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Trains are probably one of the most unique modes of transportation in the world. There is a slew of fascinating history and interesting facts that catch curious people by surprise. That’s why both kids and grownups like to play with model railway sets.

Apart from stamp collecting, another most popular hobby among people is building model railways. You will find pictures of humongous railway models in the pages of railway magazines. If you are only thinking about starting this hobby now, you might find these pictures intimidating. But those people have put a lot of years of hard work into building those models. It is okay if you don’t want to make it that big. Another great thing is that even kids will love playing with model railways. This article will give you a basic understanding of the model railway kits. There are also some tips that you can follow when you shop for them.

Types of model railways that you can buy for your children

There are model railway kits for people of all ages. You will find cute models that toddlers will find interesting to those heavy and large metal train models that are for the hardcore hobbyists that are much older than that. Knowing about the different types of these kits will help you make better purchase decisions when you shop for them. Here is a list of four different model railway kits for different ages. In this article, you will also find some really useful tips that you can follow while shopping for them online.

BRIO My First Railway kit

There is no doubt that a toy train set from BRIO will be at the top of this list. My First Railway by BRIO is a wooden train set. It is a well-made and creative toy that kids will love for sure. The colour scheme is bright red and green, which does not try to be realistic but is cute to look at. You get everything from the train carriage, bridges, ramps and joints inside the kit. Kids can lay the tracks according to their wish, and the train will follow the track. The wooden construction makes the kit very durable and keeps it safe for children without any harmful plastic elements.

LEGO train station set

The model railway set by LEGO is unique in every aspect. In fact, it is not just a train set. Not only does it have the track and train itself, but there are train stations and cranes to load the cargo onto the train. There is also a remote to control the movement of the train. Another major advantage of this model railway set is its extensive track system. Kids will get 30 pieces of tracks that are curved and eight more pieces of straight ones. This means that there are so many different ways to assemble them and form a long winding track that is also interesting to play with.

Bigjigs Fairy Town model railway kit

Unlike the above two, this one is geared more towards girls. From the theme of the train set to its light pink and lavender colour scheme, they will love everything about it. If you want to describe this set using just one word, the right choice would be ‘cute’. The train set also includes a tiny little house and trees to put alongside the track and even a helipad for the cute fairies. Then there is the pink bridge that somewhat resembles the golden gate bridge. Assembling the 75 different pieces together to form the train set is also going to be so much fun for the kids.

Lionel Pennsylvania Flyer locomotive train set

If your kids like a bit more sophisticated model railway kits, this is the right choice. But be ready to pay a bit more for this. Your kids will need to be at least fourteen years of age to figure out how to build this set. But the train and the track set are incredibly detailed, and even grownups will appreciate how good it is. The whole thing, including the handrails of the caboose, has a touch of metal on it. They also feature doors that you can open. This model railway set blurs the line between a children’s toy and an enthusiast train set. You can use the remote control that comes inside the packaging to operate the train.

Tips on how to buy Model Railway Kits

Trying to select a train set for your kids can be tough. There are so many varieties out there, and each of them boasts its own unique features. Thus, you have to be very careful while selecting a model kit. But that is only possible if you know what factors to consider while shopping for them. Here are some tips that you can follow when you shop for model railway sets.

  • The size of the kit – You should choose a train set of a size that is right for the age of the kid and also the space availability of the house. If the playroom has only a little floor space, getting a large Lionel Pennsylvania set is not a good idea.
  • Features and inclusions in the box – Look at the items that come with the actual train set. In some sets, you will get only the basic things, i.e., just the train and the track. But having scenery along the train track will make the gameplay more interesting.
  • Age recommendation – Not all model railway kits have the same complexity. But it should be suitable for the age of your kids. Kits that are too complex won’t be suitable for younger kids. Usually, this is not as easy as the packaging itself will have the age range specified on it.
  • Cost and durability – Cheap model railway sets usually compromise the quality of the toy. They might not hold up well to the typical usage style of kids. But while making sure that the product is durable, you should also look at how affordable it is for you.

It is also important to consider the interests of your child while choosing the model railway. That way, you can make sure that the kid will like the gift and ends up playing with it. Younger kids will also need your help to set up the train tracks. However, you can find all kinds of toys of varied ages using our filter option. Besides, you get to shop from renowned brands and compare the price & features with them. Is it happening? Browse today and start shopping!

Question & Answer

How to make model railway scenery?

The scenery is not an inevitable part of model railways. In fact, if you are going for the basic model railways, you wouldn’t even get any scenery option at all. All they have will be the train and tracks. But having scenery along the train tracks is a greatly rewarding experience. A meticulously manicured scenery that runs along the train tracks will make it more believable and let you run your imagination wild. It is also an art. It’s not difficult to make scenery either. Some railway kits will already have some basic scenery materials in the packaging. If you want more than that, there are creative things you can do with everyday items in your house.

How do you start a model train hobby?

If you thought that model railways are only for toddlers, you couldn’t be more wrong. There are thousands of people around the world who have taken up the art of building with model railways as a hobby. Before you start getting into this hobby, you need to decide how good you want to be at this, and how much resources you are ready to spend on this. Time and space are major concerns. Railway models are going to take up a lot of space once you assemble them. Therefore, the size and extent of the models you buy should be based on your space availability.

What are model railway scales?

Model railway kits follow a set of scales for their models of train compartments, locomotives, and train tracks. Sometimes you will find gauges instead of scales. But both of these are the same. Basically, what this means is that, how does the size of the model compare to the size of the actual railway objects, be it the tracks or the train. Most commonly, there are five different scales. They are, Z, N, HO, O, and G. The smallest of these is the Z scale. It follows a ratio of 1:220 to the actual size of the train. And the largest among these is the G scale, which follows the ratio of 1:22.5.

If you are looking to buy model railway sets online, look no further as you are in the right place. Isn’t it great to have access to a lot of different options when you shop? You will find anything from the best electric railway set for toddlers to an Indian railway toy set to buy in All you have to do is to look for the models you want using the product search engine. There are more than 500 shops and brands that offer model railway sets. Some of the eminent brands are Faller, Brio, Fisher-Price, Hot Wheels, LEGO, KidKraft, Melissa & Doug, and many more.