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Babies need constant care, attention, and one key aspect is to ensure they’re always dry and smelling fresh. With babies, you need to maintain high levels of hygiene at all times. One of the most critical measures come from products and practices that parents use every day.

One such practice is using baby powder daily and between diaper changes. Brands for babies have come up with powders to suit different needs for kids like fragrance-free for those with allergies, extra sensitive, prickly heat powder for baby, talcum powder, etc. These baby powders are light and fragrant. Since it is one of the things that you use directly on a baby’s body, it is best to consult with a doctor before you use it. What you want here is something that will not interfere with his skin but keep him feeling fresh. Today, you have so many body care products that it is not at all difficult to get a good one. One more thing you can do is to buy smaller test packs first. For very young babies and toddlers, it is essential to use the mildest powder.

Things to look out for before buying baby powder online

For any new parent, buying baby products can be challenging. A lot of them, however, are okay to purchase without comparison. This includes things like baby bowls, bathtubs, toys, books, and more. However, choose things that relate to his/her health and safety directly very carefully. Here, you cannot take any chances. New parents have the comfort of having a dermatologist and a baby doctor at hands reach. They’re more than happy to recommend specific options as per the baby’s needs. We also live in a time when almost every baby product is tested and considered safe by a paediatrician.

Check the ingredients

Firstly, checking and reading baby powder ingredients is a vital step. Do your research and look out for parts in powders that can be harmful and those that are beneficial. At times, specific terms in medical language may be challenging to decipher, so it is advisable to consult a doctor when it comes to such cases to ensure safety. If you’re content with a product and your doctor also asks you to go ahead with it, always do a little test first. Use the powder on the baby’s feet once or twice. If his/her skin shows no allergic reactions like a rash etc. it’s safe to use. However, over time, also keep a check on whether it suits their skin or not.

Choose only trusted brands

Next, always go with reputed brands like Johnson and Johnson Baby Powder, Himalaya Baby Powder, and organic baby powder brands that are well-known for their products. You can also ask people in your family and friends’ cycle who have recently had babies. You can often come across some excellent tips while connecting with them. Nevertheless, since every baby is different, always do a ‘patch test’ before using any new product. It is also a good idea to stick with brands that specialise only in baby products. Some brands who have an extensive range of products at times, get mixed reviews.

Read the label

Be especially cautious about using a baby powder that may have any indication of added ingredients that may be harmful to your child. Instead, opt for something that is medically proven to be safe and is recommended by your doctor. Since each child is different, consulting with a specialist first is an excellent way to go ahead. One also needs to remember that choices like the best baby powder can vary and using something that does not suit your child will show its effects after a while. Also, look for unique products in case you have noticed specific symptoms regarding your baby’s skin health. This means any reddening, rashes etc. while using a new product may mean sensitive skin.

Conduct research

Read online reviews and research to find out about the best baby powder and talc-free baby powder options like corn starch baby powder and organic baby powder. Check what other parents recommend and then make your choice accordingly. It is not a bad idea to go for homemade products. However, today we live in a time when even natural products come loaded with chemicals. However, if you like this method, choose organic products and get started. A lot of babies benefit from natural care and remedies. So, it is also the right way of improving their immunity. You can easily find a lot of reviews on social media and specific online platform. Do connect with other parents on popular forums and discuss.

Tips on how to buy Baby Powder online in the UAE

Baby powder helps reduce friction and thereby avoid rashes on your baby’s skin. You can also use talk between the creases of a baby’s skin to prevent moisture build-up and keep him fresh. Being such a versatile solution for so many different problems, talc is an unavoidable item for babies. Even adults can sometimes make use of these, especially during hot weather. But not all baby powders are the same. There are many things to consider if you want to make the best out of it. Here are some tips that you can use while shopping for them.

  • Check the label – Baby powder should be free of colours, phthalates, parabens, and any other chemical that could irritate the baby’s skin or cause breathing difficulties. Generally, purified talc will not have any traces of cancer-causing asbestos have been discovered in it.
  • Read online reviews – The Internet has evolved into a valuable information resource. It’s a lot easier these days to get first-hand feedback from experienced moms. So, read as many customer reviews as you can.
  • Non-toxic vs organic – The phrases “natural” and “organic” have become increasingly popular in recent years. However, the government has no control over these terms. So go beyond the labelling to learn more about the product. Instead of natural and organic, look for terms like non-toxic.
  • Smell – Fragrance in baby powder is primarily intended for moms. But the infant inhales them as well. Manufacturers are not required to publish all of the compounds in their ingredient list because they are considered trade secrets. As a result, baby powder with a light scent is safer for babies.

Some babies might be allergic to certain compounds in baby powder. Even though manufacturers avoid using any common allergens in baby powder, some babies might still find certain talcs irritating. So, if you find rashes after using the powder, stop using it or try talc from a different brand. Also, avoid applying too much powder. Finally, you will need more than just baby powder in your arsenal. You will find all kinds of baby products in the Baby & Toddler category on this website.

Question & Answer

What should one look out for while buying baby powder online?

For starters, it should have a pleasing, natural fragrance. The powder should do an excellent job of keeping your baby feeling dry. Along with being non-itchy, it should not cause any discomfort. Ensure it is especially suited for sensitive areas. The powder should minimise friction and be gentle. Lastly, go for one that is mild and has a pleasant fragrance. A lot of them have chemical-like scents which are best to avoid.

Which is the best talc-free baby powder?

With all that is available online and with the magnitude of options, sometimes it can still be a task to find a product that works well for your child. With powders, it means finding suitable baby powder alternatives. If this is the case, some parents opt for talc-free baby powder options like corn starch baby powder, oat flour, arrowroot, baking soda, etc. These are standard, natural substitutes. However, it goes without a say that although these are natural baby powder alternatives, it is best to consult a paediatrician before opting for them. Likewise, also keep a close check on your baby’s skin and his/her body’s reaction to any new products. Take appropriate medical measures if you notice any issues.

When and how do you use baby powder for your baby?

It is recommended to use a generous sprinkling after a bath and a diaper change (more during summers). However, for diaper changes, opt for a baby powder that does not clump and is free-flowing. This will keep your child calm and fresh. Avoid using it directly from the container; instead, dust some on the palm of your hands first. Apply carefully on the baby’s skin so your baby does not breathe it, which can be very harmful.

How can I pick the best baby powder in the UAE?

Most convenient tubs make it easy for carrying and using powder regularly. Check on the best baby powder brands online and see what suits your baby best. It is recommended to go for a shaker-style holder for ease of usage. Ensure you dust the powder close to the skin and avoid any contact with the baby’s eyes. Always have a spare bottle in the diaper bag and your car. Make sure the powder is doctor certified in case your child has sensitive skin. Some good brands to consider are Johnson and Johnson, Shiseido, Pigeon, Himalaya, Cool & Cool, Burt’s Bees, Chicco, Done by Deer, NAN, NIDO and Sebamed. For online stores, Sprii and other baby stores are good options. To make it easier, check this UAE search engine . It is a fantastic way to make shopping online simplified.

Apart from baby powder, what else can a parent do to make the summers bearable?

Introduce a lot of fresh fruits and raw vegetables in their diet during the summer season. Since the human body can function on lesser food during hot seasons, make the most of this time to introduce them to salads, juices, and power foods with minimum cooking. Add fruits to yoghurt, pureed seasonal fruits to milk, and so on. Being able to adjust diets as per the season is essential and plays a critical role in keeping the child away from infections and illnesses. Always make it a point to purchase fresh, seasonal ingredients and cook with them rather than opting for frozen foods. Since children’s bodies are less resistant to infections, it is essential to be careful.

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