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Stella McCartney Kids astronaut print babygrow - White
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About Baby Body Care Products

The ongoing juggle in first-time parents’ minds is whether they should buy products before or after the delivery. Body care products like soaps, gel, lotions, and other things are mostly purchased after the delivery taking note of the child’s condition. We heartily want every child to be born in perfect health, although there could be different needs. So, spend some time scrolling the products, ask an expert, or research yourself to make sure you grab the best buy. 

The first thing you need to know about a newborn’s skin is that it comes with a protective layer, vernix. This layer shreds itself within a week post-delivery. After it shreds, the skin becomes immune to the outer surroundings. So, any harsh or unsuitable product could lead to a difficult situation or the time for a doctor’s intervention. Thus, it is imperative that you avoid impulse purchases and luring advertisements. Instead, have a basic understanding of the products to make your shopping cart items compatible, durable, and budget-friendly. 

Some general speculations while buying body care items

Well, you can invest in different kinds of lotions, creams, oils, and powder. However, you should buy different products for the body and face. The reason is the same as adults because the skin texture and needs are different. Thus, you must not mix up the products. Also, there may be other speculations involved. For example, the child may have been born with skin conditions like eczema and other sensitive conditions you must notice. An expert’s advice is what you need in this case. Moreover, a consultation from an expert is needed anyways for newborns.

Baby body wash

You may not have all the information you must have for buying washing gel. Thus, to get you started, we can tell you how and from where to proceed with your shopping. Keep in mind your purpose and you will find a perfect brand with the best product. For example, one of the top-notch brands is Eucerin having the best formula for fragrance-free ingredients and hypoallergic products. Another brand Mustela has got a product for cradle caps: the oily patches developed on the baby’s head. Or, if your baby has dry skin, the Aveeno brand has products for you. This way, you can explore brands based on your requirements, compare them with each other, and shop for the best.

Baby cream

After using the baby body wash, it is essential to provide moisture to your baby’s skin. Otherwise, the skin will dry out and cause rashes. The oil substances inside the cream also rejuvenate the skin by giving it the power to defend. For that, you must go for the cream most suitable for the baby. Here, if we consider brands, there is Mustela’s vitamin barrier cream. It has shea butter, vitamin F and B5, with anti-bacterial and healing properties. Another product of the brand Mothercare is Zinc and Castor oil cream. This one provides a protective barrier between the supple skin of a baby and the harsh outside environment. Trust your motherly instincts here, or ask your doctor for advice on the best ingredients.  

Baby body lotion

What is the difference between baby cream and lotion? And how should you choose what to use? Well, the cream is thicker because it has more oil concentration. However, lotions are more diluted, which is why they get absorbed into the skin with ease. The cream can be the best product for dry skin and lotion for normal skin. For instance, you can go for Johnsons & Johnsons baby lotion, which is not greasy and contains emollients. You can also check out Himalaya’s baby lotion with antimicrobial properties to keep the baby’s skin healthy. Enriched with oils and vitamins, this Himalaya’s product also prevents chafing. Want to explore more? You can check out our dedicated section of baby & toddlers for that.

Johnson and Johnson’s body wash

Johnson and Johnson is one of the trusted brands in the arena of baby care products. Amongst all its products, the collection of body washes is massive. For example, a Vita-rich body wash with rose water is a trending product as the rose is known to be a natural exfoliator. There is another product named a top to toe baby wash with perfect pH balance and is 100% soap-free. Apart from different characteristics, you can choose flavours amongst yoghurt, papaya, honey, grape seed oil, pomegranate, raspberry extract, and more. There are more products that you can check out on our product search engine

Tips on how to buy Baby Body Care products

We understand how ending up with the wrong product can have an adverse effect on your baby’s skin. First-time parents are even more worried thinking of the repercussions. That’s why we have compiled a few points for a kickstart in your shopping drive. We hope these will help you make an informed decision.

  • No to adult products – You must choose only those products specially produced for babies. As their skin is prone to dryness and other skin irritations, adult chemicals might not go well with their skin. Therefore, adult products are a complete NO.
  • Forbidden ingredients – Parabens, dyes, and phthalates are a few ingredients that should not be present in any of your baby’s products. In any case, if your baby consumes the product containing these ingredients, it is a potential threat.
  • Use hypoallergic products – The term hypoallergic means having the least possible risk of an allergic reaction. As the delicate skin of the baby needs more protection, the right product adds an extra layer of protection.
  • Watch for pH balance – If the pH is not balanced in a product, it can dry out the skin leaving it itchy and irritated. On a scale of 1-14, 7 is considered a neutral pH balance. And it is important to maintain this level by applying a suitable product. So, check out this factor before grabbing a product.
  • 100% natural label – Whenever you find a product labelled as 100% natural, make sure it really is natural. Check all the ingredients and make sure there are no forbidden ingredients mixed that we have discussed on this page.

Baby grooming is a responsibility best handled with suitable products. And our shopping search engine is fully compatible with buying baby body care online as we have the right brands and shops for it. Listing a few brands’ names, these include Betadine, Chicco, Organic baby, Babo, Botanicals, and many more. You can find all of them or even more on our shopping platform –

Question & Answer

What are the safest baby bath products?

Every kid can have special needs. So, the safest product for one kid cannot be the same with another kid. Therefore, we cannot claim any product to be the safest for everyone. However, we can tell you certain ingredients to avoid as they can be dangerous to the sensitive skin of your baby. These ingredients are paraben, parfum, PEG’s, propylene glycol, and SLS. Other than this, always keep in mind that fewer ingredients are better, eco-friendly product is a good-to-go, and unscented products are child-friendly. All the elements together in one product is equivalent to the safest baby bath products.

What all baby body products should I buy?

Body cleaning, washing, and maintaining hygiene must be your top concerns. So, buying products for the same is the answer to this question. You can choose to have creams, lotions, gels, and essential oils to fulfil all your needs. Brands like Aveeno, Betadine, and Himalaya can let you explore a wide assortment of the best baby products. Here, you can find variants for all skin types, special needs, and that too in a flexible budget range. Check them all or even more brands on our shopping platform,

How to take care of newborn baby products?

First thing first, you should always check the expiry date before buying. You should maintain a separate shelf for these products. Feeding bottles and cloths are better off with sanitisations and proper cleaning. You can also buy dishwasher safe or washing machine safe products. Other than that, every package contains tips that you must follow. Keeping products in a dry atmosphere is probably one of the tips you will read. So, read the manual and follow it diligently is the ultimate tip we want you to pursue with baby products.

Which moisturiser is best for babies?

Don’t think of moisturiser as just another product providing soft and supple skin. There are many other benefits of the product. For instance, Aveeno has got the best moisturiser for dry and itchy skin. The Eucerine brand has a product for eczema. And likewise, there are other products with healing properties. Choosing one depends on your requirements, your brand preference, budget, and many small or big factors. So, think of your purpose before hitting the buy button. Also, some of you like to buy all the baby products from one brand or some like to have it from different ones. Both options are great and the decision is solely yours.