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About Music Boxes

Kids are always curious to explore and learn new things. No matter what they are constantly interested in exploring the world around them. This active exploring nature is a part of growing nature. Toys like music boxes can help this growth process.

Parents can help their kids grow and understand their surroundings by buying them toys that can enhance their sensory and growth process. These toys not only satisfy their curious nature but also help them in growth. They play their role in both mental and physical development. Toys like music boxes are also a source of increasing the IQ, satisfaction of curiosity and helping the kids to learn about the world around them while making everything a great source of fun. Toys also encourage creativity in children. One reason or another, music toys are important for your kids. Here are some common benefits of these musical toys. Read carefully to decide if you really need to buy one for your growing child or not.

Benefits of music boxes for toddlers

Musical and educational toys have countless benefits for kids. Besides all others, a boost in development is one of the reasons why parents and child specialists recommend including such toys in the normal life of kids during the development stage. Exposing kids to different types of music help them understand and learn to appreciate them. Music boxes work with different types of music and percussion instruments. Playing and learning different percussion instruments help the child to continue on the track of formal music. Hence if your kid is naturally inclined towards music, he will be able to polish his skill and enjoy benefits as discussed below

Self-esteem and confidence

Every child has a personality and comes with a unique set of qualities. The out environment helps them nurture these qualities of kids differently. Maybe your child is quiet but does not lack confidence. Likewise, he may be a complete extrovert, but his self-esteem level is low. A music box can offer them a loving, tender and safe environment to find a balance of their emotions and be who they are. The use of such tools can help the kids be who they are and be confident about it. They can also explore their feelings and enjoy a sense of self with a variety of activities related to music.

The rhythmic skills

The music boxes are mostly used in schools to develop rhythmic learning skills and boost listening and focusing abilities. In such cases, the music boxes help the kids to understand the emotional aspects of the music and develop a connection with them. This focused listening to a specific type of music has a positive impact on the life and mental health of the growing child. With increased appreciation and understanding of rhythms, the child develops quick learning abilities. It also helps in fast memory processing that helps students in reading, counting, nursery rhymes, or spelling.

Improved learning

Music has proven impact on enhanced learning of numeracy and literacy. These boxes come with different sounds, including numerological music and rhymes. After a few weeks of continuous use, the kids start identifying different voices. And in a few months, he starts to mimic the voices he hears. In this way, exposure to music helps in boosting the child’s natural ability to identify and decode sounds or words. This is why nursery rhymes also play an important role in developing a kid’s ability to learn and pronounce different words.

Gross and Fine motor skills

Musical instruments and toys play an important role in developing gross and fine motor skills in kids at an early age. Fine motors refer to smaller muscles in the body specifically in feet, toes, hands and fingers. Whereas gross motors refer to larger muscles as in legs, arms, back, neck and tummy. The musical boxes sound provoke kids to react with their physical movements like dancing, crouching, jumping and other minor physical exercises. As a result with baby melody musical boxes, the kids enjoy a comprehensive growth of both mind and body with enhanced muscle development.

Tips on how to buy Music Boxes online in UAE 

When you head to buy children’s music boxes for sale, the choices are overwhelming. There are hundreds of brands making thousands of products. You can either choose based on your kid’s gender or their favourite fantasy theme. Or you can opt for special effects like lights. Even if you head to buy music boxes with a ballerina inside the choices are unlimited. Such a wide collection makes the buying process quite confusing. No matter what your choices are, there are some ground rules to shop online. Today we will share these basic tips with you to help with the buying process.

  • Know your needs – It is important to know what and for what special reason you wish to buy personalized music boxes for your baby. Are you just looking for fun or want your kids to learn something with the help of music?
  • Look for brands – A large number of brands are making a reliable range of products. However, not all brands are offering educational toys for kids. Hence, based on your needs, you must know what brands are offering products in the specific category and look for products in their stores.
  • Read product details – When it comes to online shopping, always look at the product description section. This is where you can find details about the make, model, age and usage specifications of the products you are planning to buy.
  • Read buying policies – Buying policies are all about how you will pay what if the product is broken when it arrives or is not according to your needs or specifications. You can either return them to get money back or get an exchange with the same or any other products. So know the terms.

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Question & Answer

How do music boxes work?

A music box works by rotating an inner metallic cylinder. It rotates with protruding pins that pluck the individual prong of a steel comb. The vibrating prong resonates with notes that we hear as sounds. The lower notes come from longer prongs, and the higher one comes from shorter prongs in the box. Some complicated or advanced boxes even contain little bells or small size drums. Meanwhile, there are many other advanced options with multiple drums and prongs that result in making musical notes.

How much does it cost for rotating the music box?

The music box toys for kids do not cost as much as a professional music box. However, they contain a considerable amount of engineering. This is what makes them a bit expensive toy option as compared to other toys for kids of that particular age. On average a rotating music box cost about 78 dollars and goes up to a few hundred. This varying price is based on the type and engineering of the box and the brand or manufacturers that offer.

Where to buy a music box online in the UAE?

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