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Human being has five basic senses. Since birth, these senses start working, and everything that we do around a new bear baby helps him know and get hold of his senses. This is why parents need to create an environment that can boost and support these basic senses of the baby. When proper physical activities can help a baby enjoy its sense of touch, musical toys like special kids music TVs and music boxes can help him develop a fine focus from an early age.

Today we can find many different types of music toys in the market. Each of the available items is meant for kids with a specific age, gender, growth and other abilities. The main focus of these toys is to initiate and promote the mental and physical growth of kids from an early age. Hence, we can see most of the kid’s toys have some sound, voice or musical system installed. For parents of a newborn, it is important to know the importance and role of musical toys in the process of growth. Today we will share some words on the benefits any toy music player can give to your toddler. 

Importance of musical instruments and toy music players for toddlers 

Today we can find a wide range of hyper-realistic and wooden musical instruments for toddlers and kids at an early age. From a smaller toy guitar to a cute tom music box, we can find it all depending on the kid’s choice, age and needs. From an early age, the children start identifying and moving to the beats of music. Besides the fact that music is meant to touch the souls, it offers proven cognitive benefits that support children’s early development. Here we will share some very basic benefits of getting musical instruments around your toddlers. 

Increased sensory development in kids 

Scientific studies have proved that the taste, colours and texture aid in the sensory development of a growing child. Surprisingly, music has the same impact on the mind and body of a kid. Hence, exposing your child to different types of music and beats can help in creating more pathways between brain cells. As a result of this development in brain cells, helps in the better mental growth of the kid. Moreover, you can easily double these increased effects by linking music to different physical activities like dancing on the beat or other body gestures. 

Improved numeracy and literacy 

From very early ages, babies can hear and manage the difference between different pitches and types of sounds. Just a few weeks after birth, a normal baby can identify the mother’s voice from others around him. In the meantime, exposure to music can enhance a child’s natural ability to decode words and sounds. Moreover, by singing nursery rhymes, you can help the child to identify sound patterns and help them learn through repetition. And music can be an added help to help children anticipate what is next to come in the rhyme. These skills help in setting the base of numeracy and literacy. 

Building coordination in toddlers 

This is specific in early ages when the kid is not yet able to understand the lyrics of rhyme or song; they can definitely move to the receptivity of rhythmic music. You can notice that your child is dancing to certain songs or like and react to certain pieces of music better than others. This is mainly because music encourages the child’s inclination to move, developing both fine and gross motor skills. Plus if the rhythm is entertaining the toddler will start jumping up and down. It will help in muscle development, strength and balance. 

Helps in developing vocabulary 

Even though initially the kid will not be able to understand any word of the rhyme or song, they do develop an understanding and start identifying the storytelling with time. For instance, let’s take the ABC song; at first, the kid will perceive that “L-M-N-O-P” is “elemenopee.” but as they grow they will realize it’s not a single word, but the alphabets and each sound is a separate entity. This is why small nursery rhymes help kids develop their understanding of basic words like sugar, daddy, stars, black, sheep and others that he will encounter in his daily life.

Tips on how to buy Music Toys for toddlers online in the UAE

Toddlers are the little explorers that need the right set of tools (yes, we are talking about TOYS) to enhance their skills and abilities in fun ways. Playing gives them a great opportunity to develop and practice new skills at their own pace while following their unique interest. The toys and playing stuff available to them makes a big difference in their growth and personality development. However, the massive amount of choices in the market can surely make the buying process overwhelming for parents. Therefore we are here to help you find appropriate options to buy musical soft toys for babies.

  • Consider the versatility of toy – Try to get a toy that can be used in more than one way. It will keep your kid’s interest for a long and will help them play different games with the same gadget. Toys like a zoo, spaceship or interlocking blocks can spark kids’ imagination and help them develop problem-solving and logical thinking skills.
  • A spark of reality – Today, you can easily find toys that look just like real objects, let’s say guitar, piano, railway sets or a racing track and cars. Getting such toys can help kids become fast problem solvers, learn spatial relations, and develop fine motor skills involving using small muscles in hands and fingers.
  • Look for a reliable brand – Dozens of brands and manufacturers offer toys for kids. However, not all are reliable and offer quality products according to health safety standards for kids. You must be buying a reliable product for your kids as he will surely take it in the mouth once in a while, no matter how close attention you pay. They are kids!
  • Price and age factor- Every toy comes with an appropriate age tag. These tags explain the selected products are appropriate for the kid of your age or not. This is a strict rule to follow and is for the safety of your child. Moreover, the pricing factor may also demand your attention. Here you can explore more than one brand to find an economical option for your kid.

For kids at an early age, the best idea is to buy musical soft toys for babies. These toys are lightweight, colourful and can help the babies to develop a relationship easily. For assistance, you can explore the internet for the best musical toys for a six-month-old or according to your toddler’s age. Finding an appropriate age option is of core importance. It can help in developing the mind and body of the kid without stressing them.

Question & Answer

What do toddlers learn from musical toys?

Musical toys can help in the learning and growth of kids in many different ways. They can help in boosting cognitive skills while enhancing memory and promote healthier social skills. Moreover, it offers continuous learning with reinforced language skills that comes with repetitive sound practice. In the meantime, these toys help in developing gross and motor nerves and promote restful sleep and relaxation in body and mind muscles.

What is the best piano for a toddler?

An ideal option is based on the age and learning level of the toddler. However, many toy pianos can help kids as they grow. Some of the bestselling items available in the market are Kong Tiny Piano Digital, the Goplus Classical Kids Piano, 30 Keys Wood Toy, and the Schoenhut 30-Key Fancy Baby Grand. Some other items include Betecho 32 Keys Multifunction Electronic Kids Keyboard, the Schoenhut Princess Piano, and the Amy&Benton Toy Piano for Baby & Toddler.

What are the best musical toys for an autistic child?

Autism is one of the many issues that can be treated with music. Including it in the life of an autistic child from an early age can be of great help. Here are some of the best toys you can pick for an autistic child. These include Ukulele, Sound Shapes/Drums, HypnoGizmo, Sands Alive Super Set or Fidget Set. However, if none of these interest your kid, you can try toys like CABASSA, Melodica, Ocean Drum, or even Castanets.

What is the best early learning centre music toys?

Some of the bestselling and widely appreciated early learning centre music toys include Melissa & Doug Band-in-a-Box Musical Instrument, Vtech KidiBeats Drum Musical Toy, and the EX COUP Baby Drum Musical Keyboard Toys. Other options include Vtech Musical Rhymes Book, Vtech Record & Learn KidiStudio, the Kilofy Kids Mini Band Musical Instruments, WolVol Educational Musical Activity Cube Play Center, and the Baby Genius Step to Step Dance Mat.

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