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It’s never easy to bathe a baby by yourself. They get so slippery and squiggly. Which is why, apart from being extra careful, you also need to use the right items and essentials. This ensures an enjoyable and stress-free bathing-time for both you and your baby. Well, the bath seats will never disappoint.

The unique seat design helps babies who can sit unaided from around six months. How? Well, it uses suction cups to secure the babies to a bathtub. Additionally, it offers a great deal of head and neck support. What’s more, a chair for bathing like this, also helps you save money. It keeps you from purchasing a small tub, which your munchkin will quickly outgrow eventually. Moreover, this chair for bathing provides comfort and security to you and your baby. Besides, it will also save you from annoying backaches and muscle discomforts. Well, this is just a sneak peek into what they’re for. There’s much more to explore. Keep reading to find out more on this product.

The various types of bath seats for babies

With the increased demand and popularity, these seats are every mother’s favourite. And the good news is that they come in several varieties to choose from. However, to buy the best baby bath seats, isn’t a child’s play. Indeed, you heard it right. You’ll find various varieties and categories of baby seats out there in the market. And it is essential to choose the best new-born baby bath seat. For that, you need to understand their types, models and their different characteristics and features. Below we’ve listed a few popular seats from famous brands that most parents opt for. Understanding them will make your buying process very easy.

The summer infant bath seat

If you are a parent looking for comfort along with functionality while bathing your kids, then this seat from Summer Infant is your best pick. The height of the seat from this brand is the best choice for your kids because it offers you an enhanced height. This enables you to bathe your kids without hunching or stooping easily. Moreover, it also ensures that your kids stay at a safe distance from the bathtub’s water level. Also, the comfortably inclined position allows the kids to sit in the tub comfortably. Not only that, but this design also enables you to reach different parts of your kid without actually moving your kid. Therefore, if you are looking for a perfect one-time investment for your babies, then this is an excellent choice for you.

The AngelCare bath seat

The baby bath seats from AngelCare is yet another excellent product. They’re perfect for those of you who are willing to buy a reliable seat for your new-borns. It comes with a perfectly hygienic design. Moreover, durable plastic used in manufacturing the product makes sure that your kids are safe while taking a bath. Also, a few models of this brand come with soft-touch material at the bottom of the seats. This ensures that your kid feels comfortable while bathing. Apart from this, you can easily use them, as there is no assembling required. Well, apart from being reasonably easy to store and durable, the seat is extremely lightweight too. Therefore, you can carry them when on the go.

The Mommy’s Helper infant bath seat

Of course, you want to give your baby the utmost comfort while bathing. Well, you can! Go for the infant seats for Mommy helper. The seat not only looks great but also gives your baby great comfort. Additionally, they keep your baby safe while bathing. Also, it gives you the convenience of using it on the bathroom floor or in your regular bath. Apart from this, most models from this brand offer seats that come with an anti-skid bottom and heavily padded sides. Well, this feature makes sure that your kid is safe in there. Therefore, you can easily let him play in the bath by himself. Also, the size of the bath seat makes it a great choice for kids between the age of 6-24 months. Also, some types come with inflatable options that make it easier to carry them along when travelling.

Shnuggle baby sit up bath seat with compact support

Do you want to buy something stable and durable for your kids? Then, the baby bath seats from Shunggle are your best pick. They not only offer your baby the safe and secure bathing environment it needs but also makes sure that it lasts longer. Indeed, the Shnuggle baby bath seat is an ideal option for any parent. The seats from these brands come with amazing features that support the sitting position of your baby. This way, you can easily make your kid comfortable inside the bath seat and clean him up effectively. Not only that, but it is also extremely durable. Moreover, with its compact design, you can store and carry them anywhere, easily. So, if you want a useful bath seat with fantastic design, then Shunggle is your choice.

Tips on how to buy Bath Seats online

Now that you know all their types, we are sure that you must be in a dilemma to pick the perfect one. Well, in case you are not able to decide which bath seat is ideal for your baby, you should look for a few more factors. These fundamental elements will help you buy the perfect baby bath seat that not only helps your baby feel comfortable but also makes things easier for you. Here check out those significant features that’ll help you buy baby bath seats online without any hassle. So, go through these points and know how you can choose the best.

  • Look out for the size – One of the first and vital things to consider while you set out to buy these seats online. Make sure that the baby bath seats you buy are perfect for your kids and that your kids can easily move while bathing. Also, by choosing the right size, you can use the seats for a longer time. So, pay attention to the size of the seat while on a hunt for your perfect seats or bathtubs.

  • Get the right type – Another important thing that you must consider before you choose the best baby bath seat is the type of baby bath seat. Ensure that you pick the perfect example of a baby bath seat so that you need not compromise on the comfort of the baby. Moreover, picking the right type helps you to give them a perfect bath.

  • Keep in mind comfort and safety – Apart from the size and type, you should also keep the baby’s comfort in mind while purchasing a new bath seat. Therefore, it is vital to check the grip, interior materials and other features and make sure that they are safe to use them. If you buy a slippery bath seat, you can cause severe injuries to your baby.

  • Check out the features – Carefully, observe the characteristics and specifications of the product you want to buy. Water temperature gauge, drain outlet, and storage pocket are amongst the most desirable features that an ideal bath seat should have. So, make sure that you choose a bath seat that has these, along with other characteristics that make it worthy and more valuable.

  • Assess their usability – This is one of the most important things you must consider while out purchasing the baby bath seats. Ensure that the bath seat you buy is effortless to use, clean and maintain. By doing this, you will not only assure the baby’s safety but will also make sure the cleanliness of the baby while bathing.

Well, that’s everything you needed to know to buy the best baby bath seat in Dubai. By keeping the above-listed points in mind while choosing a perfect baby bath seat, you can be assured of getting the best bath seat in the market. Not only that, you can the most comfortable product for the babies but also get the one that is safe enough to be used. So, be sure that you keep them in mind and choose the best product for your kids.

Question & Answer

At what age can babies use a baby bath seat?

Babies of five to ten months old are able to use baby bath seats. But not before that as it might harm their body. So, in this stage between five to ten months, you know babies can’t pull themselves up in the standing position.  This device is used to hold the babies & make their position upfront. And there are suction cups fastened beneath the seat to the bottom of the tub to help them sit straight. Thus, parents often choose to use it to free their hands while washing them off. However, you will get lots of options while looking for the best one. Some of the models come with arms that attach to the side of the bath seat to make babies seat properly & in place.  It is also advisable not to use this bathtub any longer after the babies turn ten months old or more.

How to fold the baby bath seat?

It is advisable to clean properly the baby bath seat before going for folding it. So, to clean the bath seat you need to have mild soap & a soft cloth. And you need to start washing the liner & frame with it. After cleaning it properly, you need to go for folding or storing it. So, first, you need to fold the legs of the bath seat by lifting each of the legs, then fold inward. However, in the case of folding the tub, you need to push the button slightly up & repeat the same for the opposite side. Now, you need to attach the strap of the bath seat to the post of the frame. And this same method was used to open it!

How much does a baby bath seat cost?

Price is an important factor. Like any other product, you’ll find the baby bath seats too at different price points. Well, the cost of the seat usually depends on the quality, the place from where you buy them and the brand. The branded ones typically cost you higher than the others. But, it is also true that shedding a few extra bucks and getting a quality product is far better than repairing and replacing the product frequently. Usually, the baby bath seat’s cost ranges anywhere between AED 100 to AED 500. It is better to set a budget for yourself and then shop online for infant baby bath seats in Dubai.

Which baby bath seat is the best?

When you buy something for your kids, regardless of their importance, you must purchase the finest quality. The bath seats aren’t an exception. You should buy premium quality bath seats for kids to ensure that their bath time is safe, fun, and clean. Check out brands like Yikes Twins, Angelcare, Mothercare, Summer Infant, Keter, Safety 1st, Babymoov, Luvlap, Dreambaby, and Ikea. They offer an extensive collection of high-quality baby bath seats that come in fantastic design and provide excellent functionality.

Where can you buy a baby bath seat with suction cups?

Online shopping is the best option while shopping for your needful products. All you need to have is a smartphone which works & a proper internet connection. And that’s all! You can shop anywhere at your convenient time without waiting for your turn to come. Thus, if you are newly parent & looking for the best bath seat for your baby, then look nowhere! You can get baby bathtubs from regular ones to advanced features baby bath seats with cups, you’ll find a plethora of their types in the market today. Therefore, it is important to pick the ideal ones, that too from a credible retailer. Choose as your shopping partner to guide you all through your shopping journey. Our product search engine brings you an array of seats from popular brands and online stores. You also get to shop a collection of other cool products from popular brands!

Are you ready for some real fun with your baby in the bathroom? It just takes the right bath chair to create the best moments with your little one. Explore your options in more than 500 online shops here and enjoy shopping for several baby & toddler products right here on!

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