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Children need a safe and fun playground, whether it be in your backyard, in a public park, or even on the grounds of a hotel. Of course, fencing and other measures make the play area safe. But how do you make it fun? Well, that’s where you need some cool playground equipment. Climbing frames, playhouses and many such arsenals offer your child that perfect play area. But, mind you, as much as they’re fun and frolic, they’re equally hard to choose. Luckily for you, in this article, we’ll be discussing a few hacks that’ll help you buy playground equipment online in UAE effortlessly. Also, we shall give you insights into the modern playground equipment that must be a part of an ideal playground setup.

Playgrounds have certainly evolved from their earliest days. We say this because playgrounds were quite uncommon at the beginning of the 20th century. However, people did build them, but not for independent play. Instead, many trained instructors utilised them as exercise centres or outdoor gymnasiums for children. However, today things have changed, and the changes are all around for you to see. And that’s why we must also be careful while setting a playground for the kids these days. Planning a playground today is a multi-step process. You need to consider numerous factors. And one of the important steps is to choose the right playground equipment. You need to make the play area as appealing as possible for the children. Read on below to find the essential playground equipment that you need to include in your search.

The essential kids play equipment to include in your play area

Playground equipment of all types, shapes, and sizes offer kids the opportunity to play. The unique configurations and bright colours engage kids in ways that none other devices do. Besides, all this gives them a chance to let their imagination run wild. Moreover, playgrounds have evolved over the years to include various equipment on the play site. That’s why it’s essential to expand your playground equipment vocabulary. It’s a crucial step in setting up the best play area for your kids, be it for personal or commercial purposes. With all this in mind, we’ve laid a few significant play equipment that we think are a boon to any playing site.

The swing and slide set

There’s nothing more heart-warming than watching your kid swing and slide in your play yard, right? These sets are a fab way to keep your 2-10-year-olds engaged when they’re out playing in the playground. Besides, we all know that swings and slides are tools that your little ones love to ride on time and again. But, if you’re shopping for one for yourself, then you need to purchase one that lasts for a long time –whatever the weather. So what are the best budget-friendly swing and slide sets? TP Fordland and Deck brings to you one of the best swing and slide set in the market today. The USP on the set is the nest swing which can resist up to 120 Kg weight.

The outdoor play equipment; playhouses and play tents

Playhouses and tents are some of the simplest and most fun solutions that you can offer your kids playing on the playground. Regardless of the gadgets, kids have these days, there’s something special about these play tents. Apart from their stylish structure, the play equipment offers your kids a gala time for several group activities. Besides, their versatile nature makes them one of the must-haves in any playground. Also, several types of playhouses and tents come in different designs, styles, and themes. Some of the trending models include the princess castle tents, indoor play tents, cottage playhouse, fire engine vehicle tent, and many as such.

The playground equipment bars

Modern kids led a highly sedentary lifestyle compared to kids a few decades ago. Computers, video consoles and smartphones have turned children into couch potatoes. This might be great for hand-eye coordination, but it isn’t a good pill for physical health. One way to combat this is to motivate kids to play out. And the playground accessories play a vital role in getting your kids up and running. For instance, playground equipment bars like monkey bars are an ideal option if you lack space to install a swing set. They not only burn off a lot of calories but also gives your kids the immense fun they need when out playing.

The climbing equipment

Running, swinging, hanging, and jumping is fun. But for many kids, climbing is their area of frolic. So why not channel this skill by installing some climbing frames on your playground. After all, climbing skills have benefits beyond fun – they also promote high strength, balance, and motor skills. Besides offering kids opportunities to climb a safe environment, they learn how to assess and navigate risk too. But remember, installing one in your play yard or on the playground requires careful considerations. That’s because you can find several options for climbing equipment out there on the market. Wooden Climbing Frame with a green slide from FatMoose is one of the preferred products all around the world.

Tips on how to buy Playground Equipment

By now, you must have figured out that today’s playground equipment includes more than just swings and slides. They can include climbing towers, play panels, and many other impressive structures. Therefore, when you’re picking out the equipment, it’s important to keep certain factors in mind. Having these hacks in hand will help you get the best playground equipment for kids online. Below we’ve enlisted those factors for you. So read on.

  • Inspect your location first – One of the first and foremost things that you must do is to check out the ideal location where you want to set up the play equipment. That’s because the design, size, and material all depend on these criteria. You should already decide the installation placement, then your buying process becomes a breeze.
  • Explore the types – Once you know where you want to install your equipment, then the next step is to explore their various options. Romping through the several types will allow you to get an idea about its variety and the specs. Besides, you might also stumble upon your perfect one if you’re well aware of the choices available in the market.
  • Check out the design – Types aside, one of the essential elements in any playground equipment is its design. The device must have a kid-friendly design. And if the product is intended for adult use, then it should have such a kind of construction. Therefore, always ensure to pick a model with the designs that best suits your needs.
  • Go for sturdy materials – With the advent of technology, today, you can find various playground equipment that comes in different materials. You can find them in wood, metal, iron, steel, and plastic. But, you must always consider the climate and conditions and the area where you want to use them to pick the ideal materials.
  • Check out the durability – Of course, you do not want flimsy products that easily break after a single use. You must always go for a sturdy product that lasts for a very long time. Besides, only durable and strong products ensure safety for the kids. Apart from that, it also saves a lot of your money, as you do not have to change them very often.

The playground is an essential facility for many sectors, such as schools, parks, daycare facilities, and businesses. These places are safe for your kid to play and have fun. But you must have the right playground equipment. Therefore, you must be extremely careful while picking out these structures to install in your play area. The tips mentioned will help you choose the best ones amidst the vast options out there on the market.

Question & Answer

What is the most popular playground equipment?

You can find numerous playground equipment installed in the playgrounds these days. But there’s one that doesn’t miss to find its spot in every play area. It’s none other than the swings. We can confidently state that you cannot find a single playground that’s void of swings and even slides. Therefore, we can conclude that the swings and slides are some of the most popular playground equipment.

What playground equipment is the most dangerous?

Playground trips are part and parcel of parenting. But, as the saying goes, ‘it’s always fun until someone gets hurt. Each year around 2 lakh children get hurt in some of the other playground equipment. However, some are more dangerous than others. To help keep your kids safe during your next trip to watch out for playground equipment like S-hooks on swings, uncovered screws, slides above eight feet, rusty climbing racks, tight spaces and swings too close together.

How much does playground equipment cost?

Playground equipment comes in a wide range depending on its size, material, and play features. Small budget-conscious places like daycare do not need to invest much in playground structures. You can find pretty cheap playground equipment to buy on many online platforms today. Ideally, you might need to spend around AED 2000 – AED 25000, depending on the kind of equipment you purchase. However, larger public space may require the installation of high-end products that may cost you up to AED 100,000. However, the choice of brands and the place from where you buy all contribute to the pricing of the equipment.

Where to buy the best playground equipment?

If you’re ready to invest in some high-quality playground equipment, then do not miss out to check out the collection on You’ll find here a curated collection of playground structures like balls, dive racks and many more from world-known brands like Swing-N-Slide, Lifetime, Backyard Discovery, Squirrel Products, Smoby, John, Tchibo, and EASY OUTDOOR. Besides, you can also shop for premium quality playground equipmen t for sale in popular online stores. What’s more, you can browse and even compare prices of several other toys from over 500 online stores only on our superfast product search engine .

So, have you gotten everything you need to get the best playground equipment installed in your play area? We hope you did. So why not proceed to the next step then? Well, we’re talking about hitting the right click on your mouse and navigating through the numerous products has to offer you. Get started now!

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