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About Peanuts

Whether you want them slightly toasted, sweet, or salted, peanuts are always quick, and nutritional snacks. Peanuts in their simplest form (roasted or raw) provide a wide range of fibres, healthy fats, and proteins necessary to keep you healthy and active. 

Peanuts are also known as goober, groundnuts, monkey nut or pindar. It is a legume crop grown for its edible seeds. It is majorly produced in tropic and sub-tropic regions of the world. It is classified both as a grain (due to legume) and an oil crop (due to its high oil content). Unconventional to most of the legume crop plants, these nut pods are developed underground. These groundnuts are either consumed as raw, salted peanuts or available in specially treated forms like toffee peanuts or deep-fried peanuts. One way or another, these nuts can make an essential part of your daily nutrition needs.  

Reasons why you should start eating peanuts daily   

They mainly come from South America. There are different types of peanut products available across the globe. You will find it in simple roasted peanut form, or it will be available as salted peanut, peanut butter, jams etc. At times, these products will include flour, peanut oil, and proteins. These nuts are used in a variety of food like cakes, snacks, sauces, desserts, and confectionery. They are rich in proteins and many other nutrients including; fats, fibres, sugar, crabs, and Omega 3 and 6. Here are some reasons why you should have them in your diet today.  

Peanuts protein and fats 

They are rich in edible fats and are classified as oilseeds. This is why a large number of peanuts are cultivated for their oil known as Arachis oil. In peanuts, the fat content ranges from 44 to 56%. It mainly contains mono and polyunsaturated fats, most of which is made up of oleic and linoleic acids. In comparison, they are also a good source of proteins that range from 22 to 30% of the total calories. It makes them the greatest source of plant-based proteins. It commonly contains contracting and reaching that is effective in curing many severe allergies.  

Mineral and Vitamin content 

They are an excellent source of a wide range of minerals and vitamins. It contains Biotin which is important during pregnancy. In the meantime, the copper contents help in dealing with heart issues, and niacin or Vitamin B3 takes part in supporting many body functions, including reducing the risk of strokes. They also contain vitamin B9 and folic acids that are important for pregnant ladies. Meanwhile, they also offer Vitamin E as a powerful antioxidant and Thiamine as a part of Vitamin B and B1. It helps in converting carbs into energy for your heart, nervous system, and muscles.  

Crabs in Peanuts 

They are also an impressive source of providing the most accurate amount of carbohydrates for your body. Here the amount of crab content is at its minimum with only about 13 to 16% of net weight. Being low in carbs and rich in proteins, fibres, and fats the peanuts make a unique low of the glycaemic index, also known as GI. GI is the measure of how fast the crabs can enter the bloodstream after a meal. With a low glycaemic index, they are a suitable way to get all the needed nutrients in case of diabetes. 

Peanuts for weight loss 

Peanuts are widely appreciated for their role in weight maintenance.  Despite being high in calories and fats, these nuts do not play any role in adding weight. Some studies also claim that using peanuts can also help in maintaining a healthy weight and reduce the risk of obesity. However, if you wish to keep up with the daily needed nutrients intake and maintain a certain weight, you should follow a diet plan. You can consult your dietician to know how exactly you will need to include peanuts in your diet to maintain a healthy diet plan for weight loss.

Tips on how to buy Peanuts in bulk online in the UAE 

Luckily, many brands are offering cheap peanuts for sale online in the UAE. These brands are known and trusted for providing high quality reliable and hygienically processed foods and beverages, including nuts. However, choosing the best type of peanuts depends on the buyer. Being online support, we are here to help you by sharing some pointers on what to consider while buying peanuts online in the UAE. Checking on these points one by one can help you make a smart purchase for all your needs.

  • Dry or oil-roasted – Technically, there is a small calories difference between the two. Most of the fats you get come from the nuts and not from the oil. In most cases, oils are added while processing. So, you can pick whatever you prefer.
  • Read the processed items – In some cases, the roasting process increases the antioxidants. So before buying, you need to pay attention to added sodium in packaged nuts. If you have high blood pressure or are even at the brink of it, pick lightly or unsalted nuts only.
  • Avoid added content – You may also want to avoid using nuts with added sugar and oil contents that are usually introduced during processing. Treated nuts are generally expensive and might deliver you a distinct taste. But for health reasons, avoid processed nuts.
  • Go for organic – When it comes to seeds and nuts, try to be as raw and organic as you can. Here again look for organic, all-natural, non-hydrogenated peanut butter. These may not be smooth and well-looking as compared to processed items but are worth investing in.
  • The taste of nuts – Here you might need to consult the comment section where previous consumers have shared their experience about the taste and quality of the particular bag of peanuts you choose to buy. Look at the recommendations carefully before purchasing.

While choosing best-salted peanuts, there are several factors to consider. Firstly, the packaging of the nuts explains a lot about their condition and taste. Your desired item should be packed in a way that is airtight yet easier to open. Also, prefer buying products with reusable containers for storing your nuts in future as well. Here you will also need to consider the size of the box and the number of nuts. Although buying nuts in bulk will save you money, it is always better to have freshly roasted nuts and salts rather than using two months old items from your shelves.

Question & Answer

Which nuts have the most protein?

Different types of nuts have different levels of proteins in them. Among all we know until now, they are among the primary source of protein. About 1 ounce serving of raw peanuts can offer about 7.3g of proteins. Here almonds are closest to these nuts. Here 23 almonds or a one-ounce serving of almonds can provide about 6g of proteins. Other nuts that follow the two include; pine nuts, hazelnuts, walnuts, brazil nuts, cashews, and pistachios.

Are peanuts good for diabetics?

Yes, they are a good snack for people dealing with diabetes. According to studies, one ounce of peanuts contains about 161 calories, 4.57g carbs, 1.34g of sugar and about 2.4g fibre content. The same report also suggests that there is a low impact of these nuts on blood glucose levels. Also, they are rich with one glycaemic load and 14 glycaemic indices are one with the lowest GI food scoring. Which means they are best for diabetic patients. Therefore, they are marked as a safe and healthy snack for both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetic individuals.

Which is the best peanut for me

Some of the healthiest items that you can buy online are Crazy Richard’s 100% all-natural peanut butter; 365 everyday value organic peanut butter which is available in both unsweetened and slated flavours and Trader joe’s creamy no salt organic peanut butter. If you want 100R natural and unsalted peanuts, explore products from Adam’s. Many consumers also suggest buying Maranatha organic peanut butter and Santa Cruz organic peanut butter for all your nutritional and taste needs.

Where to buy peanuts online in the UAE?

To find the best processed and economic foods and beverages, explore a retail search engine online. This is where you can find bestselling products from top brands. At you can find products from top brands like Haldiram’s, Savanah, Nature’s Choice, Nutty Nuts’, American Harvest, Sona’s, or Peacock. Here you can also take advantage of a reliable and quick price comparison tool to compare and buy products from top brands while staying within your budget.