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Do you want to get stronger and stay active in your life? If the answer is Yes, resistance training is the best way to go. So, when you walk into the gym – should you start with loading plates on the barbell (dumbbars) or walk up to an easy to use machine you can find around.

All well-supplied gyms will have a massive selection of both – high-end machines and free weights. The free weights include; barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells and everything else that you can pick up and hold. This equipment makes your body work against gravity to pick the object. This equipment serves in different exercises. They may need you to sit or lie on the bench or practice various types of squats. Whereas machines include everything, you sit on or in while you push or pull the lever within a specific range of motion. Today we will explore the basics of barbells and weightlifting bars. In the latter half, we will help to pacify your process to buy barbells online.

Beginner’s guide to barbells and weightlifting bars

You can find barbells at every gym. They come with free weight measurements in the world. Surprisingly they have not changed much in the past 50 years. Since its invention, the design and concept of the barbells have remained pure. However, today, three main types are available in stores; standard one-inch barbells, Olympic two-inch barbells, and fixed weight barbells. The first two types help the users to swap out or increase weight over time. Therefore, they are commonly appreciated more above the third type. Plus, you can easily buy additional weights without having to buy a new fixed weight bar. Here is what else you must know about this lifting barbell equipment.

The fixed barbell weights

Fixed weight barbells are famous among gym people looking for a durable, straight bar for lifting lighter weights. They are often used for barbell curls and overhead press. Typically, the weight ranges from 10kg to 40kg of steel rod. It comes either with high-density (non-removable) rubber weights on each end of the bar. You can find these steel racks in the order of weight (with heaviest on the bottom and lightest on the top). These bars are sturdy and straightforward, with no flexibility of customisation. They can help you to set biceps curls and work without erecting the bar quickly. On the backside, they have come in limited weight and are non-adjustable.

Standard one-inch lifting bars

These are common for beginners and are a cost-effective solution. It is also ideal for simple weightlifting at home. However, with the increasing popularity of Olympic bars, they have become an expensive option to consider. These bars use weights with one-inch diameter holes on the weight plates of cast iron, concrete and vinyl coating. The standard bar is made from one-piece steel, which is usually stainless or chrome plated. This construction enhances longevity and improves aesthetics with spinlocks on both ends to prevent the weight from sliding off. They are typically available in 10kg weight and 180cm length. However, you can add weights to make them up to 150kgs.

Olympic bar gym rods

Olympic bars commonly use bumper plates or discs. These plates have a standard diameter of 45cm that adds consistency and help in heavy lifting. It also gives an appropriate height for starting position for deadlift and floor lifts. These bars consist of 3 main parts. The central bar has a knurled pattern to enhance the grip for the lifter, and each side of the bar has a 2-inch diameter. These bars are ideal for professionals looking forward to lifting heavy weights (ideally more than 100KG). Moreover, they are also suitable for deadlifts and the fast burning of fats. Mostly these bars can take up to 200KG with ease. However, they are costly and take more space if the bar is longer.

Hybrid and multipurpose weightlifting barbell sets

Hybrid weightlifting bars are ideal for CrossFit boxes, gyms and facilities that offer powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting services. The hybrid weightlifting barbells are ideal for beginner and intermediate level weightlifters. They serve both as Olympic weightlifting bar and powerlifting. Hybrid barbells have two sets of knurling markings to accommodate the standards of both games. The versatility of the barbells makes them the most iconic piece of bodybuilding equipment in the gym. Experts claim that even with a single barbell, you can do many body fitness and shaping exercises targeting your chest, back, biceps, abdominal or even quads.

Tips on how to buy Bars online in Dubai

Have you ever stepped into the gym and felt like you are on autopilot? Are you destined to use cardio equipment? You are certainly not alone. Surely the weight rooms section in the gym is super intimidating and counterintuitive. Maybe you dabble in machines or free weights; the perks of barbells are worth pushing your comfort zone. The barbells are ideal for challenging your body stamina and functionality. However, finding the best stainless-steel barbell to buy is a challenge itself. Today we are here to shed all the hesitations out of your mind and help you get a hold of an ideal barbell with these easy tips to buy a gym rob online.

  • Think of whip of the bar – Whip is the common name for edges of the bars bouncing at the end of repetition or lift. It is important to consider the material of the whip as well as the diameter of the bar. Additionally, if you are about to use plates with the bra, consider the diameter of the plates. Make sure both are compatible with each other.
  • The sleeves of barbells – Sleeves are part of barbells that determine how much spin the bar will have. This spin is served via bushings or bearings. Commonly general purpose and powerlifting bars use bushing in the sleeves of the barbells. You can easily find bearings in high-end Olympic weightlifting bars.
  • The strength of the barbell – You can determine the strength of the barbell by measuring the tensile and yield strength of the bar. While buying online, you can find all the details about strength, manufacturing quality, and material property in the product description section. All you need to do is concentrate and read all the given details carefully before making any final decision.
  • The load capacity of bars – It is determined by the length of the sleeve. Powerlifting federations appreciated longer lengths. On the other hand, the Olympic weightlifting bars need lesser loads with wiser design and higher shock absorption ability. Here you can consult the product description and customer review section to understand a product.
  • The finish of the bar – The finish serves in several ways. It adds to the feel of the bar in hands, aid or hinders the grip and help to protect rusting. You can consider bare steel bars as they offer a better grip with a natural feel. But it might get rusted sooner than many other options available in the market. It’s always a good idea is to explore before making a choice.

Just like gym times, buying gym equipment can be fun. However, you need to be at the right place to enjoy the process of searching, selecting and buying weightlift or standard barbells. To serve such varying demands and needs of customers, we at owns an exclusive range of gym equipment and accessories. Here you can find more than 500 top brands selling trusted and best-selling articles.  Hence, you can enjoy comparing the price and features of bars from different brands before buying one for you.

Question & Answer

How much does an Olympic barbell weigh?

The weight of men’s and women’s barbells are different. A standard men’s Olympic bar is about 2.2-meter-long and weighs about 20 kilograms or 44 pounds. With a diameter of 1.1 inches, these bars are suitable for competitive weightlifting, where women and men compete at the highest level. It is also used in Pan-American Games, World Championships, and Commonwealth games. For women, the standard weight of the barbell is about 15 kilograms or 33 pounds.

What is an ideal barbell weight for beginners?

According to expert lifters, a beginner must start with light dumbbells. It prevents injuries or muscular and joint strains. Further, it also keeps the beginner safe from tendons and ligament damage. However, if the lifter feels the dumbbells light, they can increase the number of sets or repetitions. Ideally, a beginner can start with 2 to 3 pounds of dumbbells in each hand and perform 12 to 15 repetitions. These repetitions can include lateral rise, single-arm row, hammer curls, upright rows, triceps and bicep curls etc.

Which barbell should I buy for a home gym?

An ideal barbell for you is according to your skill level. It should match both your current skills and the body fitness goals you wish to achieve. However, we did some market research and here are some of the best-selling barbells for a home gym. You can consider any of these items based on your personal needs, budget and other preferences. These top-rated items include; Troy USA Sports Weight Set, CAP Barbell Curl Bar, and the Body-Solid Olympic Bar.

Where to buy barbell weights?

For those with special fitness goals, finding the right barbell can never be a hassle. At, we are serving all such fitness enthusiastic with branded and top-quality dumb bars. All the items here are from top global manufacturers and sellers. Some to name here are Reiko, Rogue, CAP Barbell, Golds Gym, Yes4all, Fitness Republic, Troy Barbell, Kettler, and Impulse Fitness. Plus, with, you can compare the price of the barbells from different manufacturers and buy what suits your budget and needs.

Meanwhile, you can also explore stores to find sports and outdoor accessories to make your gym time even more fun.