeze the sauce on top of your cooked dishes and make it look good. You can explore some of the best mustard sauce brands other than Heinz at our shopping platform and see what interests you the most.

American mustard

Yellow mustard is one of the milder versions commonly known as American’s favourite. The addition of turmeric gives it the yellow colour it is famous for. The Hellmann brand has got one exactly like the American style. Likewise, you can also find English, Chinese, and French-style sauces. The Colman brand can give you the original English variant. Likewise, you can explore more such authentic products at our shopping platform that is

Tips on how to buy Mustard Sauce

Although mustard is a very common product found in most kitchens, you getting to know more about it is a way of expanding your taste buds. As we tend to acquire a taste of the product we use daily in our diet, we do not let any change happen to that. But maybe there is something better waiting for you. And although buying mustard is not a daunting task, the varieties you see might confuse it. There are some points you should consider before buying mustard online in UAE.

  • The food choice – The mustard that will blend perfectly with hamburger might not taste good with your greens, pasta, or mashed potatoes. So, you can choose the one depending on the type of food you usually eat. You can even search the recipe online and see the flavour of the mustard sauce that will go with it. You see, baking the mustard when using as a dressing works the best, while other times, you just spread or drip it – the choice is yours.
  • The flavour pick – You have the choice of picking mild to strong flavours. You can choose sweet honey mustard for kids or go with a spicy one to make your favourite smoked ham. There are more flavours than just two that you can explore online. We would say checking the specifications list to know the intensity of flavour would help you pick the right product.
  • Choose the category – Oil, sauce, spread, or having just seeds to make your own preparation are the choices you can look up to. Frying potatoes with mustard oil gives the dish an awesome flavour, while using it as a spread on your sandwich makes it a totally different product. You cannot switch the product between the two dishes. However, you can do as many kitchen experiments as you like.
  • Check ingredients – It is so crucial to check the specifications list of the product, especially the ingredients. It becomes imperative if you have food allergies. The condiments are made with wine, vinegar, lime, beer, and many other liquids. If you happen to have food allergies to any of these ingredients, you might have to switch to other variants.

We hope these tips will help you make an informed decision. Along with these tips, we would also like to list some brands. You can keep them handy while shopping and comparing the product with each other. The list includes Grey Poupon, French’s, Maille, Colmans, and many more. You can find them all or even more on our shopping search engine. If you do not want to start with a specific brand, you can just hop on to our platform and search for top-rated mustard sauces.

Question & Answer

Is mustard sauce healthy?

Yes, mustard sauce is a much healthier option than many other condiments. A teaspoon of mustard usually has less than five calories, no sugar, no fat, and 55mg of sodium. Mustard seeds from which the sauce originate is loaded with vitamins and minerals. The other ingredients used in the condiment has their benefits. For example, turmeric has shown strong anti-inflammatory benefits in studies worldwide. While you shop for one, you can click on all the images and see the ingredients list to find more. You can also find nutritional information that can further add to the facts.

What is hot mustard?

Hot mustard is a mixture of dry mustard powder and water, which creates a chemical reaction that produces a sharp, spicy taste. You may also want to cook the mixture with the dish you would like to serve. It all depends on the aftertaste you enjoy the most. The after-cooked taste is slightly mild than what you get by drizzling the sauce on the top of your dish. Also, you can add more ingredients to it, such as cayenne pepper that gives an aftertaste of sweet corn syrup. So, that is hot mustard for you. You can have it premade or prepare fresh every time. There is no difference in the taste, but a premade sauce saves your time cooking the dish.

Which is the best mustard sauce?

You can rely on many brands for the best sauce. Grey Poupon brand’s Dijon mustard is one such product. It is a pure mixture of seeds, citric acid, wine, salt, and preservatives. If you do not like to have your sauce with wine, you can have French’s product prepared from distilled vinegar. Further ingredients you will see in this product include natural flavours, garlic powder, salt, turmeric, paprika, and spices. There are many other brands with the ingredients you like to have in your product. You can explore them all on our online shops.

Where to buy mustard sauce in UAE?

Our product search engine can be an excellent platform to buy mustard sauce in the UAE. You can expect multiple brands and all of their flavours under one roof – pretty much better than your local stores. Some of the brands you will see here include Hellmann’s, Thomy, and Zatarain’s. Well, Hellmann’s honey & mustard product is quite popular. You can also buy Thomy’s medium mustard in a tube prepared from whole mustard seeds and is medium hot. Likewise, there are many other variations that can blend well with your recipes. Check out now!