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Assorted Nuts
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Mixed Nuts, Chocolate & Raisins
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About Salts

Since the time people around the world have been sharing their cultures online, there has been massive fusion we see in foods. And for all the foodies out there, it is like a treat every day. Out of all the food ingredients, we see multiple varieties of salts across the globe. So, if you have been using table salt your whole life, it is really time for new additions.

Salt is one of the essential ingredients in cooking, baking, dressing, seasoning, and whole culinary arts. Professionals chefs may or may not have their personal favourite. Some prefer to infuse the local taste while some make it a fusion recipe. Depending on the taste and flavour, every ingredient is chosen, be it salt or the main vegetable. So, if you are wondering why can’t you make restaurant-style dishes, it is these small ingredients that matter. Here, we are talking about a few popular types that you may have heard a lot but really doesn’t understand the difference. The information here may give you a broad-brush, so you can experiment with your home food and create magic.

Health benefits of salts

Salt is sodium chloride that goes to your body and regulates the fluids flow and maintains the blood pressure as well. So, what happens when you eat more than required for a long time. Your kidney has a sodium water balance that it maintains. So, when sodium level increase, it has to retain water as well in order to maintain the balance. Thus, you see bloating and swelling in your body. 2g sodium is enough for you on a daily mean, irrespective of the type of product you have in your kitchen. You might have seen brands marketing their products as having more health benefits. Well! There isn’t much difference as per the industry experts. You can see price variations though – check out the pink salt price in UAE.

Sea salt versus table salt

The consumer market is divided as many of you feel sea salt has more health benefits while others feel completely opposite. However, the truth is both these products have the same basic nutritional value. The only difference lies in their processing, and that table one is iodised. Table salt is mined from underground deposits and then heavily processed. On the other hand, sea salt is evaporated from ocean water followed by little processing. They both are one of the best salt for cooking when used in moderate amounts.

Bamboo salt

Bamboo salt or as it is called in Korean, Jugyeom, is a unique product on which many medical claims have been traced. For example, this product claims to prevent the growth of oral cancer in mice. Along with that, it has many other medical applications in inflammation, ulcer, and external wounds. It seems it is all due to a special method used to obtain this product. In it, bay salt is packed in a thick bamboo stem and baked nine times, which claims to neutralise the impurities and maintain the ion balance. Other than cooking, there are various other benefits that this world has been practising for years. You can explore bamboo salt at our shopping platform,

Lemon salt

Well! This product is a mixture of sea salt and lemon zest. The type of lemon used creates different variations, which you will see while looking for the products online. But the question is, why do we have to flavour the salt? You can rim your margarita with it, sprinkle on your veggies, use it for seasoning, and experiment with the flavour in your cooking. You can even make this product yourself. There are lots of online recipes you can find. And about ingredients, you can buy sea salt crystals online in Dubai from our product search engine.

Tips on how to buy Salts online

Do you really need a guide to buying such a common product? If you are a conscious eater, then we believe, yes you do. We do not ask you to entirely depend on what we have written here because everybody’s mechanism has different needs, which is why we tend not to write in-depth stuff. After all, we are no health experts. Instead, we try to aware you of the varieties available, so you know the alternatives you have. You may contact a dietician or health expert to learn the type and intake best for you or your family. Here, we have compiled a few points that you should keep in mind as an aware consumer.

  • Know where the product comes from – Your geographical location, weather conditions, soil type, and more such factors involves when it comes to food. If you read somewhere about a product and its health benefits, it might not add many benefits to your body simply because you have different mechanisms due to the factors we just said. So, consider having local cuisines or food supplement. Or if your region is wholly dependent on imported substances, you should read the ingredients and do some exercise to validate their authenticity.
  • Do not stick to one type – There are so many different types available in the market. We know most of the families just stick to table salt and have kept it for years. If you do agree to that, then maybe it is time to change. For example, you can have crystals without them being iodised for your cooking and table salt for salads and seasoning. Likewise, you can have black salt, sea salt, kosher salt, or even more. Once you start having varieties, you will start feeling the difference in taste, which is good for your taste buds as well.
  • Consider the flavour too – Many of you are not aware of the flavours available in the market. There are salts in the flavour of garlic, rosemary, pinot noir, chilli lime, and many more. These products are probably used for dressing and buttering the dishes on top to add a dash of surprise. If you like experimenting with your foods, these flavours may sound happiness to your ears.
  • Keep note of the texture you are buying – You will find flaky textures, crystals, and finely ground products. All of them tend to infuse into the food and bring out the flavours of the ingredients. Flaky and crystal kinds can fulfil your craving of having a salt-rich meal once in a while. If you have the varieties readily available, you may know which one to use at that moment. You can even buy crystals or stones and crush them using a stone grinder to suit your level of consistency.

We hope the tips above would have broadened the perspective of buying salts. If you love cooking or you are a foodie, then you must experiment with your food ingredients. Acquiring a specific taste is all good, but there is nothing more exciting than having different flavours of the same dish. So, do your research, and check out all kinds at our shopping search engine. Here, we would also like to list some brands to ease out your shopping drive. Some of the names include Himalayan kitchen, Salt Sea, Aquaforest, Salts Mill, Kirkland, Signature, Maldon, Morton, and Natierra.

Question & Answer

What salt does to your body?

Salty is one of the six human tastes, and it is essential in terms of providing minerals to the body. Salt is actually sodium chloride out of which sodium is the one that provides salty flavour. When it is mixed into your food and goes inside the body, it breaks down into sodium and chlorine. Then, it does its function of controlling the blood pressure and regulation of fluids. Thus, a teaspoon full in your food is necessary for your body without which you may develop a deficiency followed by severe issues. But too much or too little of it can also cause repercussions.

What type of salt should you use for margaritas?

Kosher type is the best that you can use in your margaritas. This type of salt has wide and coarse grains as compared to the normal table type. Also, this type is not iodised, which seems to be the reason why it is used in margaritas. When you use table one for your drink, it makes it too intense, and that is not what you want. You can also try the drink with sea salt, which is equally preferable by professionals.

How much is salt intake too much for your body?

Experts suggest the quantity of 2.4g sodium enough for an adult. This amount is almost a teaspoon of salt per day, which you may be consuming through the food you cook. However, quantity differs when it comes to children of different age and babies. Well, babies should not be given salt because their kidneys are not fully developed at that time. Children, on the other hand, can have 0.8gram to 2gram sodium with growing age.

What happens if your salt intake is more than required?

A salt-rich diet can have short-term and long-term effects. Now, when we say more-than-required intake, it means you are taking too much quantity for quite some time. Once in a while, heavy salting in food doesn’t count here. So, short-term effects are body puffing and bloating. Most probably, you will see swelling in your hands. Now, high blood pressure is one long-term impact of a salt-rich diet. Genetics and hormones have a lot to say about your salt sensitivity. So, take a plunge and see if your family has had any such issues, and if there was, it is time you maintain the level too.

Where to buy Himalayan salt in Dubai?

A versatile Himalayan product is one of a kind. You can find it at our shopping platform, Not just this one, but you will find several other varieties as well. We have this whole section of Food & Beverage under which Dubai’s well-known online shops showcase thousands of products. You can explore all of them, even compare the prices with the ones from where you usually shop, and take maximum benefit by cracking a good deal of discounts.

There is nothing like you should measure the quantity of food in your meal every day. The core part is balancing the intake, and if you can do that, you can manage to have your favourite meals and still be healthy. Well, our retail search engine does fulfil both your cravings. Here, you can buy healthy as well as not-so-healthy foods.