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About Baby Bath

Baby bath products do not look complicated until it is time for you to buy some for your child. Maybe that time you actually look at the products with the eye of using them. Exploring them all to narrow down your purchase is indeed a daunting task. You will see the market is full of distinct products and even coming up with new ones now and then. You need a buying guide to buy the right things within a stipulated time and in a convenient manner.

If you directly jump on any shopping platform and start scrolling through the products, you might waste a lot of your time. Everyone has different needs, so instead of juggling through the products, sit down and list your preferences first. Unlike adult products, you cannot be impulsive while shopping. Children outgrow things within months due to their growing nature, so the product you buy impulsively might not be even used. If you see a product worth the investment, think of its purpose before hitting the buy button. For example, some of you may find a baby cape essential, while some will only have it if the budget is left in the end.

Inspect your space for baby bath products

You can either fix baby bath products in your adult bathroom or create a separate area for the said purpose. Both these plans can fit perfectly based on your space. While you decide between the two options, your priority must be to inspect safety measures and if you do see something that can create a mishap, make sure you baby-proof it. For example, you can buy a bathtub with strong suction cups in the bottom so you can put it in your adult bathtub without the danger of slipping. Likewise, anti-skid and anti-slip mats are equally important. Other than a safe and comfortable bath space set aside for the baby, ensure the same is not uncomfortable for you too. Overall, buying bath care products online will not be a daunting task at all if you pre-plan your space and products.

Baby bathtub brands

You should choose brands based on your purpose. For example, you will love Ikea’s bathtub if you have ample space and adore minimalistic designs. A product that is 27″ in length and an ample height might fancy you here. However, if you want the tub to be more techie, go for Aqua scale’s brand. Their bathtub contour arms and head and thus provide ergonomic body support along with a weighing scale. However, what if you don’t have much space? In that case, go for the Stokke brand. A foldable baby bathtub with a heat-sensitive feature is what they have. This way, you can set up the bath space temporarily and later clean it. We hope you get a broader perspective with all these options written down. There is more to the list you can explore on our shopping platform and get a suitable baby bathtub online in Dubai.

About baby bath chair

If you are looking for a chair-style product, you will find that there are two variants of it online. One is a combination of a bathtub and chair, while the other is only a bath chair with no features of converting it into a tub. Once you have decided the type you want to buy, you can further go into detailing. For example, you will find products with suction cups to hold them firm on the ground. You can even have these products inside your bathtub to have a chill time with your kid. Some advanced versions of bath chairs even have headrests and armrests for added support. You can look for brands Argos and Chicco to explore all distinct products for children of all ages.

Baby bath accessories

Accessories are for both safety and entertainment, and they go both ways – for your kid and for the one bathing the kid. Let’s start with kids. A shower cap and bath toys are some general items you might want to invest in. Toys engage your kid while you clean them and are especially recommended for fussy kids. You can also get your kid a spout cover if he cries during the bath. Now for the adults, you would love to have anti-skid padded kneels to avoid slippery situations. Like that, you can check out more products in our baby & toddler section – this corner has all your needs covered.

Tips on how to buy Baby Bath

Because the child cannot say and complain if the product you buy is somewhere uncomfortable, it becomes double of a responsibility that you buy the best. Besides, a quality product will not only comfort the child but will also keep adults at ease. To maintain such a standard, having an understanding of the product and its features will help you make the right choice. We have made this process a little convenient for you by compiling a few points.

  • Choose between simple or lavish products – It all depends on your taste, budget, and space. For example, you can either have a simple baby bath bucket that just serves the purpose. Else, you can have one with features like a built-in thermometer, heat-sensitive feature, and many others. Whatever you choose, make sure you set your needs first and fancy second.
  • Do not forget your convenience – Always remember that your safety measures would directly affect your child’s safety as well. If you choose another space for baby’s bath time, you should baby-proof the space and make it easy for you to manoeuvre. Anti-skid or anti-slip mats on the floor while you bathe your child are the kind of products we are talking about.
  • Distribute your budget within bath products – List down all the baby bath products you need at once. Then, you can distribute the budget for each product. Otherwise, you may end up investing more in the bathtub or bath towels, leaving behind a small amount for the rest of the products. Pre-planning is important!
  • Material of products to consider – Choosing the material is more of a personal preference. Bathtubs can be metal, plastic, or even glass. More than the type, it is the quality of material that matters more. You should also consider materials of other products. For example, washcloths and towels can be cotton, muslin, and bamboo.
  • Added features to look into – There are toys, tub attachments, and baby-proof products you can buy along with bath products. But again, you need to go through certain know-hows. A newborn does not take a dip in the water on regular days. He won’t even recognise or get calm with a toy. His body is also sensitive to the bathrobe.

You may consult your doctor or an expert before buying bath products online in the UAE in case you find yourself juggling with the specifications. Along with the tips, we would like to provide you with a handy list of brands. Some of the reputed names include Ikea, Aqua Scale, Stokke, Argos, Chicco, and Tippy Toes. You will find them all or even more on our shopping platform –

Question & Answer

What baby bath products are the best?

You can rely on many brands to grab the best infant bathtub. For instance, you can count on Angelcare’s baby bath products. Some of their products are known for their comfort and supreme quality. Also, if your baby can sit upright, you can explore another brand named Shnuggle. There are more brands that are as perfect as the ones mentioned here. You can find them all on our shopping platform – Keep in mind that besides providing supreme quality in every product, not every brand will cater to all age needs. Read the specifications thoroughly to make sure the product is compatible fully.

How to clean baby bath toys?

You can clean the toys by putting them in vinegar and a warm water solution for ten minutes. Half a cup of vinegar per gallon of water is enough to make the toys germ-free. Speaking of the frequency of cleaning, we would suggest once a month under a few considerations. If you store the toys well and they are usually not scattered everywhere, once a month is fine. Do not forget to dry them under the sun, so there is no solution left inside the toy. You know kids take their toys in their mouths, so make sure you do not add detergent while cleaning them. If you think warm water is enough, that’s good too.

When to bathe the baby with soap?

You can start using soap on your baby’s skin after 4to6weeks. The best bath soap for a newborn is moisturised and gentle. Even then, only the soiled or creased areas need cleaning with a bar of soap. You need to be incredibly careful while choosing the soap, frequency of baths, and the overall process of bathing. You can’t push too hard or rub vigorously. The baby’s skin is sensitive, and it has folds that need to be kept clean and moisturised as well. So, you clean the skin folds very neatly, followed by other skin products to avoid itchiness or rashes. If you are not aware of the process, you must consult an expert and follow the guidelines.

Which baby bathtub do I need?

You need a proper baby bath seat with a headrest for a newborn. It will be great if it comes with suction cups in the bottom or any other feature to hold the product in place. If your child can sit upright, a regular basin tub would work. However, you can make it interesting with toys to make bath time exciting for your kid. Another significant variant in the market is a convertible tub for customers with space issues. You will see more types and brands on our retail search engine upon your visit. Be prepared with your list and preferences as you have a lot of scrutinies to do.