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Fleur Du Mal leopard print pyjama bottoms - White
Fleur Du Mal leopard print pyjama bottoms - White
Ivory and black leopard print pyjama bottoms from Fleur du Mal featuring a high rise, side pocket...

About Pyjama Pants

Kicking off those heels, taking off those skinny bottoms and slipping into a set of supremely comfortable, oh-so-easy pyjama pants! What feeling can be better than this? Timeless and ritualistic, wearing pyjama bottoms can help you unwind, feel comfortable and score a fabulous night’s rest. Because sleep is the key to keeping your body energised and healthy throughout the day. 

These days, the pyjama pants and sets are enjoying yet another renaissance in fashion. Before you snap up some cool cosies, you should see how this sleepwear became so popular. The word, pyjama and garment were included in the English language via a Bengali. This is during the British presence in India in the 18th and 19th centuries. Though initially known as the mogul’s breeches, they only became popular as loungewear for men and women from about 1870. People usually wore them underneath another item, which passed from the confines of the home to society. They remained a luxurious yet comfortable option for lounging until the beginning of the 20th century. The look continued its success in trendsetting and is now one of the sought items in fashion. 

Get a good night’s sleep with these excellent pair of pyjama pants

Gone are those days of unflattering tracksuits and super-silky bottoms. Yes, those designers have realised the need for the luxe-looking men’s and women’s lounge pants. Men and women, who sleep, eat and live for fashion will understand how rejuvenating they feel when they wear these fashionable pyjama pants and shirts. It might sound like a wacky idea to many. But fashion savvy men and women will agree that you need to look a class apart during your sleep time too. This is probably why you can find plenty of their styles to suit your every need. Still not convinced? Check out these types of pyjama pants that you can slip into and enjoy a good night’s sleep effortlessly. 

Long pyjama pants 

Never before has it been so fashionable to relax. With the long pyjama pants, you can indeed, pull off this whole philosophy of ‘slow living’ in a chic way. And because fashion is the mouthpiece for current cultural trends, even simply laying around at your home requires a tinge of style in it. The long pyjama bottoms offer more coverage and help you stay comfy throughout the night.  But dedicated fashionistas who would want to take trends one step further can wear these sleepwear bottoms for casual occasions too. However, you need to look for a style, material and pattern that best suits the event you intend to attend. This ensures that you’ll have the best pyjama pants even when you are wearing them for daily chores or running errands. 

Fleece pyjama pants 

Fleece is perfect if you’re looking for something soft, durable and economically friendly. Because you can find them in endless colours and imprinted with countless designs, fleece pyjama pants are a perfect choice if you intend to wear them out. Particularly in the colder weather conditions. Usually, the materials used in these pyjama pants and sets are a combination of cotton and spandex. This is probably one of the reasons why they are also considered the best pyjama pants to wear in winter. They are usually very strong, dry quickly and hold warmth. This is because the structure of the fleece pyjama pants makes air pockets that trap the body heat and keep the wearer warmer than the other material bottoms. Also, they are lightweight and require less maintenance. 

Women’s cotton pyjama pants  

Cotton is a soft, natural fabric grown from the cotton plant and has been used in textile for a long time. There are seemingly thousands of different kinds of attires made of cotton fabric, and sleepwear made out of them is the best. The pyjama pants and shirts that come in cotton material are incredibly breathable and allow easy air circulation to your skin. Moreover, they are soft, durable and easy to wash. It should also be noted that cotton does not insulate well. Therefore, if you are wearing such cotton pyjama pants, you tend to get cold at night. Perhaps you might want to keep a blanket handy. Also, cotton pyjama bottoms absorb a lot of moisture, which means if you sweat a lot at night, your fabric will keep you fresh and cool.

Tips on how to buy Pyjama Pants online

You do not want to go wrong when it comes to picking out the right night pants for ladies. Just as the perfect sleep environment facilitates a good night’s sleep, sleepwear also plays an equally important part. One needs a comfy sleep and great pyjama pants and shirt to help them fall asleep effortlessly. Therefore, you must be extremely careful while picking out your pyjama pants and shirts. Here are a few essential things that you need to keep when you buy the pyjama pants online in Dubai.

  • Evaluate the fabric – You need to be on the spot when it comes to the choice of materials for pyjama pants. The pants must feel good once you put them on. It should feel soft on your skin. Therefore, once you plan on buying the pants, be sure to pick the one that feels right and smooth on your skin. Some popular fabrics used in pyjama pants are cotton, silk, flannel, bamboo and blends.
  • Get the right fit – The pyjama pants mustn’t be body-hugging. Instead, you should focus on the fit that is loose and keeps you comfortable throughout your sleep. Haven’t you noticed? The looser the pyjama pants are, the cosier they feel. Also, ensure that the pants do not have too many buttons and zips, as they may make your sleep time disturbed and uncomfortable.
  • Keep an eye on the design – Of course, the design is a huge factor to ponder upon. Pyjama pants must be comfy and should easily fit any body type. Hence, opting for a product which has a rigid design can be counterproductive. Also, here, the seams and stitching play a significant role in the overall appearance. Therefore, refrain from choosing garments which have uneven and loose stitching.
  • Experiment with colours – The colour of the pyjama pants is also essential. Discard dark coloured pants and embrace soft and light-coloured ones. The soft tones not only make you look sober but also attributes a sound sleep. However, if you intend to wear the pyjama pants outside as casual wear, you can go for flashy prints and colours.
  • Consider the care – While looking out for pyjama pants online, you must also consider your preferred method of care. Some pyjama pants are machine washed while others require special care like hand washing or line-drying. Try going for those that do not have too many special instructions concerning their care.

Of course, the best way to relax after a tiring day at work is to put on something super comfy that you can readily wear and jump in the bed. However, you need to put extra effort into choosing the best pyjama pants and sets to ensure that you have a comfortable and peaceful sleep. While you can easily find many of them online by searching for sleepwear, there are several factors that you must consider while buying them. Keep the above points in mind to buy the perfect pyjama pants for your bedtime and pyjama pants to work.

Question & Answer

Are pyjama pants in style?

Nowadays, people’s perception of fashion and style is entirely based on their ideas about convenience and beauty. The role of apparel in people’s life has also changed to a great extent. The attire relationships became less formal too. People now wear jeans to the theatre and get married in pyjama pants and shirts. This is why the fashion psychologists agree that wearing pyjama pants to work and to bed is equally acceptable. With such a scenario, there is certainly no indication of pyjama pants to go out of fashion anytime soon.

What are plaid pyjama pants?

If you are someone who loves to add a design twist to your bedtime, then go for these plaid pyjama pant. The checked design is appealing in all forms. From tall pyjama pants to shorts they are available in several cuts and styles. Apart from being one of the best sleepwear, these pyjama pants keep things classic for you when you are out for a casual dine out. You can team them with a stylish t-shirt and flaunt this laid-back style effortlessly. For more understanding, you can dig deep into the product description section on the seller’s website. What we can tell you, for now, is that they are an amazing addition to your night routine and surely offer a peaceful sleep.

How to make pyjama pants smaller?

Too long pyjama pants are both unflattering and frustrating. Rather than coping with them as they are, you can quickly downsize them by hemming them yourself. Even if you aren’t a pro at sewing or hemming the pyjama bottoms, you can easily pull off the alteration of the pyjama bottoms in about 30-40 min. First, try on the pyjama pants and then place the pins in the fabric horizontally where you want the new hem to lie. Do this on both the pyjama pants legs. Lay those out on a flat surface – a table would do fine. You can either cut off the excess fabric after the pins or fold them in and sew them. Iron the hem to give a proper finish.

What to wear with pyjama pants?

The pyjama trend is everywhere. But how will you pull it off without looking like you are wearing them to bed? If you are trying out the sleepwear look outside for the first time, and pay careful attention to the colour. The darker colour pyjamas are easier to style. Try wearing the pyjama pants with a pair of funky pyjama tops or even a blazer tee. Either way, you need to consider the occasion you are wearing them for. For example, if you are wearing them as sleepwear, ensure that you wear pyjama pants with comfy tees.

Where to buy pyjama pants?

With the pyjama pants being a highly sought fashion icon nowadays, purchasing them isn’t much of a hurdle. You can jump into any store, and you’ll find an excellent set of pyjama pants and shirts. You also find them online. We recommend buying them online, as it saves a lot of your time. Here is the best shopping search engine that features an impressive collection of men’s pyjama pants and women’s pyjama from world-renowned brands such as Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Polo, Nike, Versace, Louis Vuitton, Victoria’s Secret, Hanes, and Lacoste.  You also get various other clothing from 500+ online stores that include top-class online shops. Visit now and we bet you won’t sleep in a simple pair of pyjama pants anymore.