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So cosy, so durable and so comfortable that you won’t want to take them off when it’s time to get dressed to work. Yes! – They are pyjama sets. Lazy Sunday mornings no longer mean shapeless t-shirts or baggy track bottoms because you have this excellent sleepwear. They promise you comfort, style and ease that you’ll love as much as your favourite party dresses. 

Changing out of your office wear into these pyjama sets is nothing short of a treat. But, have you ever wondered how this sleepwear evolved? You might have made sleepwear choices that mirror the historical trends. Fortunately, there are many instances that we can put together to imagine what they would have looked like centuries before. Most pyjama sets were mostly shapeless with simple trimmings. In fact, the word “pyjama” isn’t of western origin at all. It comes from the Hindi word “pae jama”, which translates to leg clothing and dates far back to the 13th century. The transition to modern sleepwear involved a move away from formal habits. On the trend, we can see these sets continuing to the future — both around the house and outside alike. 

Spend a cosy night with these types of pyjama sets 

Of course, your favourite ratty gym shorts and worn-out college tees are very comfortable, but they aren’t enough for a good night’s sleep. There comes a time when you require real pyjama sets that look just as good as they feel. And we’re here to help you get some. We’ve compiled the best women’s pyjama sets from all categories that range from comfy to perfect for a good night’s sleep. Whether you are planning to slip them under your sheets or planning to wear them as casuals, here are some of their types.  Before we start, just remember that whatever style inspires you, is available in any online store. So you won’t need to worry about the buying process, we will guide you through that as we proceed. 

Cotton summer pyjama sets 

There is nothing as convincing as feeling the soft cotton right next to your skin. The sets made of hundred per cent cotton are supremely cute and comfortable to wear. They come with a bit of stretch. This ensures that there is no pinching, squeezing, or cutting at your waistline or anywhere else throughout your body. Sleep would have never felt or looked this good without this set. These pyjamas are available in soothing colours, comfortable fit, and pretty prints. Also, their fit is not at all tight and not overly baggy. They are just right. They are indeed the kind of pyjamas that are worth hitting the snooze for. 

Fleece pyjama set with a dressing gown

These are one of a kind sets that you are going to reach for on cold winter nights or when you are feeling a bit under the weather and need some comforting. They are made from soft polyester and are perfect for lounging on the couch. But they’ll keep you just as comfortable in bed while you sleep. Usually, they come in a baggy fit to avoid any pinching and squeezing here and there. This ensures that they make you feel extremely comfortable, warm, soft and cosy. Besides, you can find a range of colourful sets that come in fun patterns. However, remember that though they have a baggy fit, the pyjamas tend to run a bit small than their actual size. 

Women’s flannel pyjama sets 

What can be better than a flirty flannel pyjama set in cold weather? They are both comfortable and stylish. Typically, the materials that they are made of consist of fifty per cent cotton and 45 per cent rayon. And one of the best things about these materials is that you can machine wash them. Moreover, these sets are made of such high–quality fabric that come in attractive prints and patterns. These whimsical prints are pretty cute. Some of them come in different cuts too. For example, the long-sleeved pyjama set with a button-down top and stain trim is the best among the lot. You can stay cosy yet chic while wearing them. 

Silk pyjamas shorts set

There are times when you want to spoil and pamper yourself with a luxurious piece of sleepwear. This set is an ideal option for those who wish to remain stylish at all hours. Wear them, and you’ll feel as if you are straight out of a movie. Their style, flattering fit and silk fabric add to the reasons to embrace this chic piece. Furthermore, the silk sets are both tran-seasonal and perfect for travelling. This is because they are eco-friendly and made of the most exceptional variety of silk. The silk variety used is extracted from silkworms that feed on mulberry leaves alone. The silk pyjamas shorts set is a great example.

Tips on how to buy Pyjama Sets online like a pro

Who says that your pyjama sets need to be modest, long, dull and floaty with loads of fabric, ruffles and lace? Elegance is one thing but turning up in your bed with these sets with scratchy laces or stiff corsets will only leave you with disquieting and sleepless nights. Well, if you do not want that to happen, then you need to be extremely crucial while buying them. You need to heed certain factors to get the right one that facilitates a good night’s sleep. Below are a few suggested factors that you must bear in mind while you set out to buy pyjama sets online in Dubai.

  • Comfort is key – Your priority while choosing a night set must be its comfort. Ensure, that the straps, zips and other attachments on your sleepwear do not annoy and hinder your sleep. Therefore, it is essential to inspect each element on your sets.
  • Pick the right fabric – A vast range of materials are used to design the sets. However, you must choose out of your violation considering your comfort. The most common materials used in the sets are satin, silk, cotton, flannel and fleece. But the most important thing is that whatever material you choose, it must be gentle and soft on your skin.
  • Consider whether conditions – Climatic conditions are one crucial factor that you need to keep in mind while buying the sets. These sets made of fleece, silk and flannel materials are ideal for cold weather conditions. Alternatively, sleepwear made of cotton, synthetic, hosiery or polyester makes some of the best summer sets.
  • Consider fit – There is nothing more annoying than twisting, turning, pinching and adjusting your apparel when you are trying to get some shut-eye after a long tiring day. This is why it is essential to purchase sets that fit your just right. They neither should be too tight nor too loose. A perfect ensures a sound sleep.
  • Get the right colour – Colour is essential that boosts your appearance. Softer colours such as peach and grey suit older and more sophisticated women. However, go for blue if you want to have an exquisite piece in your sleepwear collection. Therefore, to enhance the visual aspect of your nightwear, you must be willing to invest quality time in picking out sets of the right colour.
  • Consider the price – Most sets tend to be affordable. However, you can find pricier models too. This means you’ll find both expensive and cheap pyjama sets out there on the market. Therefore, try and set a budget for yourself before you begin your search online. This helps you narrow down your searches.

Wearing pyjamas is a challenge but buying them is even trickier. It does not matter if the sets are ridiculously decorated or are dull and straightforward. All that matters is your preference, comfort and style. Plus, a tiny change in clothes can go a long way when you are at home. Even, something as mundane as taking out the bins, shouting at your dog to come in, or answering the door to get a delivery seems a bit more luxurious with the right sets.

Question & Answer

How do you fold pyjama sets together?

Your pyjama drawers are the least of your organising concerns. But once in a while, you need to tackle an easy organising job for immediate glee. Grab your entire pyjama drawer, put on your favourite show and let’s go to work. Sort out any PJs that do not fit you, are damaged or stained and the ones that you do not love. Put those aside. Now let us start folding the ones that you have. First, start with folding the pants – one leg on top of the other. Then fold the pyjama tops and place them on their matching counterpart. Once that is done, roll the entire thing and neatly put it in your drawer.

What are the best pyjama sets?

Several factors define the best pyjama sets, like the colour, style, pattern and more. Based on these, numerous types of pyjama sets are sought in fashion. Fortunately, there is a new trend of wearing sleepwear outside. From flannel, and cotton to silk and satin different types of pyjama sets make a style statement in the fashion industry. However, it is always tricky to buy the one that best suits you. Keep in mind the above factors to get the best pyjama sets for yourself.

Where to buy cute pyjama sets?

Pyjama sets are versatile pieces. Why? Because you can wear them inside and outside your house. You can find them in several varieties. This is probably the reason why you can find them everywhere. You can get them online or run them over to a store to buy them. However, purchasing them online is much more feasible, as you get to pick your perfect one sitting at home itself. Many online stores feature high-quality pyjama sets, and you can find them here on our product search engine. Some great options include Victoria’s Secret, Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein, Forever 21, Asos, Zara, H&M, Hanes, Nordstrom, and La Senza.

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