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Railway modelling is a fun hobby. A hobby that lets people create a tiny world of their own complete with train stations and carriages. Some of these hobbyists have even taken it to a notch above by building scenery and adding model figures to it.

Creating scenery for the model railway involves imagination, artistry, patience, and persistence. The purpose of building the scenery is to add a backdrop to the railway model. That way, the ups and downs, and bridges along the railway track will have a purpose and a motivation. To complete the look of the scenery, you also need miniature model figures of people that live along the tracks, people that wait for the trains in the stations, and animals that graze the pastures on the hills. This article will tell you everything you need to know before you get started with these model figures.

A beginner’s guide to model figures

There is never a railway without industries and businesses that exist alongside it to serve the people. All of these are run by people, and people come in different shapes and sizes. If you are a train modeller who goes to great lengths to perfect even the minute details, then you also need model figures that are appropriate for your layout. Here is a list of the four essential items that you ought to have in your model railway kit. In this article, you will also find some really useful tips that you can follow while you are shopping for them.

Miniature sitting and standing people set

No railway modelling is complete without a train station. If you want to add a realistic touch to a busy railway platform, it should be filled with hundreds of people waiting for the train to come. To achieve that, you can buy a set of figures consisting of people in different states of standing and sitting positions. All of these figures will have different outfits and have different poses. This is probably one of the first model figures that you should add to your railway modelling. You can place them inside your model railway platforms and railway wagons. Look for the models that look very real if you are looking for perfection.

Model car figures with lights

A well-detailed model of the railway will also include the roads that lie along the railway track. Because roads must-have vehicles on them to make them believable, you ought to put some cars as well. It is going to be really hard to make these cars move. But you can still have some working headlights on them. You can run the wiring underneath your scenery. This will help you hide the wires and make the whole setup very neat and lifelike. Model figures of cars are also available according to the scale that you follow for the trains and tracks.

Unpainted model figures

If you don’t want the generic look of a model set. If that is the case, getting unpainted models will give you a lot of freedom to customise the look of your figures. Unpainted figures will look white like marble figures. If you keep them without painting them on to your scenery, they will look like figures of ghosts, which might not be the look you are actually going for. Therefore, it is a good idea to always paint these model figures before adding them to the scenery. These are also relatively cheaper than painter figures. You will find them in sets of 100 figures in a box.

Theme based model figures

There are a lot of movies that have trains as a part of their storyline, like Polar Express, Harry Potter, etc. If you want to add the theme of these movies as well as your model railway, adding these figures will help. But these might cost you more than regular figures. You will be able to find figures of the characters of Polar Express including Santa, Hobo, Lonely Boy, and Hero Girl. The figures can also open up a whole avenue of creativity for you. Try recreating various scenes from the movie using these figures. This will make your model railway more fun than before.

Tips on how to buy Model Figures Online

Even Though there isn’t anything complicated about railway model figures, people still make mistakes when they are shopping. But if you want your railway models to be accurate, it is essential to choose the right kind of figures. This is easier said than done, though. However, it is not impossible. It will get eaiser to pick the right set of figures if you know what factors to consider in them. Here are a few tips that you can follow when you shop for them.

  • Choose the right scale – Just like the bridges, trains, and tracks, model figures also follow scales. You should be careful to make sure that all the elements in your modelling, including the figures, are of the same scale. Otherwise, the figures will be too large or too small for the rest of the model.
  • The theme of the model – The theme of the model figures and the train should go hand in hand. A modern electric train will not go well with the figures of Harry Potter or Polar express. In fact, both of them have separate train sets dedicated to the theme of these movies.
  • Consider customisability – Some figures are more customisable than others. But you should remember that, the more a figure is customisable, the more work you will have to put into working with it. There are figures on which you can add custom clothing and paints. These custom figures will help you achieve a look that is unique from any other model railway in the world.
  • The cost and durability – A railway model is something that would take hundreds of hours of work to perfect. If you have put so much effort into something, you also want it to last for a really long time. Poor quality figures will start to break after a few months or years. But that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank buying figures. You will find some really affordable OO gauge figures for sale on

Preparing the scenery involves a great deal of skill and imagination. You can arrange the figures in creative ways to tell a story. This will take you more time and work than simply arranging them without any planning. But it will make your hobby even more enjoyable. You can find all kinds of toys using our shopping search engine. It will also let you compare the prices and features of different figures and choose the best one among them. So, don’t forget to check out all the other amazing products from the model railway category.

Question & Answer

What are the most popular model train figures?

The most popular figures are the ones that are the most essential to railway modelling. All railway models will include train stations. Therefore, every train modelling enthusiast needs regular figures to add realism to the atmosphere of a train station. Most people go for the generic figures of sitting and standing people. They will also add models of waiting chairs and benches as well. Other types of figures are used by those modellers who also spend time and effort to create extensive scenery. In order to complete the look of the scenery, they will add figures of farm animals and of people who live along the train track.

How to choose railway model figures?

The most important factor to consider while choosing figures is their scale. If the scale of the figures is smaller than the train, they will look like dwarves. If it is the other way around, the figures will end up looking like giants. Unless you are specifically doing that for artistic reasons, you should always choose models that have the same scale as of the trains, and everything else. Secondly, think about the theme you are looking for. Regular model figures simply won’t help if you want to create a theme based on a movie or an animation. For that, you have to either get figures made for that purpose or get a set of customisable figures.

Why do you use model figures for railway landscaping?

There is no way anybody can make a railway landscaping look realistic without the use of figures. When you consider the fact that people do railway landscaping to create a realistic backdrop for the railway model, then the importance of figures will become clear as day. And because people take up railway modelling because of their love for trains, most of them also go a step further to include the models of people that live around the railway as well. Also, when you do it right, model figures can help you perfect the look of a certain time period by replicating the clothing style of the people.

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