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Humans have yet developed six types of flavours, and crisps are one of the snacks that can give you all these flavours. These are available in countless varieties across the globe to suit the local taste. However, as we live where fusion food is a thing, you can see it in your packet of chips too. So, stop buying the same old snacks all the time and explore different flavours.

Crisps were first identified as water-thin slices of potatoes baked or fried until crisp. For so many years, we haven’t seen any other ingredient in it other than potatoes. Instead, we have seen experiments with flavours other than classic salted. And now, as we are into fusion foods more, potato crisps have levelled up. You can see flavour across the globe into one packet of crispy snacks. Budget-wise variations are also there. You can see products from cheap American crisps to exotic style products.

Crisps versus chips

Nowadays, both terms have been used interchangeably, but there used to be a difference between both the food items. Both are made from the same ingredient that is potato and is either baked or fried. But crisps are thinly sliced and served at room temperature. However, chips are served hot just like French fries. Also, chips are not as thinly sliced as crisp. You can check out some of the cheap multipack crisps at our shopping platform,


Here the first alphabet F stands for flavour, so it simply means flavour crisps. Because crisps were originally just baked or fried potatoes, frisps came into the picture with three classic flavours: ready salted, salt & vinegar, and cheese & onion. These are still one of the favourites or should we say that we have acquired the taste of all three of them. Whatever be the reason, they are still available in the market, if you would like to buy them. We have some of the best salt and vinegar crisps on our shopping search engine.

Rice crisps

As experiments with crisps started, the only ingredient is replaced with several other delicacies. Among all, rice chips have a separate fan base. They are super crispy and taste delicious. Also, rice ingredient is slightly more healthy than potato because it is low on fat and sugar. So, you can include them in your healthy diet too. However, their nutritional value is poor as most of the crisps products are made from white rice with less fibre and protein. If you are specifically looking for healthy alternatives, we suggest checking out some of the best crisps to eat on a diet.

Snap pea crisps

Another ingredient that has replaced potato successfully is peas. And these snap pea crisps are actually in the shape of a pea. It looks like the peas have been crushed to make a crisp. There are different brands that advertise their snap pea crisps, and some of them have the best vegan crisps. One thing you should note while having these type of crisps is that they are high in carbs but also high in protein in fibre as compared to potatoes. You should now know how to balance your mean to not increase your carbs intake.

Tyrell chips

Well! This bran claims to manufacture their potato crisps in the gentlest way possible. They buy local potatoes from their own farm and cook them by hand in small batches, which sounds interesting. If the brand is trying to add a personal touch to its products, it could not be better. You should check out their products and see if you like the variations they provide. Likewise, you can look up to other brands like Pringles, Wotsits, Lays, Chips Oman, and Tiffany.

Tips on how to buy Crisps online when you are on a healthy diet

Whenever we try to follow a healthy lifestyle, we completely cut off snacks as if everything unhealthy is coming from these crisps, which is not true. If you truly want a healthy lifestyle, you should do a lot more than just cutting your favourite food & beverage items out of your life. Plus, when your mind craves for a snack, you can’t have beetroot instead – you just can’t. So, here is what you can do to achieve your fitness goals without craving for unhealthy calories.

  • You tend to eat with your eyes first – Yes, we don’t crave for chips but for packaged food and outside food. In the same bag, if there are healthy beetroot snacks, you would eat them without creating any fuss. Alternatively, you can also try making your home-made food look good rather than having it same old style.
  • Look for healthy alternatives – Instead of cutting your favourite crisps, look for its healthy alternative. How? You can read the ingredients and see if it matches your daily intake as suggested by your dietician. If no, then you can adjust the quantity in other meals. Take your diet plan as a foundation, and make changes according to your body needs.
  • Exercise to burn calories – If you have eaten crisps that are high in calories, you always have an option to burn them by doing exercises. Do not make it a habit as your fitness goals would delay if you stuck in this cycle of eating calories and burning them.
  • Consume in proportions – Just because it is a healthy alternative, it is still a packaged food, which you should avoid. So, do not buy in bulk, open one pack, have some, and leave some for later cravings.
  • Research the brand and manufacturer – When you are opting for a health brand only, do not only check out one product, rather research the whole brand. The idea behind the inception, the manufacturer’s authenticity, and that he is willing to provide health benefits through his products. Also, he should maintain transparency. Check out if you can reach out to them in case of any queries about their product or not. Once you validate the brand as healthy, you won’t feel bad having their products.

Marching in a healthy brigade is not a daunting task, but a few initial months can be hardships. If you can get through these months, nothing can stop you after. So, gear up for tough work and determine yourself to follow the diet religiously. Our product search engine can help you grab all the health benefits of having crisps. You can explore top health brands and also explore crisps for sale online in UAE.

Question & Answer

What crisps can you eat on keto?

If you are not under expert’s supervision on your keto diet, we strongly suggest that you should. If you are randomly looking for snacks to eat while being on this diet, then pork rings come on top. These are zero carb snacks you can grab when feeling hungry. Here also, your dietician approval is a must. More such snacks are parmesan crisps spread with butter and jerky as a midnight meal. Out of all, many of you love jerky as a replacement.

Where to buy crisps online in UAE?

Crisps is one such snack that gets as versatile as you search more about it online. You can see multiple variations across the globe. Capturing every kind under one roof is slightly impossible, but we are sure our authentic online shops have got all you want. Check out our shopping platform, and you can see crisps of flavours, texture, and flexible budget range. Choose what you like and grab, or you can also buy in bulk.

Which crisps are the healthiest?

Ingredients and the process of preparation will tell you if a particular crisp is healthy or not. For example, beetroot crisp with less oil sounds like a healthy version. Likewise, you can check the package, read the ingredients, and check out the product’s health meter. You can also check one of the premium brands in the health market, that is Walkers. The claim to guarantee freshness in every packet and boasts of several other benefits. You can check them out at our shopping platform,

Which crisps have the lowest calories?

First of all, calories are not as bad as they are sources of energy. However, if you are consuming lots of calories and is not burning them through physical activities, then there may be an issue. So, if you don’t exercise much, it is good that you cut calories in your diet and thus having low-calorie snacks is a good option. You can check out products listed as some of the best crisps to eat on a diet. Or you can also grab Walker’s brand products. One packet of this brand’s crisps have 78kcals, which I quite less than other counterparts available in the market.

So, the market is full of products based on your need. You may be on a special diet to reach your fitness or medical needs, but that should not keep you away from nibbling your favourite snacks. Hence, you can find the perfect product that suits your needs and taste. And whatever brand or product you choose to buy, you will most definitely find it on our retail search engine.