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Visit any playground, and you’re bound to see a line of children eager to experience the thrill of a fun, fast slide! This also means that there’s no playground in the world that doesn’t incorporate the slides into them. But are you familiar with the product enough so that you can confidently buy one for your play area? Do you know the types of slides are there? Or about the benefits that inhibit children? Well, doubt that you’re a pro. But, you can turn around that situation by just reading through this piece. On this page, we’ve covered all that you need to know about this smart playground equipment and a few hacks that’ll help you to buy them effortlessly. 

Before we explore their various types, let’s see if the slides are worth getting installed in a play area. They typically have three main development benefits. First, it promotes balance and coordination in children. As the children grow, before they can independently experience the sliding rush, they need to climb up to the top. During this time, they’re developing valuable balance and coordination. Secondly, the slides increase stretching and flexibility as your little one grasps the rungs of the ladder. Finally, they enhance positive social skill development. Now that you know so much more about their benefits, why don’t we have a look at the different types of slide-out there?

The various slides for kids, ideal for installing at any playground. 

They have been evolving since the day of their inception. Today, you can find them in several designs, materials and styles. Straight, spiral, wavy, parallel, and tunnels are some of the well-known shapes and design variations of them. However, there are several more that when placed in the play area offer your kids sheer fun and frolic. However, to purchase them, you need to be well aware of their characteristics and specifications. Well, keeping this in mind we’ve laid out a few such significant types of slide chutes that are fun and durable. Besides, they offer several benefits for the kids too.

The 2-in-1 XL slide

If you’re looking at a model that’ll entertain your kids for very long hours, then you can never go wrong with Megaliss 2-in-1 XL slides. Apart from the fact that it offers your kids immense fun, the product also comes with a unique triple wave design that enhances the thrill for younger and older kids alike. Besides, as the name suggests, this extra-large model comes in two parts. With this, you can convert the product from a 1.5m slide to a 3.75m slide. But, of course, when your child is ready! Apart from this, the slide also has an anti-UV treatment to prevent damage and colour leakage. Besides, the assembly of the product is very easy. In short, it’s an ideal product for both outdoors and indoors.

The wooden playground slide

Plastic slides are often not preferred by many parents as their colour tends to fade away when kept outside. Good that you have several other alternatives, and one popular one is the wooden slide. So if you want to install a wooden slide in your backyard, then consider purchasing the lovely white kids slide from Jupiduu. Besides the fact that you can place them outdoors, their unique design also allows you to put them in any small kid’s bedroom too. We love the design, and your children will love it too! But, remember, the price for this one is relatively high when compared to the others. However, higher-priced products have their perks. They’re much more sustainable than the others.

The inflatable mountain kids outdoor slides

It’s fun, it’s big, and it’s bouncy – it’s the inflatable outdoor slides. Well, there’s nothing more joyful than watching your kids jump with joy on these largest inflatable water slides. It takes no longer than five minutes to anchor to the ground. Besides, it comes in vibrant colours that pique your kid’s interest. These are generally ideal for kids aged three years and up, with a max combined weight of 75kg. However, many other types hold much more weight. Apart from that, it’s quite simple to install, thanks to the Velcro pads. However, you may have to make adjustments to get them right. If you want to buy water slides for kids, then do consider the ones from BeBop Splash.  

The indoor quick fold fun slide

Whether you want to set up a play area outdoors or indoors, a good old fashioned slide that’s easy to fold and assemble are always a great addition to the playground equipment arsenal. If you want one such, then do not miss out to consider Little Tikes First Slide. Their foldable design makes it compact and allows you to put them out of sight when your kids do not need them. Besides, their maintenance process is quite simple and straightforward. All you have to do is to clean them with regular soap and water once in a while. But makes sure that you keep the safety handles in place. In short, you and your kids will love this slide.

Tips on how to buy Slides online

Best indoor wooden slide, inflatable, and so on – we can confidently say that you’re now familiar with some of the common types of slides out there in the market. However, picking the proper slide for your family can be a bit overwhelming. Well, we get that and have laid out certain factors you must consider when you’re buying one. That’ll definitely make you’re buying process a breeze, so read on!

  • Check out the recommended age – Our kids grow fast. Therefore, it’s quite tempting to purchase a product designed for older children with the thought that your toddlers will grow into it, not out of it. But, too young children or old will not be able to fully utilise the slide. More importantly, your kids could get injured if they play on an indoor slide that’s out of their age.
  • Consider the weight limit – Weight limit is a crucial factor to consider when you’re purchasing the slides. That’s why you must not allow kids who are heavier than the weight limit or multiple kids who, when playing together. Exceeding the weight limit creates a dangerous situation. The product might break or crack, resulting in injuries to your kids.
  • Check out the product dimensions – Your product dimensions play a vital role in purchasing the ideal product. If you plan to store your slide after playtime is over or move it from room to room, consider how tricky it will be to do so. Hence, it’s best to look for a slide that you can fold away. Besides, you could also opt for one that’s built from materials light enough for one person to pick up.
  • Look for safety – Many slides come with certificates. They state that they have met the safety guidelines of organisations like ASTM International. For those that don’t, consider looking for safety features like slide bumpers, easy-grip handles, and safety rails.
  • Look out for material – Consider not just portability and cleanability when looking at the construction materials of a slide, but also how kid-friendly they are. Metal can be pretty unforgiving should your child fall on it, while softer materials supply a cushion but might not offer a fast enough slide to keep older kiddos entertained. Be sure to pick what’s right for your child’s age and abilities.
  • Consider fun features – Some slides come with extra attachments, like ball pits, monkey bars, or tunnels. If that’s what you’re looking for, be sure to measure the space in which you plan to use the mini jungle gym so that all its pieces can be fully and safely enjoyed.

The most important qualities of the slides are size, durability, and price. However, many others come into play. We hope the above tips and tricks will guide you in the right direction when you’re out purchasing one for yourself.

Question & Answer

Can you paint a playground slide?

Many times, your kids might not like the colour of the slide that you’ve bought them. However, you can always turn around this situation. Well, you can customise your colour and paint them with the shades you like. But, remember different materials require different styles of painting. For instance, spray paint is the best for painting plastic playground equipment slides. However, if you have a metal one, then you might have to use a primer and actual paint.

How to make a playground slide faster?

Playing on a slide that’s too slow or fast can put a damper on playtime but can also be a safety hazard. Usually, a plastic slide is slower when compared to the others. Having a slow slide means less fun for kids. But good news, there’s something you can do about it. The slides require only a bit of cleaning and a safe coating by ‘wax’ to polish it. If you have a metal slide, then the reason for the slide slowing down may be rust or caked-on dirt. You can use the rust sealant in that case after washing and sanding the surface.

What angle should slides be?

Getting the right angle is very important when you’re setting up your slide. Besides, one of the keys about sliding right is to have the slide angle right. If your slide is too steep, then your kids may quickly slide down, resulting in injuries. Alternatively, if the slide is too shallow then certainly your kids will miss the fun. Therefore, the correct angle of the device shouldn’t be more or less than 30 degrees. So, do not make it too steep or shallow. Keep the angle in between that.

Where to buy plastic slides online?

So, are you ready to buy kids slide with a swing? Or are you searching for children’s slides for sale? Either way, has got you covered. From slides from popular brands like Smoby, Kidkraft, Little Tikes, Intex, Playskool, and Vivo and other toys, our product search engine is a Pandora’s Box that unveils products as and when you need them. What’s more, our superfast platform allows you to browse through various other products, compare prices of products from over 500 online stores and shop with just a click.

One of the good things about the times we’re living in is that children’s slides are pretty affordable and in abundance. Besides, there are both cheap kids slide online as well as higher-priced ones. You just need to be aware of these myriad options and possess a few tricks in hand to achieve the best buy. We believe this article has highlighted all that you need to do so.