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What’s your favourite part of parenting? If it’s the baby’s bathing time, you’re not the only one, as most moms and dads agree that this is the most fun and fulfilling parent-child bond. However, it’s also the most intimidating as the baby gets wet, slippery, squirmy, and snuggly. Therefore, you need to have a complete set of baby baths gear to ensure that this activity turns out fun, safe, and comfortable for your munchkin.

A bathtub should be in the first spot on your shopping list. But do you need a bathtub, because the kitchen sink is still an option! Well, it certainly isn’t a match for good baby bathtubs. The baby bathtubs usually come with unique features such as an anti-slip surface and extra support. This gives you as a parent, ease and peace of mind while bathing your baby. Moreover, it is much more hygienic when compared to the other options like the kitchen sink. Therefore, undoubtedly the baby bathtub is a better choice for you and your family. But, since there are myriads of options out in the market, it’s necessary to make a smart and careful choice. Our guide below will help you with the decision-making process, so read on.

The different types of newborn baby baths and toddler bath tubs

Today, you’ll find several different styles of baby baths and baby bathtubs. From different colours to shapes and sizes, you’ll find a plethora of them in the market. However, depending on your choice, a bathtub can be as basic as a baby bucket or as state-of-the-art as a tub system featuring a built-in thermometer. Decide based on factors such as your budget, personal preference, and the space of your toilet to avoid any shopping dilemma. Apart from all this, you need to understand the various types carefully and their features to achieve a good buy.

The baby bathtub with stand

This kind of baby baths fits toddlers up to 2 years old. Moreover, it comes with a peculiar design that offers the correct incline to help you wash your babies easily. This design makes it the best bathtub with a stand. The raised centre raise the aby to the right height making it easier for you moms to wash them. Some models even come with a contoured support sling that helps incline the baby correctly. A few models among the lot also come with foam pads that ensure to offer your baby the comfort it needs during bath time. One of the best features of these baby baths is that they come with a sturdy platform that ensures the baby’s safety.

The baby bathtubs for showers

Wouldn’t you like to have a baby bath or a baby bathtub that’s big enough to hold our baby until they’re two years old? The baby baths for showers from Primo come in unique designs that are extra-large. This feature allows you to bathe your baby right from birth until they turn 2. You do not even have to worry about replacing it. Moreover, most models come with a bump in their design. This helps you keep your baby in place and keep your baby from reclining or sitting position. Usually, these kinds of baby baths feature two positions. One is the reclining position for newborns up to months old and the sitting position for babies from 6 months to 2 years old. Also, all the models come in non-toxic materials.

The baby bathtubs for newborns

The baby bathtubs come in perfect sizes for a newborn. In other words, it holds even the tiniest babies in the water without submerging them entirely. Most of their models come in mildew-resistant mesh materials. This offers immense comfort to the babies. Also, with an inclined position by a safety post between their legs, newborns can have a fantastic bathing time. This design allows the babies to kick their feet in the water. Well, this indeed melts every new mom’s heart! Also, the baby bathtub is compact, easy to clean, and you could use it for other purposes besides the bath. Overall the specific baby baths for newborns is imperative to offer the comfort and support the baby needs while bathing.

Tips on how to buy Baby Baths online

Using a baby bathtub for the first time can indeed be a daunting experience. Moreover, it may take a little while to learn how to handle the baby baths, but sooner or later, you’ll do so. Well, whatever be the case, you must buy the best quality baby baths in the market. And how do you do that? Well, check out the factors and a few tips below. Understanding them will make things easier for you while you are on a hunt for baby baths online.

  • Keep in mind the age and size of the baby – From newborns to older babies and toddlers, all of them need good quality baby bathtubs for bathing. But, each of them needs a separate kind. For instance, newborns need a tub with either a sling to cradle or one that has a reclining area to support them. However, older babies need one that helps them sit upright. Therefore, it is vital to check out the age of the baby and buy the best bathing tubs for babies with the right size.
  • Consider the usage period – How long do you plan to use the baby baths? It is a vital question to ask yourself. It is better to go for a baby bathtub that grows with your baby & toddler. This way, you need not replace the baby baths. Go with ones that have removable slings. This way, you can remove the sling when your baby outgrows the baby bath, and you can keep using the tub without any hassle. Moreover, this also saves you a lot of money too.
  • Consider the space – This is one of the most important factors to consider when it comes to buying baby baths You’ll find many different sizes of baby bathtubs. Some baby baths may be too big and will take up much space. However, some take up very little space. Therefore, it makes sure that the one you buy perfectly fits in the baby bathtubs. And make sure that the space you have enables you to use and dry them quickly. Moreover, you must also be able to store them without any hassle.
  • The ease of cleaning – Of course, cleaning is one of the most critical parts of enhancing the longevity and durability of your baby baths. Hence, it is apparent that you will need to clean your baby baths time to time to keep them away from dirt and mould. Therefore, pick simple designs. They are easy to clean as compared to the ones that come in advanced designs. If you aren’t a fan of frequently cleaning them keep away from additional parts like a seat, mesh sling and others. Go for machine washable slings and pads.
  • Understand the purpose – Surely, you use the baby baths for bathing the babies. However, each baby bathtub comes with different objectives. For instance, if you plan to use the baby baths during travel, then go for the ones that are compact or inflatable. That’s because they are lightweight and easy to transport. Also, if you have space constraints, then choose ones that do not consume much of your space. In other words, it should come with easy storage methods.
  • Consider the budget – To make your online purchase more comfortable, it is always best to have a set budget before buying your baby products. Choose baby baths or baby bathtubs that don’t hurt your budget. But, make sure that you do not go for really cheap baby bathtubs as the quality might not be up to par. Go for premium quality ones even though they are priced slightly higher when compared to others. Well, you could always buy branded baby baths for sale.

We believe that by now, you have what it takes to achieve a perfect baby bath experience. However, at the end of it is your personal preference to choose the best compact baby bathtub for your little one. We hope the above tips will guide you towards your ideal baby baths and weed out any other in the way. Make sure you carefully assess the product before you purchase one.

Question & Answer

How to clean a baby bathtub?

It is essential to clean your baby bathtubs to keep them germ-free and hygienic. Because, the tub accumulates soap, dirt, and yep, baby poop, with ease of use. Therefore, you will require to clean the tubs from time to time. Well, that said, make sure you do not go overboard with cleaners and solutions. That’s because your baby’s skin is sensitive. Use microfiber cloths to clean the tub. You could also use natural remedies like lemon and salt. By the way, vinegar too acts as a great disinfectant and is an effective, non-toxic solution against mildew and mould.

How much does a baby bathtub cost?

You’ll find several types and models of baby baths in the market these days. Each of them come with unique features. Hence, you’ll find them at different price ranges. Therefore, it is crucial to set a budget for yourself to achieve a wise buy. Usually, standard baby baths cost you anywhere between AED 60 up to AED 200. There are a few that come with luxurious features that come at higher rates. Thus, you need to look at the features separately and contemplate their quality to end up satisfied with the purchase. With this, you will also avoid any unnecessary expenditure.

Where to put baby bathtub?

You will have to prioritise the space available at your place to make the right choice. Also, do not think that compact space will come with fewer features. Technology nowadays can make everything possible. Different baby bathtubs come in various shapes and models. Therefore, you can place them in different ways. For instance, you can even find collapsible or hanging products for compact places. Also, do not think that if you have space, you can buy a large product. Do not pick too big or too small ones. This will jeopardize the safety of the baby. Moreover, it will not be convenient for you also.

What is the best baby bathtub?

Several factors determine the performance and efficiency of baby baths. But, you can only consider those the best ones that offer premium quality, high efficiency and top performance. Also, when it comes to best buy, you can filter brands while scrolling through the products online. Here, we would like to list a few brands for you, you can find more on our platform though. Well, famous brands like Summer Infant, Munchkin, Angelcare, OKT Kids, Mini Panda, PUJ, Chicco, Shnuggle, Farlin, and Baby Plus, offer a comprehensive collection of top-rated baby baths.

Where to buy baby bathtubs?

To end up satisfied with your purchase, you crave to have a convenient shopping journey. So, no matter how sophisticated your product is, you need to get the right retailer or the best online purchasing platform to buy baby baths easily. Well, if you are on the lookout for such a place, then your search ends here on Our product search engine houses some of the best baby baths online in UAE from popular online stores. You can also shop here for the best baby bathtub with a stand or more features on the line upon your visit.