My Little Pony Small Play N'Display With Pony
My Little Pony Small Play N'Display With Pony
My Little Pony Play-N-Display Travel Case Product Features: Toy Category: Pretend & Dress Up Recommended Age: 3 years and up Target Group: Girls Color: Multi 6 cube toy play with zip up feature and back fold down play mat Display feature and carry handle for transport Fill the bag with lots of your PONYVILLE pony figures and take them with you on all sorts of exciting adventures A convenient strap makes it easy for you to just sling it over your shoulder and go

About Peripherals

Are you looking for expanding the functionalities of your computer? Turn to high performing computer peripherals. Let us explore various input and output devices that bring life to your system. Towards the end, find some quick tips to find and purchase the best models effortlessly. 

Computer peripherals is an umbrella term for a range of input and output devices that make your computer function effectively. A lot of them are the external devices that allow you to input information. Like, keyboard, microphone, and webcam. On the other hand, output devices help you see, listen or print information such as monitor, speakers, and printers. Both are essential for the effective operation of your system. Whether you are planning to buy new ones or thinking for replacement, you need to deeply research.  There are so many options available in the market. Components vary based on their operation, brand, technology, price and many more factors. Read on to know more and find tips to buy computer peripherals online in the UAE. 

Things to know about peripherals

Whether you are using your PC for work or personal purposes, a set of devices are must to expand its functionalities. The communication with systems remains limited without them. Each device has a different function to perform. For example, through printers, you can take the information out of the computer in a portable form. On the other hand, the keyboard and mouse let you input things and interact with your system. Even if you understand their basic functions, the countless options available in the market can confuse you. So, on this page, we will unveil everything you must know about these devices.  

 Input devices like computer web camera, keyboard, mouse etc. 

As the name suggests, input devices let you input information into the computers. It can be a textual, audio or video information depending upon what medium you choose. Keyboard, mouse, microphone and webcam are some of the common input devices required in systems. Traditional keyboards used to have spring-based buttons, whereas the modern versions have virtual keys or projected keyboards. Speaking of the mouse, there are a lot of varieties you can choose from. Like, Bluetooth, optical, USB, laser, and vertical mouse. Apart from common ones, input devices also comprise of advanced items. Like, gamepad, paddle, game controller, fingerprint scanner, webcam and more. 

 Output devices like PC monitor, printer, speakers etc. 

Just like input devices, output devices are equally essential. These are the devices that let you perceive information in the form of textual content, video, audio, and even portable forms. PC monitor, printer, speakers, projectors/beamers, and headphones are some of the common accessories that enhance the functionalities of your system. You can get your hands on basic to advanced version depending upon the purpose of purchasing. For example, when it comes to PC monitor, gamers, office goers and graphic designers require different versions. Gamers require fast refresh rates but low response times. On the other hand, designers need monitors that offer a better resolution to see sharp images & colours.

Input/output computer peripherals

Some of the devices perform both the operations- giving input to the system and receiving the output. One of the popular examples is external hard drives. If you have used hard drives, you must have known that you can use it to store data of the computer and also place data in the machine. Other things include CD/DVD drive, USB flash drive, webcam and a headset with microphone. These devices come in basic to high-end and advanced models depending upon the task you want to accomplish. You can find them in a variation of storage spaces, functionalities and brands. 

Tips on shopping for Peripheral in Dubai

Finding the best hardware can be tricky due to a wide array of options available in the market. Devices such as keyboards, mouse, printer, and monitor appear to be a straight forward purchase. But, when you get into technicalities, you will realize how different technologies, features and models can make or break your PC experience. So, here are some tips that will help you choose the right devices.

  • Know what you need– Peripherals is an umbrella term for a number of input and output devices. Like, keyboard, mouse, PC scanner, computer webcam, monitors, multifunctional & copiers, printers, UPS and power supplies and more. So, before you head out for shopping, know what all devices you need.
  • Check for compatibility– Not all the devices will be compatible with all the PCs. So, while choosing any model, you have to check for compatibility. Eg., if want a high-resolution monitor for gaming or graphic work, make sure your graphic card is rated for high resolution.
  • Understand the type of devices– As a result of continuous advancement, we have many kinds of devices falling under one category. For example, if you want to buy the best computer monitor online, you can choose from LCD, LED, widescreen, curved screen, high-resolution monitor and more. In contrast, if you are purchasing a mouse, you can select from optical, USB, laser mouse and more varieties. Each type offers exclusive features. So, it is essential to understand the types.
  • Pick from good brands– When it comes to computer parts, paying attention to quality becomes necessary. There are thousands of brands you will find in the market. You must be having a hard time deciding which one would work the best & has better life. An easy way out is to rely on best brands like Samsung, LG, ASUS, Dell, BenQ, HP, ViewSonic, Siemens, Logitech, and Creative Cisco.
  • Purchase online– You can find computer devices from any local computer hardware or online store. However, if you go with the online options, you can avail many benefits. Like, you will be able to access a wide variety, better deals & convenience of getting the product delivered at home.

Now that you have through the tips, you must be eager to get the best hardware for your computer. If you are wondering where to find the best options, you are in the right place. At, we have brought together over 500 online stores that sell devices for computers at affordable prices. Moreover, you can use features like filters, sorting, and direct search to quickly find the components you are looking for. So, make no delay and find the best ones while stock lasts.

Question & Answer

What peripherals are there on a computer?

There are three main types of devices in a computer- Input devices, output devices and I/O devices. Input devices include the things that allow you input information in the computer like keyboard, mouse, touchpad etc.. In contrast, with the help of output devices, you can receive information like monitor, printer, speakers etc. Speaking of input/output devices, they are equipment that let you both input and receive information. Like, a webcam, hard drives etc.

Where to buy peripherals in UAE?

If you are in search of the best devices in the UAE, then you are the right place. At, you can find over 500 online stores that offer the best quality devices for computer. Moreover, in our product search engine, you can also compare prices in order to find products falling under your budget.

Which gaming peripherals should I buy?

If you want to enjoy endless hours of gaming fun, then you need to have a set of gaming devices. Gaming mouse, keyboard, PC gaming controller, gaming monitor & gamepad are some of the popular devices. They will improve your gaming experience. Whether you are planning to buy the best gaming PC monitor in the UAE or a gamepad, you are in the right place. Here, you can find hundreds of sellers and best brands.

Which monitor should I buy for gaming?

Choosing a gaming monitor is a lot different than selecting regular monitors. You have to look for a suitable resolution, refresh rates, adaptive sync, panel technology etc. The best gaming monitor is the one that has a high resolution and image clarity. Fast pixel response and high refresh rate are also required. Also, for a gamer, it is essential to consider either FreeSync or G-SYNC. It is required if you want no screen tearing while playing.

We hope that the above guide will take you to the correct products. If you are looking for the best collection of peripherals, you can find it right here. At, we have brought together hundreds of trusted and popular online stores. So, explore their collection and also compare prices to find product fitting your budget. Now, make no delay and grab the best hardware for your computer.