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Agree or not, there are so many options but so little time. With so many brands, there are a plethora of options for toy dolls to choose from and play with.

Besides many types other types of collectables, there is a variety of collectors that like to gather puppets and dolls. Generally, they are categorized by era (namely antique, vintage, and modern dolls) and by material (including bisque, wood, wax, or plastic). With advancement, you can also find themed options now. So, you can get your princess anything from a celebrity, Alice, Elsa, or wonderland dolls. At the same time, you can find options based on their functionalities, including play, utility and collector dolls.  There are different types of playing puppets and characters available in the market. Here are some of the most common and most loved options that you can find online.

Common types of modern-day dolls

Besides the ways mentioned above, you can search, and categorise them you can also describe them as basic types. These are commonly used ways to differentiate the dolls and are called baby, ball-jointed, and fashion dolls. Having that many options and ways to categorize are overwhelming for most beginners. Still, if you break down the vast world of such toys, you will find somewhat similar patterns in the core. Let us explore popular available types of modern characters that we can commonly see in our homes or playing area.


These are by far the most famous dolls you will find in the market. For more than 50 years, the company has enchanted childhoods with an amazing collection. These are the best-selling brands. They are equally important for kids and habitual collectors. Barbies also come with a wide range of accessories including barbie dream house, and barbie toys for these miniature homes. With such a wide variety, barbies are an icon of the doll world, and no collection is complete without a barbie. Modern barbies comprise celebrity, professional based, age and gender-based options along with many more.

American and Bratz

After barbies, the American girl puppets are the most selling items in the market. The American girl is known for offering a wide range of outfits and accessories. You can use these additional items to transform the look and appearance of the final product. Hence the owner can make them look just like them. For this reason, they are among the priority choices of fashion-forward people who want to play with them. At the same time, the Bratz dolls are considerably younger in the market and are offering new collectables following the footsteps of American Girl and Barbie.

Reborn and China puppets

The reborn is a factory-made skin puppet that mimics a human infant. The artist transforms them after the mechanical production process, and for this reason, they are known as reborn. Generally, they are made of vinyl and silicone. They also come in combination with fabric and cotton stuffing inside the body of the baby doll. Here silicone items are a bit expensive as compared to vinyl. At the same time, China puppets are made of glazed porcelain. Here the characters are made of moulded hair, and the body is covered by leather or cloth.

Porcelain and fashion characters

Porcelain ones are the easiest to recognize. They are also known as bisque and are constructed from fine quality porcelain. They gained fame in Europe in 1900. They are mostly like for their life-like features and matte skin texture that offer a realistic and human appearance. In contrast, fashion puppets came from France and were initially meant to showcase the hot fashion trends of the period. They are still serving the purpose and often come with a variety of accessories to help. Hence the owner can easily create unique fashion choices to reflect the current trends.

Tips on how to buy Dolls online in the UAE

Just like any other toy buying any puppet is easy but buying them in the right way is a challenging task to deal with. Today you can easily find a barbie set to buy online in the UAE. But you can do much better if you are an educated buyer. And to educate you, we are here to share some tips on how you can buy realistic baby dolls online in the UAE that can fulfil the playing desires and growth needs of your child. Here are some basic tips and pointers that you will need to beware of and keep in mind while making a purchase online.

  • Show self-control – Toys are amusing, so you need to be sure of what you want to purchase. But allow yourself a little leverage to explore a few options before picking the best one.
  • Shopping in the past – Try investing in the older versions offered by many manufacturers as they are easier to find. But if you are keen to buy the latest model, you explore and buy the latest best-selling items online.
  • Investing in the best – When it comes to toys for kids, place your best bet, even if it cost a bit more. Here it would help if you always went for higher quality that you can afford. To make the task more comfortable, you can use the price comparison tool at and find cheaper branded items in a few clicks.
  • Check the reputation – Higher price is not the guarantee of quality every single time. To ensure that you are getting what you are paying for, pay a little attention to the reputation of the brand. A rule of thumb is to buy brands that have a minimum of three out of five-star ratings.
  • Verification – Check if the product comes with the certification of authenticity from the seller. Also, read the terms and conditions carefully and be sure that there are easy buying policies. So, if you are not satisfied with the delivered product, you can claim an exchange or return of the product.

To make a better choice, you can also consult the experience of other parents and kids. Staying online, you can do that by reading the product and brand reviews in customer comment sections. They are generally placed on the bottom of a webpage. Read what other buyers have to say about the colour, material, and other features of the puppet. Just like the brand, you should pick a puppet that has at least a 3-star rating. Buying such an item means lesser chances of dealing with return or exchange and higher chances that your toddler will go ga-ga for the puppet at first glance.

Question & Answer

What does the term doll mean?

According to the dictionary, the term doll addresses or imitate a human figure in both male and female. We can say that they are tiny playful versions of humans. Typically, these figures are manufactured for growing babies and girls and used as child toys. The term covers a wide range of items figurative items including puppets, marionettes and more. Modern options come with a wide range of accessories that includes everything from a miniature dollhouse to tiny clothes, shoes, and accessories.

What is the most famous doll?

By far, Barbies have been the only, undisputed queen of the doll world. For 56 years they are leading the market across the globe and stayed several sellers throughout. They manufacture options for both kids and adults. Barbie comes with a fantastic plastic material that is soft to touch and lesser harmful as compared to any other options available in the market. Also, they are available in a wide range of options in sizes, gender-based options, size, material, fashion, and style.

What is the best doll to buy online in the UAE?

Some of the bestselling options that are loved both by parents and the children include items like Adora playtime “little prince”; Corolle mon Doudou Babi bunny; Haba snug-up Luis; and the American girl joss. Kids also love Disney junior Mira detective; Mary Meyer Taggies developmental baby; Manhattan toy snuggle pods sweet pea; baby alive baby shark and the American girl bitty baby. Luckily all these items are readily available at online stores.

When should I buy a doll for my kids?

Just like any other toy, the puppet is an age-appropriate toy. The best age to get your kid a puppet is when they are from 2 to three years of age. This is the time when the child’s play becomes purposeful. They start developing fine motor skills to complete a puzzle or build blocks on their own. They will also love to imitate small tasks they witness happening around them. Dressing them, doing the hair, or feeding them will develop a lot of social and motor skills in the kids if they get the opportunity to play with the dolls and stuffed toys at that age.

Where can I buy dolls online in the UAE?

Toys are a must-have to add colours and fun to your toddler’s life. So, if you are looking for dolls and puppets , or related accessories for your little princess, explore a retail search engine to find all the possible options. At, you can find puppets and related items from top brands like Barbie, American Girl, My Life, Poopsie, Zapf Creation, or Kid Kraft. Here you can also use the price comparison tool to find cheaper items in just a few clicks. This way, you can not only save money but will also be able to save money while keeping your little one entertained at home.

Other brands that you can search and buy online include Lee, Berenguer, Corolle, Cupcake Surprise, and Design A Friend.

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